How do you send money on OpenTTD?

To transfer money to other companies, you need to pen the company list menu and click “Client list” to see which clients are connected and what company they are playing for. If you click on a particular client, you have will have a list of various options.

Why do planes crash in Openttd?

Accidents. A crashed airplane, with some buildings removed for clarity. This happens when there is no airport on which the planes can land.

How do you sell cars on Openttd?

One way to sell the road vehicle is to drag it to the sell-vehicle-icon: Drag a road vehicle to the first of the three buttons at the right to sell it. Another way to sell a road vehicle is to click on the Sell all vehicles button: . Please note that this will sell all vehicles stopped inside the depot.

How do passengers work in OpenTTD?

OpenTTD | Passengers. Passengers are generated mainly by Towns and cities, but, also company Headquarters and Oil Rigs. Passengers simply hop on any suitable vehicle and drop off wherever the vehicle is ordered to unload.

How do you hide trees in Openttd?

Objects can be set to be invisible by clicking on the appropriate second row button in the Transparency Options toolbar, or by the hotkeys ⇧ Shift+Ctrl + ( 1 to 9 ).

How do you buy a train in TTD?

Trains can be purchased from train Depotss (the trains will then start from the depot you built them in). First click on the depot (see Building depots for details on building them). The depot screen will open – this window shows all trains that are stationed in this depot. Click on New Vehicle.

How do you auto replace in Openttd?

To get to the replace vehicles screen, first open the vehicle listing of the type of vehicle you want to replace (trains are shown in the screenshot below). Then from the Manage list menu, click Replace vehicles. The replace (vehicle type) window appears, which looks like the one for trains below.

What is variety distribution in Openttd?

Variety distribution is a map generation setting which changes the distribution of low and high areas across the map to create patches of hills, open fields and lakes. Setting its value to none disables the option. Variety distribution is best used with terrain type set to mountainous or hilly.

What does transfer mean in OpenTTD?

Use “transfer” if you want the passengers or cargo to stay at the station and wait for the next vehicle; use “unload” at the final destination. You can see if a station accepts a particular cargo in the window that pops up when you click on it.

What is Cargodist OpenTTD?

Passengers and Cargo distribution, commonly known as “Cargodist”, is a feature that enables passengers, mail and all other types of cargo to specify a destination. The cargo will only board vehicles that are bound for their specific destination. Cargodist was originally a patch.

What do waypoints do in Openttd?

Waypoints force the trains to go through a certain track, giving the player more control over their vehicles.

How do I connect stations to Openttd?

From 0.7. 0 onward you can also build Distant-join stations by Ctrl-leftclicking when placing a new station. A popup window will ask which station you want to join to, or build a new station. Stations which are too far away from the place you clicked won’t be listed.

How do I get the electric train in Openttd?

Place the cursor in the left corner and while holding down the mouse button, drag the cursor to the right corner so the entire map is highlighted with the grid. Release the mouse button and voila, your entire steel rail system has been upgraded to electric.

What are subsidies OpenTTD?

OpenTTD | Subsidy. A Transport Subsidy or Subsidy is an incentive for you to transport a designated type of Cargo from one specific location to another. The Local authority will usually notify all players about the subsidy through the Newspaper.

How do I close my OpenTTD company?

OpenTTD | Reset Company. To reset a company in a multiplayer game through the console you need to use the “reset_company” command. When you type reset_company at the console the company using will be deleted with all its stations and vehicles.

How do I delete a signal in Openttd?

Removing signals button on the Railway Construction toolbar, while having the Signal Selection toolbar open. The white square will change to a red square. Then you may click on individual signals to remove them or click and drag along a section of track to remove a line of signals.

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