Does Virtual Families 2 end?

If you’re playing Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House, the game does not really end as in “game over.” When the adults pass and there are no heirs to pass the house and bank account to, the game will give you a message stating that your family has been lost and that you need to choose someone new.

How long do they live in virtual families 2?

They normally will die in their 60’s, occasionally in their late 50’s. That means you could be starting a new generation about every 5 to 7 days, unless you adjust the time of your device, aging them rapidly.

How do you get rid of a child on Virtual Families 2?

No, it is not possible. If you hate the child, you can send it to boarding school and never see it again. Just make sure they have lots of other kids so you can choose a different one to inherit the house. By the way, Benghi is a boys name in Virtual Families.


How do you send your kid to school on Virtual Families 3?

To access the button to send your kids to boarding school, click on a child, click their ID button (left hand corner part of the screen) and click the ‘upgrade me’ button. The first one should be the boarding school button. Click that and send your kids to boarding school!

What is the oldest age in Virtual Families 2?

What is the oldest age in Virtual Families 2? The age that you die is 65, sometimes it can be younger if you aren’t taking proper care of your little people (Ex. let them starve, don’t let them sleep often, or even just overworking them) they can die at a young age.

Can you remarry in virtual families?

When a childless widowed peep in Virtual Families remarries, their original spouse is replaced on the family tree, and any children that they might subsequently have are listed as their children in that generation. It has to work that way to preserve the data structure of the family tree.

What is the ghost girl in Virtual Families 3 looking for?

Possessing a translucent, ghostly appearance, she occasionally appears whenever the lights in the player’s house mysteriously flicker. Her status is always “Disturbed” and she is always shown to be looking for something, presumably her special doll that her family left behind when they moved out.

How long does it take a baby to grow up in virtual families 2?

For the first 2 years (in real time, 4 hours after the baby is born) the baby is be held by his/her mother (and/or father in Virtual Families 3). After that, the baby will become a child and the mother can go back to her Career.

How long do virtual families sleep?

Energy bar Energy is probably the trickiest element of the game. The key for your people to have high energy all day long is to let them sleep roughly 6-8 hours each day without checking on them or pausing the game.

What is the highest career level in Virtual Families 3?

Your little person starts out at level 1 (Beginner), but as they progress in their career their salary will increase until they reach level 8 (Master).

How do you get a lot of money on Virtual Families 3?

The primary way to earn money in Virtual Families 3 is to encourage your little people to work at their careers. There are other ways to earn money, as well: Completing Goals, which award coins as each one is accomplished. Many of these can be completed very early in the game, and the coins can add up quickly.

How do you collect bones in Virtual Families 2?

How to dig up the fossil collection – those brown patches in the yard: Must purchase “Rock Hound Certificate” when it comes up in the Flea Market. Cost is $1,500. After purchasing this you can finally start collecting those bones!

How long can virtual families live?

There is no actual way of knowing how long your little people will live, but there is a “Wise” trophy after a character turns 65, meaning that it’s possible to live that long but uncommon to live past 65.

Why is my virtual family Depressed?

Happiness. Depressed: If a character is neglected for too long, they will be depressed and will take more time to make them happy. Usually they can improve within time. Depressed characters will sometimes have the action “Feeling down” or “Feeling depressed” to show that they need your love.

How long does it take to get a marriage proposal in Virtual Families 2?

Marriage Proposals If you reject that proposal, another one will come in about 45 minutes. If that one is also rejected, you can expect to see a new proposal every 24 hours. If you aren’t receiving marriage proposals, and your game is not paused, please let us know by submitting a ticket.

Why is there a tent in Virtual Families 3?

The tent is called the VIP Lounge! Using the VIP Lounge can increase your family members’ happiness, health, and energy. This provides long-term benefits by keeping your peeps healthy and happy!

How do you call the Appliance Tech in Virtual Families 3?

When there is an appliance malfunction, you will need to call an appliance repair person to fix it. Place a person age 14 or older on the phone in the office and tap the Call button for the appliance repair person to have them come to the house and fix the broken appliance.

Can you sell furniture on Virtual Families 2?

To sell furniture all you need to do is drag the furniture you want to sell to the area outside the front gate. Green colored text will come up above the item and will tell you the price you will get for it.

What Age Can Virtual Villagers have babies?

Villagers can produce children once they are fully adult (age 18 & up). Once a female villager reaches the age of 50, she will no longer be able to have babies.

How do you unlock the shed in virtual families?

To open the shed you must drag a person over 14 into the sandbox where the gold doorknob is, and they will go fix the shed. After the doorknob is in, drag your person over the “Welcome” doormat and he will go unlock the shed.

How do you fix exhausted on virtual families?

Try putting them to bed and then quitting the game. Or try just quitting the game an hour or so earlier and just leaving them be till morning. And fruit and energy drinks can help them out a bit too. If all else fails, make them take naps during the day.


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