How comfortable are mahabis?

Mahabis Curve Mule review: verdict The Curve Mules are comfortable, some of the most durable slippers around, and eco-friendly too. Sure, they’re more expensive than many other slippers on the market, but we think they’re worth that extra outlay.

Do mahabis make your feet sweat?

The Mahabis slipper/shoe comes in three main styles: Classic, Summer, and Luxe. The Classic is the original design with a very breathable wool lining that keeps you nice and warm yet still breathes well, so you don’t get sweaty feet.

Why did mahabis change?

What happened to the detachable sole? Our original slipper design featured detachable soles that clipped on and off. After extensive research we found that many customers wanted to wear their mahabis further, and for longer, so we upgraded the sole in 2018 to meet these needs.

Can you put mahabis in the washing machine?

we hope your mahabis stay nice and fresh forever, but in the off chance they need a clean, we recommend you wash them with a damp cloth. we would not recommend machine washing mahabis. if your footbeds come out, then they can be machine washed separately at 30 degrees (on the most delicate setting).

Do you wear socks with mahabis?

If you want to wear socks with your mahabis, go ahead! The neoprene heel is designed to offer comfort with a relaxed grip and heel support, but it shouldn’t affect you if you’re wearing socks. We’d only advise sizing up if you plan to wear your mahabis with thick socks, otherwise, just purchase your normal shoe size.

Is mahabis ethical?

Mahabis is a London based company inspired by principles of Scandinavian minimalism; focusing on clean designs, relaxation and simplicity. Both operate under ethical conditions, and the Mahabis team are able to regularly visit factories due to their proximity, as they can be at a factory in 2 hours if needed.

Are mahabis true to size?

if you’re new to mahabis, choose your regular shoe size as our chart below is true-to-size. however if you have wide feet we recommend going up one size.

What happened to mahabis?

Slipper brand Mahabis, known for its removable soles, has been bought out of acquisition by YYX Capital, an investment company co-headed by Simba Sleep founder James Cox. The move comes after the business called in administrators KRE Corporate Recovery on 27 December and had been forced to cease trading.

Does Mahabis have guarantee?

We don’t offer a warranty on mahabis. We design and manufacture mahabis to stand the test of time, and while most customers will enjoy mahabis for years, we cannot account for the different ways that customers will wear their slippers. This is why we don’t offer a warranty on our products.

What’s the difference between Mahabis curve and classic?

our classic slipper features a 100% lambswool lining and wool-blend upper, whilst the mahabis flow range is crafted from a lightweight, breathable mesh. the mahabis canvas range has a water and abrasion resistant upper, made from a technical knitted polyester, lined with wool, and is finished with a fixed tpu sole.

Can Mahabis be worn outside?

The back of the slipper folds up and down for slipper/shoe setup–kind of like what we all do with Converse sneakers, except these are designed for it. There’s also a detachable sole (in six colors), which is what you slip on when you need to head outside.

How do you stop mahabis from smelling?

Cleaning your mahabis classic: Wool is naturally odour resistant, but if you do find your slippers getting a little, well, less pleasant on the nose, we recommend hand washing your footbeds and slipping some odour eliminating shoe bags into your slippers overnight.

How do you clean mahabis flow?

If you need to wash your mahabis flow, remove the footbeds and machine wash your slippers on a 30°C (86°F) delicate setting. The footbeds can be hand washed with a gentle detergent and then left to air dry with the slippers. Do not tumble dry.

How do you wash mahabis in the summer?

we’ve made summer comfort a breeze by making mahabis breathe machine washable. simply pop them on a cool wash, and these quick-drying slippers will be as good as new quicker than you can say ‘see you at the beach’.

Can I put my slippers in the washing machine?

You can set the washing machine to a gentle cycle with warm water. If you plan washing slippers with other clothes, you should use a washing machine bag to protect them. If you will dry them in the dryer, make sure the heat is not too high.

Are Glerups supportive?

The Glerups slippers are the most durable and supportive felted-wool slippers we tested. They’re warm, but they breathe well, so your feet don’t get sweaty.

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