How many videos did Guava Juice make?

Guava Juice’s YouTube Channel has 16,800,000 subscribers with 1,709 videos uploaded so far, the overall channel views are 8.6B.

Is Guava Juice still famous?

Ten years later, at just 26 years old, Fabito’s channel Guava Juice has built a massive following of more than 10 million subscribers and attracted 4 billion views.

Is ROI from Guava Juice Filipino?

Roi Fabito (born: August 21, 1991 (1991-08-21) [age 30]), better known online as Guava Juice (formerly aynakoitsroi and Roi Wassabi), is a Filipino-American YouTuber known for his challenge vlog videos, challenges, DIYs and experiments, as well as being a member of the channel Wassabi Productions before his departure …

What is Alex Wassabi’s real name?

Alexander “Alex” Burriss (born: March 28, 1990 (1990-03-28) [age 31]), better known online as Wassabi or Alex Wassabi (formerly Wassabi Productions), is an American YouTuber known for his vlogs and challenge videos.

What happened to ROI Fabito?

Roi, citing fatigue, has decided to leave Wassabi Productions, with Alex staying on to run the channel. “After ten years of making videos together, Roi came to me and said he was unhappy at Wassabi Productions and wanted to leave for reasons we’re not gonna disclose,” he said.

What race is ROI?

Roi Fabito is a renowned Filipino-American YouTuber and Social Media Influencer who was born in Pangasinan, Philippines and raised in the United states. He gained wide recognition in 2012 after he uploaded his a comical video captioned “Call Me Maybe”.

Is Alex half Filipino?

Alex Wassabi on Twitter: “I’m half white, half Filipino, & half flower” / Twitter.

Did wassabi quit?

YouTube star Alex Wassabi (real name: Alex Burris), announced that he will take a break from creating videos after 15 years on the platform. Burris, 30, explained to his millions of followers on his channel Wassabi why he wanted to go on a hiatus, in a vlog titled “Thanks for the last 15 years… Goodbye” on Friday, Jan.

Is guava juice nice?

Guava Juice is a quick source of nutrition to refresh you in this sweltering summer heat . Guava Juice keeps you hydrated and is a delicious source of Vitamin C. Guava has four times more vitamin C than oranges. Guava is great for your digestive system and acts as a natural laxative since it is a rich source of fibres.

Is guava juice in escape the night?

Joey Graceffa’s Escape the Night season 3: Guava Juice, Manny Mua, and Rosanna Pansino join cast |

Is ROI from guava juice dead?

Unfortunately, he would never find out the conclusion before his death. He is then cured by Matthew Patrick. Nikita wins the challenge and Roi is bitten and poisoned yet again by the Snake Woman, and this time dies due to the poison.

How much PewDiePie makes a year?

The Money Nation estimates give PewDiePie an average salary of $12 million per year, which equates to an hourly rate for a 40-hour week of $3.400 per hour.

How much money do you get for 5000 views on YouTube?

Some of Sellfy’s numbers: A creator with 5,000 views per month can earn between $1 and $20 from AdSense.

How much is 30 million YouTube views worth?

Normally, I would expect a video with 3,000,000 views to make between $6,000-$15,000. I’ve even had one video with 2,000,000 views make about $40,000. On average, my videos that have over 1,000,000 views have usually earned between $2,000-$5,000.

What’s Azzylands net worth?

Azzyland net worth: Azzyland is a Canadian social media personality who has a net worth of $4 million. She is best known for her popularity on YouTube. Azzyland was born Azra Bajrami in Toronto, Canada in February 1991. She was named one of YouTube’s top 10 most viewed with just short of two billion views in 2019.

How much does Mr Beast Gaming make?

Earnings as a YouTuber It can get an average of $55,000 per day ($20 million a year) from the ads that run on the videos. In 2020, during the beginning of the pandemic, MrBeast started a gaming channel that grew to over 12 million subscribers and has accumulated over 1.6 billion views.

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