How do I get a pet in Dergun town?

You must go to the Potion Shop and click on the NPC Mythora and make sure you aren’t already on a quest. Xe will offer five consecutive quests to get your first pet. Don’t abandon the quest or you will have to start it from the beginning because each task needs to be completed in succession.

How do I get quests in Dergun town?

Checking one’s current quest and what is required can be done by typing the command /quest or clicking on the post icon in the top right corner. If you want to cancel the current quest you’re on type /abandon, but abandoning will result in the next three completed quests giving the player half the reward.

How do you attack in Dergun town?

Demon Plushies: Amorphous, Ooze, The Rot, Chaser, Eye of the Drachenlieche, The Writhing, Grabber, Eyelord, and Dermon(Lurch plush missing) There is a way to attack by pressing a button on the keyboard if clicking is bothersome. Go into the settings gear at the top right and click Actions.


Where is the inkwell in Dergun town?

Inkwell – found in blacksmith. Lantern (regular one is in the bakery)( paper lanterns will not be accepted) – found in the castle & other locations. Paper – found in pet shop.

How do you fish in Dergun town?

Fishing requires using a fishing rod, which can be picked up for free at various locations along the western river. Fishing spots are mostly following this river, but some can be found in small ponds near the farm, botany and The Crystal Forest.

How do you get skill points in Dergun town?

Skill points are obtainable through the NPC Argoras by completing quests for xem or by buying them for gil, dandelions, or bones. Skill points can be invested in 5 different skills, each skill costs 1 skill point at first and goes up by 1 every 10 invested. The max of each skill is 50.

How do I get to the potion shop in Kakariko Village?

Granny’s Potion Shop is a shop in Ocarina of Time. It is owned by Granny in the back of Kakariko Village. When Link is a child, the only way for him to access the shop is by flying into the small yard in front of the shop by using a Cucco.

What is the ultimate potion in Ocarina of Time?

She resides in Kakariko Village and owns Granny’s Potion Shop. Though she brews many potions there, she only sells what she calls “The Ultimate Potion”, which fully refills Link’s hearts and magic.

How do you get the blue potion in Ocarina of Time?

Ocarina of Time After Link has received the Odd Potion from Granny and traded it to Fado, he can buy the Blue Potion from Granny’s Potion Shop for 100 rupees. It refills both health and magic.

Is there a store in Kakariko Village?

The Kakariko Village Shop is a small shop in A Link to the Past that Link can access in the south-central area of Kakariko Village. The building is a small, windowless hut with cuccos roaming the yard.

Is there a shop in Kakariko Village Ocarina of Time?

The Potion Shop is a shop found in both Hyrule Castle Town and Kakariko Village in Ocarina of Time. Located near the Bazaar at both places, the Potion Shop sells a variety of products including Green Potion, Red Potion, Fairy, Fish, Bugs, Poes and the scarce Blue Fire.

Where is the potion shop in Adopt Me?

The Potion Shop was moved in the Farm Shop Update. It was then located at the back of Adoption Island, next to the Farm Shop and the Safety Hub.

What is a Stalfos Ocarina of Time?

Stalfos appear as armored soldiers carrying a sword and a shield in Ocarina of Time. They are skilled sword masters who are able to block Link’s attacks with their shield and retaliate with a powerful Jump Attack. Often they are encountered in pairs or small groups.

What do I do with the odd poultice in Ocarina of Time?

The Odd Potion, known as the Odd Poultice in the 3DS remake, is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Made by giving the Odd Mushroom to Granny in the Potion Shop, Link must take this potion to Grog in the Lost Woods.

How do you make Red’s potion?

The Red Potion is a potion which can be found in Chests in drunk worlds (1/30 (3.33%) chance) and “For the worthy” worlds (1/10 (10%) chance). It can also be dropped by Jungle Mimics, which spawn in Celebrationmk10 worlds.

How do you upgrade the Deku Nut in Ocarina of Time?

A boulder outside the Sacred Forest Meadow conceals a Secret Grotto. Destroying the boulder with a bomb opens the grotto, which holds two Business Scrubs. Bounce back the nuts they launch and then go speak to the first one, who will sell Link a Deku Nut capacity upgrade for 40 Rupees.


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