How do I put money on my CharlieCard?

How do I add stored value onto my Charlie Card? – Stored value can be added on the bus at the farebox. Let the driver know that you intend to add money to your card so they can set the farebox properly, tap your card, insert the money, and tap your card again to pay for the ride you are taking then.

How much does a CharlieCard cost?

With the Charlie Card, each ride is just $2.25. The fare includes a free transfer to the buses. Charlie Cards can be picked up at the Downtown Crossing MBTA and can be reloaded. The Purple Line, also known as the Commuter Rail, is a separate line and the cost is not covered by the Charlie Card or paper tickets.

What is the difference between a CharlieCard and a Charlie ticket?

CharlieCards are reusable cards that can be loaded with cash value or passes to pay bus and subway fares. CharlieTicket, a paper ticket that can be loaded with subway, bus, Commuter Rail, and ferry tickets or passes.


How do you pay for the Green Line in Boston?

At street-level Green Line and Mattapan Trolley stops, you can pay your fare in cash with coins or bills, up to $20. To pay your fare, tell the driver you are paying in cash, and insert the amount displayed on the fare box. Tip!

How do you pay for the subway in Boston?

Fare vending machines accept credit, debit, and cash payments. Tickets and passes are available at retail stores throughout the region. Stores accept credit, debit, and cash payments. Cash value and passes can be added to CharlieCards online.

Is there an MBTA app?

There are a variety of smartphone apps to help you plan trips on the MBTA, buy Commuter Rail tickets, pay for parking, and report safety concerns to the Transit Police. All MBTA apps are available for free from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Why is it called the CharlieCard?

History. The CharlieCard is named after the lead character in the 1948 protest folk music song, “M.T.A.”. The song was written to protest a fare increase in the form of an extra five cent exit fare for longer rides and was later made popular by the Kingston Trio in 1959.

Is the Silver Line free?

Massport Shuttle is always free, and the Silver Line is free from Logan Airport. You’ll need to buy a ticket or pass to make a connection to the bus, train, or ferry. You can buy Commuter Rail tickets with the mTicket app, or at the ticket booths located in South Station.

How do you get from Boston to Salem without a car?

The best way to get from Boston to Salem without a car is to train which takes 30 min and costs $0 – $9. How long does it take to get from Boston to Salem? The train from North Station to Salem takes 30 min including transfers and departs hourly.

Are Charlie cards free?

Blank CharlieCard is free and available from MBTA agent or from CharlieCard store (Downtown Crossing). CharlieCard can be loaded at any fare machine using bank card or cash. (Note that fare machines give dollar coins as change and no bills.)

How do you take the T?

To ride the T, you need to purchase a CharlieCard or CharlieTicket. These can be purchased at most subway stations at vending machines and at select convenience stores. The basic fare is $2.90 with a CharlieTicket or $2.40 if you have a Charlie Card.

Do college students get MBTA discount?

The T is working with colleges and universities to provide 11% discounts on MBTA passes for students through the Semester Pass Program. Depending on the type purchased, prepaid passes offer unlimited travel by bus, subway, Commuter Rail, and/or ferry for the whole semester.

Is the MBTA free?

The MBTA offers free service to children, military personnel, public servants, and government officials.

Does the MBTA take Apple pay?

Users of the MBTA’s mobile ticketing app will now be prompted to “Pay with Apple Pay” using their iPhone’s touch or face identification feature, according to a press release from the MBTA. The addition of Apple Pay is meant to give customers a quicker and safer way to purchase tickets, according to the release.

What does MBTA mean?

The result integrated the existing railroads of greater Boston into one comprehensive public transit system: The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA).

How does the Boston subway work?

The Silver Line picks up and drops off at every terminal and connects to the Red Line at South Station. Transfers to the Red Line at South Station are free. The Massport Shuttle picks up and drops off at every terminal and connects to the Blue Line at Airport Station. You’ll pay a normal subway fare to ride.

How do you pay for subway?

Swipe your MetroCard with the logo and the black barcode facing you and the clipped corner on the upper right. Tap a contactless card or a digital wallet at OMNY readers to pay the fare.

Is Boston Safe?

If you only look at the statistics, Boston is moderately safe place to visit. According to crime statistics released by the FBI, Boston ranked 45th for highest violent crime rate in the country in 2019, 669.20 incidents per 100,000 residents.

Is the Boston t safe at night?

The T is generally quite safe. It is busy with people even at night. The stretch of the Orange Line you would be traveling is all in the downtown area and should be fine. Alternatively, you can use the Green Line.

Can I use my phone as a Charlie Card?

The MBTA’s Fare Transformation will make paying for transit easier and more convenient. Upon completion, you’ll be able to: Tap and board at any door with a fare card, smartphone, or contactless credit card.

Who is Charlie from Charlie Card?

Who Is CharlieCard Charlie? MBTA CharlieCard. Boston subway and bus riders know “Charlie,” he’s the man on the MBTA’s electronic fare cards.


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