How do I sell items on Cosmicpvp?

To list an item for sale, hold the item in your hand and type /ah sell and the item will automatically be listed in the GUI for 1 hour.

What is Cosmicpvp discord?

The Cosmic Games Discord is the official Platform used by Cosmic PvP for staff support and to hang out with fellow Cosmonauts.

How do you join cosmic PE discord?

Head over to and type /confirm! Track our factions servers’ count in real-time —! Link your discord account with your in-game account and get 10% off on! Head over to and type /confirm!


Why is Hypixel shutting down?

Why did the Minecraft Hypixel China server shut down? This was stated to be due to an expiration of the original agreement made with the Hypixel server.

How do you get Russian on Hypixel?

Right click your head in any lobby on the Hypixel Server. Choose “Select Language”. Then left click on your language.

Who owns cosmic sky?

CosmicSky is a Minecraft Skyblock Super Server created by MrWoofless and PrestonPlayz. The server opened in 2019, and features the most dynamic and unique Skyblock experience available today!

What is the best server in Minecraft bedrock edition?

Hyperlands. This is considered as one of the best Bedrock Edition servers. Hyperlands is the king of minigames, offering up game modes including SkyWars, Bedwars, TheBridge, Duels, and PotPvP. Hyperlands is incredibly popular given the number of players who regularly gather to it.

What is PrestonPlayz name on Minecraft?

PrestonPlayz. PrestonPlayz (formerly PrestonMinecraft) is the Minecraft channel. He originally posted Minecraft Pocket Edition videos on this channel, often which featured his friend Logdotzip, but he now posts Java Edition videos as well.

What mod does PrestonPlayz use in Minecraft?

Preston is a “compressed block” mod – that is, it provides means of compressing sets of 9 identical blocks into 1 “compressed block” recursively, as well as decompressing them back.

What is the IP for Unspeakables server?

Nathan / Unspeakable on Twitter: “MY NEW MINECRAFT SERVER! COME JOIN NOW! IP – Store –” / Twitter.

How old is Eystreem 2021?

Jordan Barclay (born: August 25, 2002 (2002-08-25) [age 19]), better known online as Eystreem (also known as Ey or Streem), is an Australian YouTuber known for his Minecraft tutorials, roleplays, and pranks that he uploads inside the game onto his channel.

What faction server has the most players?

The undisputed king of Minecraft Servers in terms of popularity currently is Hypixel. It’s the only server that has ever managed to reach the tremendous milestone of 100,000 online players. Hypixel isn’t the world’s most active Minecraft Server for no reason.

Is there factions on Mineplex?

Factions is currently down at the moment which is why you are unable to join or see any Factions servers. Hopefully, we’ll see Factions back up sometime soon in the future but for the time being, as the person above suggested, there are many other games to choose from so I hope you find one that interests you.

How do I put money into my faction bank?

Faction Bank You can also use /f money b,balance to check your faction’s money. It will display: Your faction’s balance is 30 silver, 00 copper. You can withdraw from the bank by using /f money w,withdraw [amount]. You can also deposit money in the bank by using /f money d,deposit [amount].

What skyblock is Technoblade on?

Technoblade also often plays Hypixel’s version of Skyblock, often featuring his friends, or co-op members, Jiyn, TimeDeo and xHascox. Technoblade has made an entire series of Hypixel Skyblock..(Most known for the Fastest man alive and taking #1 potato rank from Im_a_squid_kid).

What is the best skyblock on Minecraft?

Hypixel skyblock is the most popular Minecraft server on this list by a long margin. The skyblock part of the goliath Hypixel network boasts tens of thousands of players online at all times of the day.


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