How do you get paid from GuruShots?

Payments from GuruShots to Users will be done as a PayPal transfer. Users must own a legitimate PayPal account in order to receive any payment.

Is GuruShots any good?

Gurushots has groups that are fun and the people you meet are nice. However, the photos that make it to the top are all over the place. Some are amazing and others are noisy, grainy or out of focus. In addition, the more money one spends on “boosts” and the like, one does better in the game.

Are GuruShots rigged?

The game is totally rigged. Swaps, fills, and boosts won’t help you get a guru’s pick! By the way, you’re sorta correct. But Gurushots are tons better than 500px.

How do you get more votes on Gurushots?

There are actually a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting more votes for your photographs. Those things are: (1) selective use of the auto-fill option (or your voting ability); (2) advantageous use of swaps; (3) reading (and complying with) the challenge guidelines; and (4) submitting great photos.

What happens when you become a guru on GuruShots?

While a challenge is running, the Guru Pro who created it will have a look at the best pictures and pick a few of them. If your picture gets selected, you earn 50 votes just for this and you increase your achievements as it takes five Guru picks to become a Guru. As you can imagine, this is not an easy thing to do.

When should I boost GuruShots?

If you want to use one of your “Boost”, wait when the photos don’t get any more votes for a while. And use your “Boost” near the end of a challenge and apply it on the best performing photo. Remember, “Boosts” aren’t free and use them while your exposure level is at the maximum.

Are GuruShots free?

GuruShots photography competitions can be a fun way to gain experience and exposure while networking with photo-lovers from around the world. Best of all, many GuruShots contests are free to enter.

Where is GuruShots based?

The Tel Aviv, Israel-based startup GuruShots has raised $5 million in Series A funding for its crowd-based real-world photography game, which gamifies photography for enthusiasts around the world.

How long does a boost last in GuruShots?

The free Boost will only unlock for members who have joined a challenge before 25% of the challenge time has ended or a maximum of 24 hours after the challenge starts. In order to use your free boost, you press the Boost button on the Active Challenges page in the time window in which the boost unlocks and use it.

What is the point of GuruShots?

What Is Gurushots? In essence, Gurushots is a photography game meant to challenge and reward artists. You can play it on your smartphone or computer. The system is made up of votes and contests that are updated every day.

How do you get a guru pick?

The Guru’s pick means that the challenge Guru voted for your photo – this results in 50 votes added to that photo. It also means that your photo became eligible to be selected as a winner of the ‘Guru’s Top Pick’ award in that challenge.

What is exposure bonus in Gurushots?

What is the Exposure Bonus feature? This feature will help your photos get more Exposure and Votes in the challenges. When you vote in a challenge you increase the amount of exposure your ph…

Can I get paid for my pictures?

One of the easiest ways to get paid to take pictures is through stock photo sites. Companies or individuals who need a particular image search stock photo sites, and when they select a picture to use, they pay a small fee. Anyone can upload their photos to a stock photo site and get paid.

How do you move up in GuruShots?

Moving up in the Ranking is done by participating in challenges and earning votes. Receiving votes moves you up from one level to the next until you reach All-Star.

How do you get keys in GuruShots?

Just because you have to participate in order to get free keys (remember, every 7th challenge you get a free key), or fills, or swaps. That’s where the fills come in. People don’t want to spend hours in front of the screen voting for images. They use fills.

What is a fill in GuruShots?

The Fill allows you to skip voting by automatically filling your ‘Exposure Boost’ meter in all of the challenges you are participating in. It does not keep the ‘Exposure Boost’ up for the entire challenge. Note – The Fill does not automatically vote for random photos, it simply fills up your exposure meter.

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