Can my parents take my stuff that I paid for?

Long answer: As long as you are a minor, your parents are responsible for you. This includes your behavior, your appearance, and your belongings. So yes, they can take away anything at any time, whether you paid for it or not.

Do parents have rights to children’s money?

No. Parents are responsible for children, but children are not responsible for parents. Laws vary by country, state and age of the child. The short version is that generally speaking, in the US, the parents can very often legally take the money.

Can my parents take my money if I’m under 18?

In the US, in most (if not all) jurisdictions, your parents are allowed to take much of your money until you turn 18. If you have a job, in some states they can take all of the money, in others they can take a percentage of it, up until you turn 18. Then they would have to turn it over to you at an appropriate time.

Can I sue my parents for taking my money?

Yes, you can sue, for anything really. But whether you win or not depends on your parents failing an obligation.

Can a parent take away a gift?

No, they cannot take any item. It would be theft, assuming that possession of the said item is legal in the first place. If the parents disapprove of the said item, they could ask the child to leave their home (and ask the child to take the item with him/her) but they may not take the item.

Can my parents take my stuff when I’m 19?

Legally, anything you own while under 18 is under their control, which means they can legally take it away.

Can my mom take my money?

Technically, they can if your a minor or are still living with them. However, it would be a rather crappy thing to do to you because it is YOUR money. It’s especially bad if you are not even unaware of what they are doing.

How much money can I put in my child’s bank account?

A parent or grandparent who makes large contributions to a child’s custodial account also could run afoul of the federal gift tax. An individual can give up to $13,000 a year — $26,000 for married couples — without gift tax implications. For amounts above those limits, a gift tax return has to be filed.

Is it illegal to beat your child?

After all, it is legal to hit a child in all fifty U.S. states and the District of Columbia. States differ widely about what precisely is allowed. In Delaware, for example, state law forbids a parent from hitting a child with a closed fist.

How do I take legal action against my parents?

U can file a habeas corpus writ petition in high court. court will issue notice to your parent to present u before court and court will know your will and take proper action. Court can ask u that are your parents detained u against your will if u say yes then court give u options where u want to live.

Can I sue my dad for kicking me out?

Yes, you can sue. A 35 year-old man sued his parents last year because they wanted him to find a job that possibly would infringe on his delicate sensibilities. He lost and had to move out.

Can your parents keep your stuff when you move out?

Your parents will control you for however long you ALLOW that control. To answer your question, no, they can’t legally do anything except refuse. They know they have you right where they want you.

Can your parents sell your stuff?

Do the parents own the belongings? If yes, they can sell them without reimbursing the child. If no, then they are not legally allowed to sell them unless the child agrees.

Is throwing away toys a good punishment?

While not appropriate in all situations, taking away toys can be an effective means of punishing a toddler whose misbehavior relates to the misuse of the toy in question. If, instead, the child threw a ball at his brother’s head, taking away the toy is appropriate, as the toy is related to the problematic behavior.

Can I legally take a gift back?

Are you entitled to rescind a gift you have made, or keep a gift that has been made to you? A gift, if valid, is a legally enforceable transfer under general contract law. That means, if a gift meets all of the legal elements of a valid gift, then the gift is enforceable and cannot generally be rescinded and revoked.

Who does a gift legally belong to?

Originally Answered: If someone gives you a gift do they still legally own it since they bought it? In the US, the answer is no, a giver of a gift does not still own it after the gift is made even though they paid for it originally. Once a gift is completed it is completely the property of the recipient of the gift.

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