How many times can you ask for more money Persona 5?

Usually, you can get them to give you money two or three times per Hold Up. Depending on the enemy, that could be an extra 6,000 to 10,000 Yen just from the Hold Up. Your chances of success are higher if it’s a Persona you’ve already acquired before.

What does luck do in p5?

In Persona 5, Luck plays a part in determining the payout the party will get when a Shadow is asked to give some during negotiation.

How do you get Onmoraki?

Onmoraki can be contracted with at night time on Suginami field and in both bronze and silver instances of Suginami Tunnels. Stronger variants can be fought against in the higher levels of Shibuya’s Quartz instance.


Can you win the lottery in Persona 5?

There is no surefire way to win the Mammoth or Summer Mammoth Lotteries in Persona 5 Royal. The good news is that Persona 5 Royal have some kind of built-in beginner’s luck algorithm where it is highly likely that you will something from your first Mammoth Lottery or Summer Mammoth Lottery drawing.

How do I start the Twins confidant?

Unlocking the Twin Wardens (Both Versions) The Strength Confidant unlocks on 5/18 when the Jailer Twins make their first fusion request to the Protagonist. After you max out the confidant, you can fuse for the ultimate persona, Zaou-Gongen.

Do sees armband stack?

Effect. The SEES Armband, when equipped, boosts the money reward by 15%. The effect does not stack if the item is used more than once.

Does auto recover use SP?

If you hit the square button, you’ll be able to use an Auto-Recovery function that makes use of whatever healing spells you have and restores the health of all your party members. This is great if you need to heal everyone quickly. However, SP will still be consumed by doing this.

What is heavenly Punisher weak to?

Heavenly Punisher is just another name for the Archangel persona, so it’s weak to electric and curse skills. Ryuji is your best bet for electric skills, and Joker is the only party member with curse skills.

What is luck in Smtv?

Luck improves chance-based results to being in your favor. This includes Critical hit rate, Ailment success rate, and Instakill success rate (for Light and Dark skills.)

What is Regent weak to P5R?

The Regent is level 10, and weak to Psychic and Nuclear, but immune to Bless and Curse. Just continue hitting it with these attacks until you can get it knocked down and in a hold up. Treasure Demons like the Regent will appear randomly, and can often leave after one turn.

What is Jack Frost weak to?

2) Jack Frost’s base stats and weakness in Shin Megami Tensei 5. Keeping in line with his representation in the other MegaTen games, Jack Frost is weak to Fire and Charm spells in Shin Megami Tensei 5 as well, with absorption to Ice.

How do you pass the time at the fishing pond p5r?

You’ll need to read the book Fishpond Spotter or be invited by Ryuji on 7/6 to discover the location. After this, you can access it at any time from the map to spend time there. When fishing, you’ll need to throw out your line using the interact button. After tossing out the line, wait for a fish to bite.

Will p5r come to PC?

As you will know, the game isn’t available on PC and Nintendo Switch. Persona 5 Royal is an expanded and enhanced version of one of the highest-rated games of all time, Persona 5. Over on Metacritic the 2020 release boasts a very impressive 95.

What does Chihaya affinity reading do?

You can request for an affinity reading to have Chihaya reduce the amount of time you need to spend with the chosen confidant. Bring a persona that shares the arcana of the confidant you wish to avail of the affinity reading to maximize gains. The effect appears after unlocking rank 6 of the Fortune confidant.

Who is the strength confidant Persona 5?

Around the middle of May in Persona 5, Caroline and Justine — the twin-wardens — will send you on a quest. The twins want you to fuse a specific Persona with a specific ability. If you complete their task, you will be granted the Strength Persona, as well as another request.

How do you fuse Seth?

To fuse Seth in Persona 5 Strikers you need to combine Mithras & Koppa Tengu in the Velvet Room. One-shot Kill: Cost 30% HP but inflicts heavy damage to close-range enemies. It has a high chance of landing a critical hit.

How do you get the Phoenix in Persona 5 Royal?

First, fuse Jack O’Lantern (Magician) with Hua Po (Hanged Man). The result is Yaksini. Now fuse Yaksini (Empress) with Kelpie (Strength) – the result will be a shiny new Phoenix with Counter inherited from Yaksini.

How do you get team glasses in Persona 5?

To get the Team Glasses XP bonus in Persona 5 Royal, players need to head over to the PlayStation Store and grab the free DLC. Once the DLC has been downloaded, the content can be claimed in-game starting on April 12.

What is AutoRecover?

Microsoft Word allows you to make an automatic backup of your working document. If the program crashes or your computer accidentally loses power, the AutoRecover feature will attempt to load the most up-to-date version of your document.

Where can I get SP in Persona 5?

Treasure: SP recovery items can be found as treasure and drops in palaces and Mementos. Vending Machines: A small number of vending machines sell SP recovery items, namely the vending machines near the Bathhouse, Arcade, and outside Shujin Academy.

How do I recover SP in Persona 5?

Things like Soul Drops and Snuff Souls will restore your SP in Persona 5, and you might find a few in chests scattered across the game. Alternatively, you can also buy them from vending machines out in the real world.


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