How do you use the RHB TradeSmart app?

The RHB TradeSmart Mobile app can be easily downloaded. Using your Android or iOS device (smartphone or tablet), go to Google Play store or iTunes and download the app. Once downloaded, RHB TradeSmart customers can use the same login ID and password to access the new mobile app and trade as normal.

How do I sell on RHB TradeSmart?

Click on ‘BUY’or’SELL’. Your order will be placed upon meeting your set criteria. Conditional order is allowed for normal market for all exchanges except ASE.

How do I withdraw money from TradeSmart?

Note: You may use the balance in your Trust Account to settle any outstanding purchases or you may withdraw the balance by submitting a Trust Withdrawal Form to your dealer or remisier.


What is RHB Smart account?

RHB Smart Account is a current account that rewards accountholders with attractive bonus rates based on the banking transactions you perform. To begin, you only need to deposit a minimum of RM1,000 into this checking account to enjoy up to 3% p.a. return on your savings!

How can I change my transfer limit in RHB ATM?

The fund transfer daily limit is a combined limit with RHB Now Internet Banking. However you may change the limit via RHB Now Internet Banking at Profile>Change Daily Transaction Limit>Other RHB Account Transfer/Other Bank Account Transfer.

How do I withdraw money from my Maybank Investment Account?

A: Withdrawal from the Maybank2u Cash Trade Account via Maybank2u website, Maybank branches & Automated Teller Machine (“ATM”) is not allowed. However, you may request for withdrawal via M2U Online Share Trading website on subject to approval by Maybank Investment Bank Berhad.

How do I pay my RHB Investment Account?

You can make a direct payment into RHB Investment Bank Berhad’s account as below. All payments must be made payable to RHB Investment Bank Berhad. Kindly indicate your client code, contact number, contract number and the Bank Code on your deposit slip and fax it to your Dealer / Remisier.

Can I open RHB trading account online?

As RHB’s client, you are offered the convenience of a complimentary online trading account to trade through 3 channels from website, desktop app or mobile app. At the same time, clients can also choose to open a Shariah trading account with us as we offer Islamic broking services.

What is CDS account?

CDS Account means the account established by Bursa Depository for a depositor for the recording of deposit and withdrawal of securities and for dealings in such securities by that depositor of securities.

How do I transfer money from RHB app?

Log in to the RHB Now Mobile Banking App and choose the recipient you wish to send the money to. Thereafter, choose the account you wish to send the money from. Key in the amount to be transferred and tap on the “Preview” tab. Enter the One Time Password generated to confirm your transaction.

How do I activate my RHB Mobile Banking?

Launch the RHB Now Mobile Banking App and tap on Secure Plus feature on the main menu. Tap on ‘Secure Plus Activation’ to proceed with scanning. No login is required. Authorize the App to access your camera if required.

What is the minimum balance in RHB account?

All you need is an initial deposit of RM20 to open this savings account, and at least RM10 balance to maintain your account.

How do I contact RHB customer service?

For further assistance, customers may also contact our Customer Service Hotline at +603 – 9206 8118 or email: [email protected]

What is RHB account?

RHB Smart Account & RHB Smart Account-i are accounts that reward a customer based on. the banking transactions that the customer performs (“Account”). RHB Smart Account is a conventional current account, whereas, RHB Smart Account-i is an Islamic current account under the Commodity Murabahah (cost plus profit) concept.

What is RHB ATM withdrawal limit?

RHB DEBIT CARD / RHB VISA JUSTICE LEAGUE DEBIT CARD The default daily accumulated cash withdrawal limit is RM3,000.00 for Cardmembers aged eighteen (18) years and above, and RM200.

How do I change my ATM withdrawal limit?

Sign in to the Mobile Banking app and select Menu then Manage Debit/Credit Card. Ensure your debit card is unlocked to Set Limits. Sign in to Online Banking and go to the Information & Services tab for your account, then select Set daily purchase and ATM withdrawal limits in Manage card settings.


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