Are carbide chains worth it?

Unless you plan on cutting asphalt shingles & nails, They’re just not worth it. If you have real dirty wood, the semi-chisel chain will stay sharp longer than full chisel.

What chainsaw chain stays sharp the longest?

Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain 16″ . The x-Cut line of Husqvarna chains is also designed to stay sharp longer, so you can cut for a longer amount of time before the chain needs sharpening. The SP33G features semi-chisel cutters, a . 325 pitch, and a .

What is the most aggressive chainsaw chain?

404 chains are the most aggressive. The 3/8 is a more flexible size with adequate strength, low weight and substantial cutting speed. It can also can handle the power of a 50-100cc chainsaw engine.


Can you sharpen a carbide chain?

Re: Sharpening a carbide-tooth chain The least expensive way to sharpen them is with a handheld grinder, and a diamond stone.

Do they make Carbide chainsaw chains?

The first STIHL carbide-tipped . 325″ saw chain stays sharp up to four times longer than standard chains.

What is the fastest cutting chainsaw chain?

A full chisel chain is a chain with square cornered teeth, and they’re known for being the fastest cutting blade shape available.

How long should a chainsaw chain last?

The lifetime of a chainsaw chain has no fixed limit and depends on usage and maintenance. The chain should last many years; 5-6 years should be no problem. However, if the chainsaw chain is used properly and taken care of, it can last way longer.

What chainsaw chains do professional loggers use?

Full-chisel teeth chains are usually used by professionals on large saws. Semi-chisel teeth are rounded, so the risk of kickback is less, and they stay sharper longer. Semi-chisel teeth cut slower but are a better choice in dirty wood than full chisel.

What chainsaw chain do professionals use?

Typically only professionals and experienced chainsaw users use full chisel chainsaw chains. They are typically used to cut through hardwood such as oak as their square-cornered cutting teeth are more geared up to power through the wood.

What chain do loggers use?

The Stihl 500i is generally seen as the ultimate logging chainsaw. It is Stihl’s top-of-the-line professional chainsaw and has been designed and built especially for the logging industry and professional arborists.

Can you sharpen tungsten carbide?

Carbide tools require diamond for sharpening, due to their hardness. Wet grinding using an abrasive wheel on an automatic grinder is a very precise method of sharpening. It is also possible to sharpen a tool by using a diamond lap, but this is very imprecise and time-consuming.

Can you file carbide chainsaw chain?

Diamond files are the latest evolution in chainsaw sharpening equipment. Diamond files are suitable for sharpening tungsten-carbide tipped chains. Due to their high-quality diamond coating, these files will last hundreds of tooth sharpens.

Who makes Carlton saw chain?

The Carlton Company was purchased by Blount International. Blount is the market leader in manufacturing saw chain and guide bars for chain saws and sells its products in more than 100 countries around the world.

Why does my chainsaw chain get dull so fast?

What is this? Many chainsaw enthusiasts have noted that their blades dull faster when they’re cutting muddy wood. If the logs that you’re cutting up are muddy, then perhaps that is the sole reason why your blade is dulling too fast. It won’t be hard to notice whether the wood that you’re cutting is dirty or not.

What does full chisel mean on a chainsaw chain?

A full chisel chain is designed for the fast cutting action. In comparison to the semi-chisel chain, this chain has square-cornered teeth which makes it more aggressive when cutting.

Are Oregon chains as good as Stihl?

Re: stihl vs oregon chain The Stihl is sharper out of the box and holds the edge longer compared to other chains. But, at 3x the price of the chain at Bailey’s it is not worth it for me, especially after 2-3 sharpenings.


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