How much did Heath Ledger make for The Dark Knight?

He earned $3 million for 2001’s “A Knight’s Tale”. The following year he earned $2 million for “The Four Feathers”. For 2003’s “Ned Kelly” he accepted just $50,000. For 2008’s “The Dark Knight”, Heath’s total earnings eventually topped $20 million.

Was the Dark Knight a flop?

1 Hit: The Dark Knight Rises That didn’t stop the film from still being extremely profitable, as it grossed over $1.08 billion throughout its initial run.

How much did Nolan get paid for Inception?

DiCaprio earned at least $50 million for Christopher Nolan’s 2010 film “Inception” just from box-office earnings, but his deal also included home video and television sales. According to Forbes, he took a pay cut because the movie was so “risky,” but he and Nolan agreed to split first dollar gross points.

Who got Heath Ledger’s money?

In 2008 Heath Ledger died of an accidental drug overdose aged 28. Heath’s last Will executed in 2003 left half of the estate to his sisters, Kate and Olivia Ledger and Ashleigh Bell. The remainder was to go to his parents, Kim Ledger and Sally Bell, after debts had been paid.

Who has played Batman the most?

The Caped Crusader has been portrayed by more actors than any other superhero in movie history – eight to be exact. Most have lasted for just one film. But after The Dark Knight Rises, Christian Bale has become the first man to have played Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego more than twice on the silver screen.

Who is the best Batman of all time?

GameSpot asked nearly 300,000 fans to name the best Batman of all time and Christian Bale won by a landslide. Warner Bros.

Why was Katie Holmes not in the second Batman?

Katie Holmes didn’t come back for The Dark Knight because of her packed schedule. According to Business Insider, Nolan definitely wanted Holmes to return, and was ultimately quite upset when that didn’t pan out. The Dark Knight is available for rental and purchase on streaming now.

Why did they replace Katie Holmes Batman?

The real reason why Katie Holmes was replaced by Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Dark Knight. Nolan told Business Insider in 2016, “Katie wasn’t available for the role, which I wasn’t very happy about, but these things happen, and I was very, very fortunate that Maggie was able to take it over.”

How much did Paul Walker make?

Paul Walker Salary He reportedly earned $15 million for “Fast Five”, “Fast & Furious 6”, and “Furious 7” (posthumously) bringing his total salary from the franchise to $54 million.

How much did Jake Gyllenhaal make off Brokeback Mountain?

Gyllenhaal only made $500,000 for his role in Brokeback Mountain. Jake Gyllenhaal has a net worth of $80 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Is Brokeback Mountain a true story?

Synopsis. In 1963, two young men, Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist, are hired for the summer to look after sheep at a seasonal grazing range on the fictional Brokeback Mountain in Wyoming. Unexpectedly, they form an intense emotional and sexual attachment, but have to part ways at the end of the summer.

Who played the best Joker?

1. Heath Ledger. To many, Heath Ledger will always be the ultimate Joker. As the main villain of the second, and ultimately most critically acclaimed, part of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, Ledger’s Joker was nothing like those who came before him.

Who was the last Batman?

Michael Keaton is part of a coveted hall of fame: actors who have had the chance to play Batman on screen. The DC superhero has been portrayed by only a select few over the decades, like Christian Bale, Adam West, and Val Kilmer.

Who was original Batman?

Lewis Wilson (‘Batman,’ 1943) Lewis Wilson was the first actor to star as Batman in the 1943, 15-chapter serial Batman.

Why is Batman’s voice so deep?

Keaton explained in an interview he thought it was necessary for batman to disguise his voice, saying “people know his voice. So I came up with dropping his voice down, as Batman it comes from a lower thing that he drops down into, a place he has to reach to become a quasi-vigilante.”

How old is Batman?

His first-ever appearance in the DC Comics came in an issue of Detective Comics published on March 30, 1939, which is now officially recognized as his birthday. In real-world terms, this means that the Caped Crusader just turned 81 years old. Happy birthday, Batman!

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