How do I keep my graduation cap from falling off?

Hairspray and pins are your new closest friends. Spritzing your hair with a texturizer — hairspray, sea salt spray, whatever you have — will help keep the cap in place. As for the pins, it’s pretty obvious: use them to attach your hair to the cap. You can even store extra bobby pins on your tassel.

Which side should tassel hang before?

All tassels are to start on the right side of the cap for undergraduate students. During the ceremony, students will move the tassel to the left when instructed.

How do you preserve a graduation cap and gown?

Plan to store your graduation gown in its very own plastic container with a clip closure. Keeping your graduation gown separate from other clothing allows air to circulate. Air circulation keeps the fabric smelling fresh and reduces the chance of mold, mildew or other damage.

How is a graduation cap supposed to fit?

Put your cap on correctly. The pointed tip of your cap is meant to go in the front of your head while the elastic band should go behind. The cap should be worn directly on your head and not tilted back and it should lie about one inch above your eyebrows.

Do you wear more than one tassel at graduation?

Traditionally tassels are worn on the right side and moved to the left during a special portion of the ceremony for high school graduates. For college graduates, Bachelor again wear tassels on right side until their degrees are conferred, then move to left.

Why do graduates move the tassel?

Generally here in the states tassels are worn on the right side of the cap before the ceremony and are then moved to the left side to indicate that the wearer has passed from one level of learning to another like a diploma at high school or undergraduate degree – but they stay on the left and don’t move for a college …

What do tassel colors mean?

Tassels: Black – College of Applied Science and Technology. Orange – Electronics Engineering (Bachelor Degrees) White – Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts and Humanities.

How tight should Graduation cap?

Use the size measurements provided by the supplier to ensure that your graduation regalia will fit the way it’s supposed to. The cap itself should be snug, but not too tight. If it keeps slipping out of place, it’s most likely too big, whereas if it’s cutting off your circulation you might benefit from going up a size.

How do I know my graduation cap size?

To arrive at you correct head size, measure the circumference of your head in centimetres. This should be measured at the point which the hat sits on your head. Between 1-2 cm above your ears. e.g. if your head circumference is equal to 56cms then the Graduation Hat size is 56.

Do you get to keep your graduation cap?

Most graduates keep only the tassel from their hat, tossing the cap and gown as soon as the ceremony ends. More than 5 million gowns wind up in landfills every year, adding to the plastic waste stream and causing great harm to the environment.

What do you do with honor cords after graduation?

Pin your graduation cap, sash, tassel, cords, and medals to preserve them and display them. This beats using them once and storing them away in the closet to be forgotten. Use a shadow box about 16×18″ with a foam backboard that will easily hold the pins.

How do you attach heavy items to a shadow box?

Awkward or heavy objects can be wrapped in thin stainless wire poked through minuscule holes in the backing and twisted behind the sturdy backing to hold the item securely in place. Wrap wire where it is least visible or can be covered by part of the item on display.

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