How do I transfer from Stanbic to Gtbank?

To transfer money from your Stanbic IBTC bank account to any other bank account, dial *909# and follow the onscreen commands.

How do I get a Stanbic Ussd pin?

Register For Stanbic USSD Dial *909# on the phone number you use to open your Stanbic IBTC Bank Account (or where you receive your alert) then press 6 for other services, Press 1 for My Bank, then press 7 to Create PIN, then follow the other instructions.

How much does GTBank charge for transfer to other banks?

For GTBank to GTBank Transfers, the charges on 737 include N20. 00 + N2. 50 while transfers on all other banking channels are free.


What is Stanbic 3S banking?

Our 3S banking enables you to access our financial services by sending SMS to 30909 from your registered phone number with the Stanbic IBTC. Tell me more. We provide a safe and secured environment for you to make transfers, payments and track your account easily with our internet banking anytime and anywhere.

How can I send money using UBA code?

If you want to send money to a UBA Account, just dial *919*3# and follow the on-screen command. If you want to send money to other Nigerian banks, just dial *919*4# and follow the on-screen command.

What is Stanbic Bank Transfer Code?

To transfer money to another Stanbic IBTC account dial *909*11*AMOUNT*ACCOUNT NUMBER#. To transfer money to other banks in Nigeria (non-Stanbic IBTC account holders) dial *909*22*AMOUNT*ACCOUNT NUMBER#. If you’re sending to other banks, select the bank of the recipient from the list you see and continue.

How do I transfer money from Stanbic Bank to mpesa?

On your M-Pesa menu select the Paybill option Select Paybill Enter the business account number 4012867 On the Account Number field, enter the recipients number starting with the countries prefix e.g. for China +86 Enter your M-Pesa pin number Once the transaction details are confirmed you will receive a notification …

Is GTBank an international bank?

About this Service. Guaranty Trust Bank offers offshore funds transfer services to and from Ghana, subject to the foreign exchange and Bank of Ghana regulations. Funds are received from abroad through our correspondent banks for further credit into our customers’ Foreign Currency accounts with us in Ghana.

How do I check my BVN number Stanbic Bank?

Do you know you can retrieve your BVN whenever you need it? Simply dial *565*0#. Applicable to MTN, Etisalat and Airtel subscribers.

How do I get my statement from Stanbic IBTC?

Please be informed that you are able to request for your account statement via the USSD/mobile app platforms with the steps below : FOR USSD : Kindly dial *909#, select option 9(Next) , select My Bank, select Request Statement and follow the prompt. Your statement will be sent to your registered email.

What is the transfer limit for Uba?

In retail class, the transfer limit is ten (10) million Naira daily. The SME class; daily transfer limit of 500 million Naira. The Corporate class; daily limit of 1 billion Naira.

How much does UBA charge for transfer to other banks?

There are some very important aspects you have to take into attention while using UBA transfer code: If you use the code, there is a 70 naira charge, whether you are transferring money to a UBA account or to any other bank account. You do not need Internet connection to use the code.

How can I transfer money from UBA bank without ATM?

Step 1: Dial *919*Phone Number*Amount#. Example : *919*09066886640*500#. Step2: Type your 4 digit Magic Banking PIN and select the bank account you wish to pay from. Step 4: Input phone number of passenger and payment amount (Passenger Name Record).

Is Stanbic Bank an international bank?

Stanbic Bank has a significant presence in Africa and international markets and our experienced sales team can advise you on foreign exchange risk arising from market volatility. Our Foreign Products & Services give you access to a wide range of banking services and value-added benefits.

What is Stanbic instant money?

Instant Money is an easy way of sending money to anyone in Zambia for as long as they have an active mobile number. The sender needs to have a Stanbic Bank account with active Internet and mobile banking services to generate the payment.

How much does FirstBank transfer cost?

$20.00/year & $10.00/day transfer fee will be charged when an automatic transfer is made. FirstBank customers have several choices to help manage their accounts and avoid overdrafts. Please contact us at 1-800-964-3444 if you no longer want us to pay items that may overdraw your account.


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