Do I need cash in St Maarten?

Maarten give you a choice of dollars or euros, while ATMs on St. Martin only dispense euros. Traveler’s checks are widely accepted on all three islands. You can get traveler’s checks at almost any bank.

Do they use euro in St Maarten?

The official currency of Sint Maarten (Dutch Side) is the Antillean Guilder or Florin (fls). The official currency in St. Martin (French Side) is the Euro just like in France and Europe. The exchange rate is approximately 1.00 Euro to 1.50$US and changes often.

Can you use credit cards in St Martin?

Major credit cards –American Express, Visa and MasterCard- are accepted in most places. Visitors need to check with individual merchants, as some stores and restaurants may not accept credit cards. U.S. Dollar traveler’s checks are accepted everywhere with identification.


How much cash should I bring to St. Martin?

As for the amount of money to take, it will all depend on many factors, but general recommendations that we give is EUR/USD 100 per day for an all-inclusive trip, and EUR/USD 200 for non-inclusive trip per day.

How much money should I take to St Maarten?

The average price of a 7-day trip to Saint Martin is $1,818 for a solo traveler, $3,265 for a couple, and $6,121 for a family of 4.

Do you need a passport to visit St. Martin?

US and Canadian citizens are required to present a valid passport as well as a return ticket or a ticket for onward travel. Naturalized citizens must also present their original naturalization certificate with photo identification. Tourists are permitted to stay in St. Martin for a maximum of three months.

Are St Maarten and St. Martin the same?

Both are the same island, despite the two different spellings. The difference really only refers to location. French is the official language of St. Martin and Dutch is the official language of St.

Can you drink the water in St. Martin?

Water — The water on St. Maarten/St. Martin is safe to drink. In fact, most hotels serve desalinated water.

What is the capital of Saint Martin?

It became a part of the Dutch West Indies in 1828, and it was one of the original territories of the Netherlands Antilles federation that was established in 1954 and dissolved in 2010. Sint Maarten is now an autonomous state within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The capital is Philipsburg.

What side of the road do you drive on in St. Martin?

On St. Martin, the rules of the road correspond to French regulations, and traffic flows on the right side of the road. A French or international driver’s license is required to drive anywhere on the island.

Are groceries expensive in St Martin?

Is food expensive in Saint Martin? Food prices in supermarkets are lower than in United States. For example, in Saint Martin you have to pay for: Bottle or carton of milk (1 liter): 2.70 USD (2.40 EUR)

Is it expensive to live in St Maarten?

The total cost of living in Sint Maarten for one person with average consumption for one month will be USD 1500, no rent price included. The decent cost of living in Sint Maarten and its wealth are also relatively popular. According to its indexes, the cost of food in Sint Maarten is fairly inexpensive.

Can I move to St Maarten?

Sint Maarten is a duty-free port. Sint Maarten operated under the European system for title. According to the American-Dutch Friendship treaty of 1956, US citizens do not need a work permit while living on the island. If they want to stay longer than 6 months, they should apply for a Declaration of Admission by Law.

What should you bring to St Martin?

Be sure to pack a comfortable pair of shoes, lightweight clothing, a water bottle, a hat, and maybe even a backpack that you can fill with snacks and a blanket, to have a little picnic. The night light in St. Martin calls for a different dress code than in the daytime.

Do you need a car in SXM?

Martin and St. Maarten is in a rental car. But really, outside of walking, just about any means of navigating between the French and Dutch sides of the island is manageable. Having a car will allow you more mobility and you’ll find reasonable rental rates.

Can I fly to Saba?

Saba is the smallest island in the Dutch Caribbean, located at 17.63 and 63.23. You can get to Saba on a flight or by ferry but only via the island of St. Maarten (SXM, Princess Juliana Airport), 28 miles from Saba. SXM is a major hub with flights form the US and Europe.


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