Do PetSmart groomers make good money?

The typical PetSmart Dog Groomer salary is $13 per hour. Dog Groomer salaries at PetSmart can range from $4 – $50 per hour. This estimate is based upon 207 PetSmart Dog Groomer salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

Is being a groomer hard?

To succeed in dog grooming, you need to have extreme patience, compassion and an ability to work very hard. You’ll get bitten, you’ll get scratched, you’ll get pooped on, peed on and vomited on (lovely, I know). It’s not all cuteness and cuddles, but it’s a great line of work.

Is dog grooming easy?

Being a dog groomer is interesting, fun, entertaining and it’s wonderful to be able to work with dogs. However, it is also a very physical job that can be very tiring. It takes a lot of patience to stay calm and get through the groom when you have a very difficult dog.


Can you make a living being a dog groomer?

Can You Make Good Money as a Professional Dog Groomer? ABSOLUTELY! When it comes to the money you can make, the first thing you need to know is that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” income for a professional groomer. Two experts living in the same city can make completely different salaries.

Do you tip a groomer at PetSmart?

PetSmart allows its groomers to accept tips from customers to show their appreciation for a job well done as of 2022. You should give these tips in cash so they can keep the money for themselves. These tips really help and encourage the groomers, who otherwise only get a 40% commission.

How much do you tip dog groomers?

How Much Do You Tip Dog Groomers? Tipping can be tricky, but when you’re given a service, you should always reward it with a little bit of cash. 15% is a good place to start. If someone did an okay job, as in they didn’t go above and beyond but you’re satisfied with their service, a 15% tip is reasonable.

How much do dog groomers make at Petco?

The typical Petco Pet Groomer salary is $14 per hour. Pet Groomer salaries at Petco can range from $9 – $25 per hour.

Do PetSmart groomer trainees get paid?

How much does a Groomer Apprentice at PetSmart make? The typical PetSmart Groomer Apprentice salary is $11 per hour. Groomer Apprentice salaries at PetSmart can range from $10 – $15 per hour.

Is dog bathing a hard job?

It’s harder than human hairstyling and doesn’t pay as well. Groomers make less than hairstylists, and dog haircuts take twice as long. Hairstylists also don’t have to deal with trimming their clients’ butts and feet.

Is dog grooming a stressful job?

Grooming can be stressful due to the tight schedule. If a dog arrived late or is more work than anticipated, the whole day’s schedule can be thrown off. Unlike an office job, work cannot be put off until the next day. Above all, a groomer needs an abundance of patience.

How many dogs can you groom in a day?

On the average day, a team of up to six groomers will treat at least 20 dogs, going up to 40 dogs near Christmas.

Why is dog grooming so expensive?

Why is Pet Grooming so Expensive? A professional pet groomer needs to do all of this but across the entire body of the pet. It’s a much bigger workload! Pets also can’t maintain their coats very well, meaning that by the time of the professional pet grooming session, a lot of washing and brushing will need to be done.

Can I use human clippers on my dog?

Is it safe to cut dog hair with human clippers? Generally speaking, it’s best if you use dog clippers to groom your pooch. Dogs with fine, single coats may cope with human clippers, since fur is reasonably similar to human hair. You should always avoid using human clippers on dogs with double coats.

How long does it take to become a pet groomer?

The time it takes to become a pet groomer depends on the education path you choose. If you decide to complete an apprenticeship program, it takes 6 to 10 weeks. In case you register in one of the 50 state-approved grooming schools, completing the program usually takes 2-18 weeks.

How much do PetSmart pet groomers make?

Average PetSmart Pet Groomer hourly pay in the United States is approximately $14.58, which is 12% below the national average.

How much do horse groomers make?

Average Salary for a Horse Groomer Horse Groomers in America make an average salary of $27,671 per year or $13 per hour. The top 10 percent makes over $39,000 per year, while the bottom 10 percent under $19,000 per year.


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