How did 9GAG become popular?

The Hong Kong businessman is the founder of 9GAG, a hugely popular online platform for sharing humorous GIFs, memes and videos. In 2008, he and four partners, all of them in their 20s, pulled together $1,270 to start 9GAG as a side project to their day jobs.

What 9GAG means?

One is, 9gag is read as “gou gag” in Cantonese (its creators are Hong Kongers), which means “make joke”. Other one says that the site had 9 posts on the front page in its early years, that’s where 9 comes from, and gag means “joke” in English slang.

Who runs 9GAG Instagram?

Here’s what Ray Chan, CEO and co-founder of 9GAG, and COO Lillian Leong, had to say about audience development, global humor and what it’s like to run a media startup from Hong Kong.


What is 9GAG Quora?

9GAG was founded by a group of Hong Kong youngsters and the Cantonese pronunciation of 9 is “gau”, which sounds similar to another word meaning “make”. So “9GAG” simply means “make a funny joke” in Cantonese.

Is 9GAG the same as Reddit?

9GAG is content driven – of which most of it is copied from various internet sources – and less of comment driven while reddit is comment driven more than content dependent.

Can you get paid for making memes?

Unlike various gig economy jobs or part-time work, making money through memes is not a reliable way to make money online. Memes are really a way to capture an audience or to monetize an existing following. Don’t turn to memes if you’re in need of fast cash. Plus, many meme-businesses don’t scale unless they go viral.

Is 9gag still popular?

9gag seems to be more popular among people not looking for any specific content, and are just looking to spend time browsing pages after pages of (random) funny images. For people who are tolerant towards a little clutter but want much more well-categorized content, reddit still scores over 9gag.

How is 9GAG pronounced?

The pronunciation of 9GAG is similar to a Cantonese slang “爛 gag” (laahn gag), which refers to a bad joke or pun. Cantonese speakers mispronounce the English number 9 to “line”, which is how the name 9GAG came.

Does 9GAG make money on Instagram?

9GAG features viral videos on and the 9GAG social media accounts found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Under its terms of service, does not share any earnings from advertisements with the video creators. This is a private company.

Which is better 4chan or Reddit?

One difference is that 4chan does not have a voting system, so it is more spontaneous and less filtered. Reddit does have a voting system, and some people say it leads to better content. Aside from that you could almost say that both of these sites are competing for users.

Can Instagram pay you?

Instagram allows you to earn money with the help of IGTV Ads, Branded Content, Badges, Shopping, and Affiliate Marketing. But creators can also earn from sponsored content, fan membership, licensing the content they produce, and also by becoming a consultant.

How Memers earn money from Instagram?

Making money with an Instagram meme page is possible through sponsored posts, online sales, or becoming an affiliate. To be successful in any of these ventures, you will need a popular account with an avid follower base.

Do Instagram meme pages make money?

Meme pages on Facebook and Instagram can make money, but it is not just from posting memes. This income is generated typically through sponsors, affiliate marketing, or selling their own products. Meme pages typically post 2-3 times per day and utilize their analytics to see what is the best time to post.

Is 9GAG safe?

Parents need to know that 9Gag is a place for young adults to have a laugh, express themselves, and broaden their perspectives, but it’s not appropriate or intended for children. High schoolers may be plugged in, but most users are probably 20- and 30-somethings.

What do I need to know before posting on 4chan?

4chan warns users to familiarise themselves with the site rules, especially before posting a new thread or comment. Breaking the rules may result in post deletion, a temporary ban, or even permanent banishment. Check out 4chan’s Rules page for more information about what you can or cannot do while using the site.

What’s the difference between Reddit and 4chan?

reddit is persistent, content is archived, not deleted. 4chan is anonymous, it’s not possible to create an account. reddit is pseudonymous, registration is required to participate, but usernames are not linked to real-world identities.


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