How IAS hide their black money?

They purchase land, flats, orchards, agricultural farms etc in benami deals who are confident close relatives, friends, parties with whom he has dealt with during services. He gives money to market brokers, stock exchanges, multi commodity exchanges, to builders, etc.

How much a corrupt IAS earn?

How much does a corrupt IAS officer earn per month? – Quora. Records show 400 Crores in a period of two years. This cannot be divided into months because there is no EMI for corrupt money. It depends on the extent of corruption and the typology of corrupt practice in which he or she engages in.

How can IAS become rich legally?

IAS officials and other civil servants may lawfully make crores of rupees by saving their salaries and investing them legally in equities, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate. The remuneration is likewise consistent with the officers’ social position. …


How is black money converted to white?

People also give the black money to a person (say a family member or a friend) and take a cheque from them. They show that as a loan receipt and thus they can temporarily convert their black money into white.

Do IAS earn in crores?

As far as I know, their basic pay even after 10+ years is not more than 80-90k but they’re buying lands worth 10-20 crores every year and cars worth 80l-1cr. …

Is IAS officer Rich?

IAS officers have been found amassing disproportionate assets and wealth varying from ₹200 crore (US$27 million), to ₹800 crore (US$110 million).

Can an IAS Be A Millionaire?

BL Agarwal, a Chhattisgarh IAS officer, was found to have a staggering 220 banks accounts and assets worth millions.

Can IAS wife do business?

Serving IAS officers can resign from their post to run their own business. Serving IAS officers can use their private legal money to make legal investments and buy stocks. IAS officers can have their family and friends start a business in their stead while they act as advisers and share their ideas.

How much does IAS pay under the table?


What is the tax on black money in India?

Tax rate in the black money scheme Black money holders who disclosed their money were subject to tax of 30% (a tax norm for those earning an income more than Rs. 10 lakh as per the Income Tax Act), a surcharge of 7.5% and a penalty for avoiding tax of another 7.5%.

Is there real black money?

The black money scam, sometimes also known as the “black dollar scam” or “wash wash scam”, is a scam where con artists attempt to fraudulently obtain money from a victim by convincing them that piles of banknote-sized paper are real currency that has been stained in a heist.

Can I buy land with cash in India?

No you can not do complete transaction in Cash payment. As per Law maximum upto 2 Lakh Rupees cash is allowed in Purchase of properties. So advisable is buy properties , keep payment mode cheque/ DD or RTGS only avoid cash. Indian Legal system is also not in support of cash payments.

What is the salary of Deepak Rawat?

Apart from the powers, an IAS officer enjoys a decent salary package that increases as per his promotion. Deepak Rawat’s salary package as an IAS officer is somewhat between INR 1,44,000-1,82,200 per month.

Can an IAS officer marry a foreigner?

Clause 8(1) of the Indian Foreign Service (conduct and discipline) Rules, 1986 says no member of the service shall marry any person other than an Indian citizen “without the prior permission in writing of the government”.

Do IAS officers live luxurious life?

The purpose of IAS exam preparation for an IAS officer is not to live a luxury life; they are dedicated for the welfare of society through different way. Of course they have a great reverence in the society and among people and highly respected in their field.

Is IAS officer life luxurious?

The personal life of an IAS officer may look luxurious but the professional life is way tougher than our normal life.

Who earns more IAS or IPS?

It varies depending on seniority. Similarly, as per the Seventh Pay Commission the salary of IAS can range from Rs 56,100 per month to Rs 2,50,000 per month while the same varies depending on seniority. IAS salary is a little bit more than IPS.

Is IAS officer get pension?

Lifetime Pension: IAS officers enjoy lifetime pension and other retirement benefits. Post-retirement: Officers can also be appointed to commissions or tribunals. Their services can also be availed off in other departments of the government.

Do IAS officers get holidays?

Holidays of an IAS Officer Study leave: One can take a leave for studying for two to three years. Maternity leave: A mother IAS officer can take a leave for 180 days to take care of their newborn. 4. Adoption leave: A woman can take a leave of 180 days whereas a man for 15 days.

How many hours does an IAS officer work in a day?

Generally, their working day starts from 9 a.m and ends at 5 p.m. Although, in reality, it can extend up to 9 p.m due to numerous IAS responsibilities. Their average working per week is around 70-75 hours.

Can IAS use car for personal use?

IPS / IAS Officer Car cannot use it for personal use. Furthermore, if they wish to use the cars for personal use they have to take permission and also pay fee charges for the same. The light beacon on the top of the cars of the IAS / IPS Officer is banned.


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