How do you get the wild 500 in Nitro type?

The Wild 500 is a car that can be obtained by completing The Wild Legend achievement, which requires racing 500,000 times.

Is there a nitro Type 3?

Introducing Nitro Type Version 3! Nitro Type is the most popular typing game on the web and in schools, and v3 is a complete redesign of the Nitro Type platform. The team had one goal in mind… optimize and improve your experience.

Is there a nitro Type 2?

After countless months of endless days of writing unfathomable amounts of code, we have officially launched Nitro Type 2.0! So lets dig into some of our new toys!

How do you get the Rocky Roo in Nitro type?

The Rocky Roo is a car that could be purchased from the Dealership during the 2018 PAC Event, which would complete the PAC Basic achievement.

How do I get Lacan Hypersport?

The Fonicci Lacan Hypersport is a car that can be obtained by completing the Lackin’ Nothin’ achievement, which requires racing 50,000 times.

How do you get the Corsa Mystica in Nitro type?

The Corsa Mystica is a car that could be obtained by reaching Rank 17 during Season 33, which required completing 320 races.

Can you get more than 1 Nitro in Nitro type?

Only one nitro per race can be used. Nitros are commonly used on words that are long or difficult to type, and when strategically used, it is possible for players to win many more races than otherwise possible.

How do you get the Corsa vengeance in Nitro type?

The Corsa Vengeance is a car that can be obtained by completing the Test achievement, which is exclusive to Nitro Type admins. It was also made available for purchase from the Shop.

How do you get a verified YouTuber on Nitro type?

Verified YouTuber is a hidden achievement that can be completed by reaching 1,000 subscribers on a YouTube channel dedicated to Nitro Type.

Can you get banned on Nitro type?

A ban from Nitro Type entails an indefinitely-lasting inability to access one’s own account due to admin intervention. Similar to most games, admins give bans after they believe that a user has broken Nitro Type’s rules.

Can hav’nt g0ld PLX?

can hav nt g0ld plx? is a car that can be obtained by completing the Xmaz spiritz!!! 11one! achievement, which must be manually rewarded by an admin.

How do you get the wampus Little Helper title in Nitro type?

3 Titles. And if all you’ve ever wanted from life is to be Wampus’ Little Helper, you can nab that title right away by hitting level 2 this season. “Sleigh All Day” and “Up to Snow Good” round out our festive pun-derful title additions, one each for free and Nitro Gold members.

Who has the highest level in Nitro type?

She’s done it again! Our one and only beloved moderator, iloveshoes2, has yet again broken a new record on Nitro Type. This time, she’s the first to rack up 200,000 races! To honor this feat, we’ve brought out the brand new Mercedex GT 20.0.

How much does the Lacan HyperSport sell for in Nitro type?

The Lacan Hypersport!!! Nice job Lacan! And with a $17,000,000 price tag, he’ll be making a nice chunk of change if he decides to sell itas if he needs to!

How much horsepower does a Lykan HyperSport have?

The Lykan HyperSport stunt car is drivable, but its 770-hp powertain has been replaced by a smaller Porsche flat-six with a manual transmission.

How do you get the Corsa Error 503 in Nitro type?

Before its corresponding Achievement was replaced by the Nitro Pass, this car could be obtained by completing the Rank 12 Achievement. “Corsa” means “race” in Italian. An animated variant of this car, the Corsa Error 503, was made available for purchase from the Shop.

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