How long does a automatic pool cover last?

Most automatic safety pool covers on average last 4 to 6 years if you maintain them properly. We recommend that you buy a pool cover that comes with a pro-rated warranty. That way, you can always ask for a replacement if you notice issues within a few weeks of purchase.

Do automatic pool covers prevent drowning?

Apart from the convenience, automatic pool covers provide pretty much the same range of benefits as the other manual pool covers. They keep dirt and debris out of the pool, prevent evaporation, save you money on your energy bills and prevent drowning. In effect, it makes the automatic pool cover look like a water bed.

Can you walk on a retractable pool cover?

Automatic retractable swimming pool covers are one of the most convenient types of pool covers available. These are pool covers you can walk on, if necessary, to remove leaves and debris or to retrieve a child, pet or toy, but are not designed to be jumped or played on.

Should I cover my pool every night?

Covering a heated swimming pool at night will reduce heat loss. For a swimming pool that relies on the sun for heat, covering it at night can still make it warm enough to swim in the next day, instead of losing all the heat overnight when the temperatures drop.

Are retractable pool covers safe?

Automatic pool covers are safe, reliable, and easy to use. Automatic pool covers offer incredible peace of mind for homeowners who want to prevent accidents or keep loved ones and pets out of harm’s way.

Should a pool cover touch the water?

The cover is designed to touch the surface of the water. So your pool should always be filled when covered, and the water level should never go below 18 inches from the top of the pool. Check the water level of the pool and fill it up if it goes below 18 inches.

Is a mesh or solid pool cover better?

The biggest advantage that a solid cover has is that nothing can get through the cover into the pool, including water. While mesh covers are designed to filter out large debris, small particles can get into the water, such as fallen leaves that have begun to decompose.

What color is best for pool cover?

Pool Cover Colors Today, green and blue covers are the most inviting, popular choices for homeowners, but you can also find shades of black and gray as well as Earth tones to complement virtually any backyard or color scheme.

What is the difference between a pool cover and a solar pool cover?

Using a cover can help keep your pool clean, keep out unwanted visitors (frogs, mice, etc.) These covers also help you save money by preventing pool water evaporation. Solar covers float on top of the water’s surface and can also aid in keeping light debris out of your pool.

Can you pressure wash pool cover?

Solid Pool Cover If there is a great deal of dirt and debris on the cover, a power washer will work really well to remove it. If the power washer is not enough, you can squirt a mild cleanser, such as dish detergent, on the cover before power washing it.

Can a dog fall through a pool cover?

A solid cover. But it also keeps leaves and debris from getting into the pool, which can help avoid a nasty algae problem. For pet owners – these covers can hold up to 4,000 pounds of weight. A dog can run across this cover like it is a solid surface, and the most that can happen is that he will slip and slide.

How much weight can an automatic pool cover hold?

Automatic pool covers are rated to hold around 2,000 pounds, which is a lot of weight. However, snow, ice, and water can be very heavy, too, especially if it becomes concentrated in one area. Snow alone can weigh between 12 and 20 pounds per cubic foot, and ice and water can both weigh around 60 pounds per cubic foot.

What is a solid pool cover?

Solid winter covers are nearly airtight and will prevent dirt, water, debris, and sunlight from entering the pool. Blocking the sunlight aids in preventing algae and other organisms from growing in the pool during fall and winter months.

Should you leave a pool cover on during the day?

In dry and/or windy conditions, the evaporation rate of the pool increases. Therefore, it is generally beneficial to have a transparent or bubble cover on during daylight hours. In warm, humid conditions the evaporation rate decreases. In this case, it may be more beneficial to leave the cover off during the daytime.

Is it OK to run my pool pump 24 hours a day?

The size of your pool, the efficiency of your pump and filter, and how dirty your pool is are just some of the factors you need to consider. Nevertheless, most pool cleaning professionals would advise against running a pool pump for more than 8 hours a day.

Does leaving a pool cover on cause algae?

So while a solar cover won’t actually ‘turn your pool green’, it will warm your water by up to 8 degrees, so if the other conditions are right, adding a solar cover can easily accelerate algae growth, very rapidly. This will remove the phosphate build up, (the algae food), and thus, the algae starves.

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