How do I transfer my CPF to a loved one?

Step 1: Login with your SingPass on the CPF website. Select ‘My Requests’ under my cpf Online Services to your left. Step 3: Select ‘Transfer from my CPF Accounts to my recipient’s Retirement Account’ if your spouse is over age 55. If your spouse if below 55 years old, select ‘Special Account’ instead.

Can I transfer my CPF to my friend?

You can nominate any person or organisation to be the beneficiary of your CPF savings. There is no limit to the number of nominees you can appoint.

Can you transfer Medisave to parents?

You can only use your MediSave savings for yourself or your dependants which include your spouse, children, parents, grandparents and siblings.


How do I top up my money to my parents CPF?

You can make top ups by using the CPF Mobile app, via my cpf Online Services, or GIRO. You can top up easily simply by logging in with your Singpass.

How do I top up my parent MediSave account?

Log in to e-Cashier and pay via PayNow QR or eNETS. Select paying as a ‘Member’ and making payment for ‘Contribute to my own/recipient’s MediSave Account (tax deductible)’.

Can I use my CPF to pay for my parents HDB?

CPF’s and HDB’s rules require you to be a co-owner in order to utilise your CPF funds to pay for a flat. Low Po-Yu, a senior marketing director at ERA explains: “If you bought your flat with a parent, you must remove your name in order to buy your matrimonial home with your spouse.

Can will override CPF nomination?

A will does not supersede an earlier nomination, if any. If your nominee is below the age of 18 years old at the time your CPF savings are paid out, his/her share will be forwarded to the Public Trustee for administration until he/she reaches 18 years of age.

Can I top up my son CPF account?

You can top up to your, your children or your loved one’s: i. Special / Retirement Account only under the Retirement Sum Topping Up Scheme (RSTU) (tax relief available). Three CPF Accounts (non-tax deductible).

How much is voluntary CPF contribution?

You can make VC of any amount, up to the CPF Annual Limit ($37,740 per employee) less the mandatory contributions received by the employee for the calendar year.

Can I open a CPF account for my child?

The CPF Board will set up a CPF account for the children of PRs once their parents top up their CPF account. As parents, you should take advantage of this privilege to top up your baby’s CPF SA. Regardless of age, the first S$60,000 in your child’s CPF SA would generate a whopping 5% return!

What is the MediSave limit for 2022?

Similarly, the Basic Healthcare Sum (BHS), which is the estimated savings required for basic healthcare needs, is also adjusted yearly to keep pace with the increases in healthcare costs. In 2022, this amount has been raised to $66,000, up from $63,000 in 2021.

Can I transfer MediSave to special account?

Hence, MediSave contributions in excess of the Basic Healthcare Sum are first transferred to your Special Account (SA) or Retirement Account (RA) to help you set aside your Full Retirement Sum (FRS) in cash.

What happens when MediSave is full?

Amounts Excess Of Basic Healthcare Sum Will Flow To Special Account or Retirement Account (And Even Ordinary Account) In the event we have managed to hit the BHS in our MediSave, our excess contribution and interest earned on MediSave would still be kept as savings in CPF.

Can I transfer HDB to my daughter?

Current flat owners may apply to change their flat ownership to include immediate family members who meet all eligibility conditions. If there is more than 1 proposed owner, they would need to decide on the manner of holding the flat upon the ownership change, whether by joint-tenancy, or tenancy-in-common.

Can I buy a HDB for my parents?

Public Scheme Buy an HDB resale flat with your family. For example, with your wife and children, parents and siblings, or children (if you are widowed or divorced).

Can I transfer money from CPF OA to SA?

CPF transfers Savings in your Ordinary Account (OA) earn base interest of 2.5%, while SA or RA savings earn base interest of 4%. If you are below age 55, you can transfer your OA savings to your SA to earn higher interest.

How much can I transfer from CPF OA to SA?

The maximum amount you can transfer from OA to SA is the difference between the current Full Retirement Sum of $186,000 and the sum of our current SA funds and the net SA withdrawn under the CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS-SA) for investments that have not been completely disposed of.

Is it wise to transfer OA to SA?

The CPF Special Account (SA) pays higher interest than the Ordinary Account (OA). Knowing this, you can transfer the money in your OA to your SA to earn the extra interest. The CPF-OA pays 2.5% interest annually, while CPF-SA pays 4%.

What happens if the nominee dies?

If the policyholder survives till maturity, all benefits payable under the policy will be paid to the policyholder. In case the policyholder dies after the maturity of the policy but before getting the proceeds and benefits, then the nominee shall be entitled to the proceeds and benefit of that policy.

What happens to CPF MediSave after death?

We’ll refund any unused premiums to the payer’s MediSave Account. The unused period is the number of days remaining in the policy year from the date the member passed, excluding the day of their demise.

How long does it take to withdraw deceased CPF?

When can a nominee expect to receive payment after submitting his application to withdraw the deceased’s CPF savings? Generally, a nominee can expect to receive the payment 3 to 6 weeks after he has submitted the completed application form to withdraw the deceased’s CPF savings.


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