Does pirate Ship charge a fee?

As an independent shipping services provider for the United States Postal Service® and UPS®, Pirate Ship is 100% free, with no markups, fees, or minimums.

How is pirate Ship cheaper than USPS?

There’s a price difference between Mail services and Package services. Pirate Ship only offers Package services, not Mail services. Package services are for merchandise, and come with tracking, while mail services are generally only for letters, and don’t include tracking.

Is pirate ship a good deal?

Likelihood to Recommend. Pirate Ship is great for any small business looking to get started with some extremely reliable shipping. It is also amazing because it gives you access to USPS cubic pricing, which is especially beneficial for anyone shipping heavy, but small items.

Does pirate ship have tracking?

Yes, Pirate Ship allows you to schedule an email that sends the tracking number to your recipient. To use this feature, make sure you include an email for your recipients when uploading a spreadsheet of addresses or creating a single label.

Does Pirate Ship save money?

Pirate Ship passes-through the cheapest shipping rates for all USPS services, which can save you up to 89% compared to the shipping rates you’d pay at the Post Office® or with other shipping software. There’s no monthly fees, label costs, markup, or hidden gotchas of any kind…

Why is pirate ship cheap?

What makes Pirate Ship the cheapest way to ship? It’s simple, really! We pass through the cheapest shipping rates available from the Postal Service® and pre-negotiated UPS® Digital Access Program Rates, and we don’t add any markup or tack on any extra fees.

How does pirate ship get discounts?

With Pirate Ship you’re getting Commercial Pricing® for all USPS® services and pre-negotiated UPS® discounts through the UPS Digital Access Program, no matter how many packages you ship. Since Pirate Ship doesn’t charge any fees or add any markup, there’s no way to get cheaper USPS® or UPS® rates.

Is Pirateship cheaper than PayPal?

It’s free and provides great advice/functionality to ship at the cheapest possible rates! Easier to use than PayPal, and isn’t owned by a large company. It can’t be cheaper – because it’s free!

Does pirate ship include insurance?

Through Pirate Ship, all domestic Priority Mail services include $100 of free built-in insurance coverage from USPS. Similarly, international Priority Mail services include $200 of coverage. If USPS approves the claim, they will mail you a check.

Do pirate ship labels come with insurance?

All UPS labels you purchase on Pirate Ship come with $100 of carrier liability, no matter which service you choose. Here’s how to file an insurance claim for a missing or damaged UPS shipment!

Who owns pirate ship?

“Pirate Ship levels the playing field for small ecommerce merchants and subscription boxes, offering them the simplest way to access the shipping discounts they need to compete. We couldn’t do it without Pitney Bowes,” said Cap’n Bjorn Borstelmann, CEO of Pirate Ship.

What is rubber stamp on pirate ship?

Rubber Stamps are a way to print non-address information on a label for reference. They are commonly used to double check you’re putting a label onto the right package.

How do I hide my address on pirate ship?

If you still wish to disable address corrections, simply head to your Settings > General Settings, and select “Disabled” under Enable Automatic Address Correction.

Is Pirateship com safe?

Pirate Ship is so easy to usevery friendly to all. It has been an incredibly reliable way to deal with shipping product to my customers!

Can you use pirate ship for Amazon?

Pirate Ship operates independently from any platform meaning it can be used whether you are selling direct, selling on Ebay or Amazon, or just sending a friend a package.

Is Shipstation cheaper than pirate ship?

Pirate ship does not have a monthly fee. It’s free to use. Ship Station does have a monthly fee and $9 is the cheapest and is only for 50 shipments per month.

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