How much do CVS pharmacy Techs Make?

The typical CVS Health Pharmacy Technician salary is $16 per hour. Pharmacy Technician salaries at CVS Health can range from $10 – $38 per hour.

How much does a Walmart pharmacy tech make?

The typical Walmart Pharmacy Technician salary is $16 per hour. Pharmacy Technician salaries at Walmart can range from $6 – $19 per hour.

What does a pharmacy tech do?

Pharmacy technicians fill prescriptions and check inventory. Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists dispense prescription medication to customers or health professionals. They mainly work in retail pharmacies and hospitals.


Is it better to work at CVS or Walgreens as a pharmacy technician?

CVS Health is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits and Walgreens is most highly rated for Culture.

How much does a pharmacy technician make at Walgreens?

Average Walgreens Certified Pharmacy Technician hourly pay in the United States is approximately $14.18, which is 15% below the national average.

What does Costco pay pharmacy technicians?

Average Costco Wholesale Certified Pharmacy Technician hourly pay in the United States is approximately $18.61, which is 12% above the national average.

Was the PTCB exam hard?

Some people find the PTCB exam hard, while others find it easy. Your results will depend on how knowledgeable you are, how much time you spend studying, whether you’re a good test taker, and which randomized questions you are given.

Does Walmart train you to be a pharmacy tech?

They train you completely. Walmart trains the associate to work in the Pharmacy. They do have a program that trains you as you work!

Does being a pharmacy technician look good for medical school?

Having experience as a pharmacy technician can be good when it comes to med school applications. It’ll show you have experience in a different healthcare field, real transferrable knowledge and the maturity of having gained professional experience.

How long does it take to become a pharmacy technician at Walmart?

What is this? If no licensing is required, however, you can expect to be trained within 10 weeks for the pharmacy technician job, depending on if you have previous experience.

How do I get my pharmacy tech license?

Complete an employer-based on-the-job training program within 180 days of beginning employment in a pharmacy, or; Complete a board-approved pharmacy technician training program conducted by an accredited institution or college, or; Become nationally certified through the PTCB or another approved certifying agency.

Do pharmacy techs count pills?

Pharmacy technicians do much of the work that pharmacists once were responsible for. They process prescriptions, count out pills and label bottles. That frees pharmacists to counsel patients and oversee operations.

What does a pharmacy tech wear?

In most cases, pharmacy techs wear scrubs or professional attire. Vests are sometimes worn if a tech is in sight of the public. Pharmacy techs that work the counter or assist the pharmacist may be asked to wear a white lab coat while they are working in that position.

What skills are needed to be a pharmacy technician?

These 6 skills include mathematical proficiency, good communication, organizational skills, computer skills, critical thinking and problem solving. With these skills, the pharmacy technician will be able to help patients and support the Pharmacist in the process.

What is the difference between pharmacy technician and pharmacy assistant?

A pharmacy technician is similar to a pharmacy assistant. They can do all the support tasks an assistant does, but have a few added responsibilities and powers. So, basically, a pharmacy technician has a greater scope of practice than a pharmacy assistant.

Why do I want to be a pharmacy technician?

You Get to Help People One of the most rewarding aspects of being a Pharmacy Technician is that you can see the impact your work has on helping improve others’ lives. You’ll assist the pharmacist by maintaining medication safety of the patients. You’ll also complete many tasks traditionally held by pharmacists.


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