How can I get free gold in CR?

Try to open them whenever you can by playing a few battles every day to take all of that easy money. You can get about 80 Gold from every free chest, this means you can get about 320 Gold every day from opening Free Chest (2 in the morning and 2 before sleeping). Donating is the other way to earn Gold in Clash Royale.

Can you cheat on Clash Royale?

No, its impossible. Clash Royale servers are too secured to be hacked in. Therefore, it is not possible for someone to cheat. (E.g. too much elixir but you can watch the replay).

How much gold is Max cards in clash Royale?

On 15/12/16, the December Update decreased the amount of Gold required to buy Epic cards in shop by 50%. On 20/6/18, the Summer Update increased the maximum Gold cap to 5,000,000 (from 1,000,000).


What is the strongest Clash Royale card?

Mini pekka is definitely one of the stronger cards in he game and with the increasing use rates of royal giant and the already high use rate of golem, giant hog etc this girl is great on defence and can help you make positive elixir trades and also give you a good counter push opportunity.

Does Clash Royale bots?

It allowed players who recently reached 5,000 trophies, and players who don’t pay to upgrade their card levels, to be matched against opponents with a similar average card power. Bots only appear in matches lower than a 4,000-trophy average level.

How do people get prince so early?

The best way to get this Epic card is by playing the game and winning chests on chests on chests. He’s bound to appear and can definitely appear as early as Arena One. Sometimes he may be up for sale in the store (which updates every day), but he’ll cost you a pretty penny (tons of gold).

Who is Princess in clash Royale?

The Princess card is unlocked from the Spell Valley (Arena 5) or a Legendary Chest. She is an area-damaging, long-ranged troop with low hitpoints and moderate splash damage. Her long range allows her to target and attack Princess Towers from the opposite side of the river.

What does Pekka stand for?

Supercell held a Facebook contest on 22 August 2012 to see who could come up with the best written-out name for P.E.K.K.A as judged by the number of likes the comment received. The name “Perfectly Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins” was the winner.

What does Supercell creator code do?

How does it support the creator? The program is similar to a referral or affiliate scheme to let Supercell know which creator was associated with an in game purchase. Supercell then pass on a share of this transaction (5%) to the creator to help them to continue to grow.

How do you counter Mega Knight?

To counter the Mega Knight properly, the counter unit should generally be placed no more than three tiles away from him, so that he doesn’t initiate his jump attack and deal massive damage. Without it, his damage per second is somewhat low for his Elixir cost.

How much does a fully maxed Clash Royale account cost?

You don’t need to spend any money to have high level cards. to upgrade a card to max from lvl 1o cost 170 000 so to max the full deck would cost 1 360 000.

What is the weakest card in Clash Royale?

But after they exist, the regular barbarians turns out to be too easy to stop, too slow and weak for 5 elixir, being outshined by the elite barbarians and more, Barbarians are dying off. Then the Goblin Gang turns out to be better, now, Barbarians are arguably one of the weakest cards.

What is the rarest card in Clash Royale?

For the first time, the battle ram is going to be the #1 rare card in Clash Royale. For a win condition to have a usage rate of around 30% is unbelievable and means that the battle ram has to be rated the best rare card.

Which is better ice wizard or electro wizard?

Winner of statistics is the ice wizard! His stats are better in terms of health, slow ability and elixir cost. The wizard has more damage and is easier to upgrade and obtain. The electro wizard has more potential because of his movement speed and stun.

Why do I always lose in Clash Royale?

The worse your internet connection, the slower you’ll be able to respond to their pushes, resulting frequent losses (provided you’re still playing with that internet). Playing while tired makes you unable to focus in a battle and as I previously said, Clash Royale requires constant focus in order to win.

Why is it so hard to win in Clash Royale?

Basically, Supercell coded Clash Royale so that you were willing to attempt to go up higher when drop. This was done as you were placed against people with higher trophies than you, giving you a lower chance of winning.


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