How do you get more diamonds on fashion nation?

Purchase additional tickets, cash and diamonds by visiting the premium store (Tap your Currency balances at the top of your game.) Participate in offers found on the offer wall or watch videos to earn diamonds. Offers and videos are also found in the premium store.

How do you get cash on covet?

Question: Do you have any cheats on how to earn more coins in Covet Fashion? Answer: You can get more cash by completing free offers and earning diamonds. Watch videos, take surveys, and do the TapJoy offers. Once you reach 500 diamonds, you can convert them to cash.

What does reset unworn mean on covet?

Resetting the Unworn bonus will allow you to use the garment as new to help increase your unworn bonus. The reset unworn feature will reset a garment’s Unworn Bonus for the cash value of the garment.

How do you get hair accessories on covet?

Where to get HAs: Hair Accessories can be purchased with IRL money by buying a Hair Accessory credit in the Covet Store. Current cost is 8.99$ USD or equivalent in your national currency. Sometimes Covet has a sale and offers these for a reduced price!

How do you get accessories on covet fashion?

Covet Fashion releases new and unique hair accessories each month. Players can win hair accessories as Runway Rally prizes and series prizes, but also have the option to purchase hair accessories using a Hair Accessory Credit. Hair Accessory credits can be purchased in the diamond store.

How do I change my name on covet fashion?

Visit your Closet/Profile by tapping the three bars at the top of your game, then tap your Username to go to your Profile tab. To change your Profile image, tap on the Icon/image in the circle. To change your username tap the pencil icon.

How do you play covet?

In short, the game provides fashion challenges where you dress the ‘model’ in appropriate clothing for the described event. Fellow players vote on the looks of other players. If you receive a score of 4 or above, you win a prize—an item of clothing for your virtual closet.

How do you promote a head of house on covet fashion?

In order to promote someone, you need to be on the “About” page. From there you can see all of your House members and next to their name, you’ll see a crown and an up or down arrow. If you want to promote them to a House Officer, click the crown that has the up arrow.

What is a fashion house in covet fashion?

Fashion Houses: Intro Joining a Fashion House allows you to borrow garments for challenges from your FH members; participate in rallies; and to ask for advice on looks from experienced players before you submit the look for voting.

How do you accept a promotion on covet fashion?

Head over to your Runway rally page and Tap on the “✓” to accept. Just so you know this blue box will always appear until you accept the promotion, if the current head of house cancels the promotion you will no longer see the blue box. You’ll see the promotion take place once you accept.

How do I unlink my Facebook from covet?

Login to Facebook on your primary account, then go to Settings and Privacy, then to Apps and Website. You’ll see a category for “Logged in with Facebook.” Click the Edit icon, look for Covet Fashion in the list, and remove it. Your Covet account has now been unlinked from your primary Facebook account.

How do I contact Covet Fashion?

Please contact our Customer Support Team at [email protected] .com and include your Covet Fashion username.

How do you tuck in shirts on covet fashion?

The Tuck Button can be found at the lower right of your Model when styling a look. Simply tap on the Tuck button and you will see your outfit tucked in. Tap again to untuck an item.

How do runway rallies work covet?

Runway Rallies are a fun way for you and your Fashion House to work together to earn exclusive prizes every month! The more Fashion House members who participate, the easier it is to win and add win moments.

What is tapjoy covet fashion?

Covet Tapjoy Offers is a group made to share tips, tricks, and completed offers in order to make as much covet diamonds as possible! Private. Only members can see who’s in the group and what they post. Visible.

How do you delete a fashion house on covet fashion?

Tap on the Three Person Icon located at the bottom of your screen. Tap the Door icon at the upper right of the Fashion House image.

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