Does Virtual Families 2 end?

If you’re playing Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House, the game does not really end as in “game over.” When the adults pass and there are no heirs to pass the house and bank account to, the game will give you a message stating that your family has been lost and that you need to choose someone new.

How long is a year in Virtual Families 2?

Your little family will be aging a year every two hours (real time). They normally will die in their 60’s, occasionally in their late 50’s. That means you could be starting a new generation about every 5 to 7 days, unless you adjust the time of your device, aging them rapidly.

What is the maximum amount of kids you can have in Virtual Families 2?

If your family has enough room (maximum children is 6) you may be able to get twins or triplets (for example, if you have a family with 4 kids, you can have twins, but not triplets).


What’s the highest career level on Virtual Families 2?

Your little person starts out at level 1 (Beginner), but as they progress in their career their salary will increase until they reach level 8 (Master).

Who is the ghost in Virtual Families 3?

The Little Girl as she appears in Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home. The Little Girl is a mysterious ghost child who appears from time to time to haunt the house in Virtual Families 3.

What age do virtual families stop having babies?

There is no set age at which couples can no longer produce a baby. As with real life, though, it will be rare to see a baby born to couples in their 50s and beyond, although they can still adopt a child.

Will there be a Virtual Families 3?

Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home (also known as simply Virtual Families 3 or VF3) is the third installment of the Virtual Families game series. It was developed by Last Day of Work and was first announced in 2015. An Open Beta was released on May 8, 2020 and ended on May 11, 2020.

Can you remarry in virtual families?

When a childless widowed peep in Virtual Families remarries, their original spouse is replaced on the family tree, and any children that they might subsequently have are listed as their children in that generation. It has to work that way to preserve the data structure of the family tree.

How long does it take for babies to grow up in Virtual Families 3?

For the first 2 years (in real time, 4 hours after the baby is born) the baby is be held by his/her mother (and/or father in Virtual Families 3). After that, the baby will become a child and the mother can go back to her Career.

How do you get lots of money on Virtual Families 3?

The primary way to earn money in Virtual Families 3 is to encourage your little people to work at their careers. There are other ways to earn money, as well: Completing Goals, which award coins as each one is accomplished. Many of these can be completed very early in the game, and the coins can add up quickly.

How do you adopt a kid on Virtual Families 3?

In Virtual Families 3, if you want to adopt a child, you’ll need approval first. If you don’t have enough beds, you adoption request will be denied. You also can’t adopt if one of the parents is holding a baby.

How do you get rid of ants in Virtual Families 2?

When they’re done preparing the cinnamon, drop them on the orange object by the trash bins. They will take it to the workshop to finish the spray (but don’t bother them). After they’re finished, they will spray it on the ants in the kitchen and get rid of them.

How do you call a repair on virtual families 3?

Your little family will need to call a computer repair person to fix them. Place a person age 14 or older on the telephone in the office and tap the Call button for the computer repair person, who will come to the house and fix the problem.

How do you get the dinosaur bones in Virtual Families 2?

How to dig up the fossil collection – those brown patches in the yard: Must purchase “Rock Hound Certificate” when it comes up in the Flea Market. Cost is $1,500. After purchasing this you can finally start collecting those bones!

How often do marriage proposals come in virtual families 3?

Marriage Proposals If you reject that proposal, another one will come in about 45 minutes. If that one is also rejected, you can expect to see a new proposal every 24 hours. If you aren’t receiving marriage proposals, and your game is not paused, please let us know by submitting a ticket.

What happens when you evict Virtual Families 2?

The “Evict” button can be found by tapping “Menu” then “Settings”. It will be visible next to the “Done” button and will disappear after it’s used. If unused, it will disappear after your family moves to the 2nd generation.


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