How much do lifeguards make UK?

The average lifeguard salary in the United Kingdom is £17,686 per year or £9.07 per hour. Entry level positions start at £16,090 per year while most experienced workers make up to £20,310 per year.

How much do lifeguards make Canada?

The average lifeguard salary in Canada is $33,264 per year or $17.06 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $27,628 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $50,505 per year.

How much does Bondi lifeguards get paid?

Some beachside councils were reluctant to provide details about how much they pay lifeguards. But a Bondi Beach lifeguard earns up to $66,267, while a team leader is paid up to $78,633 a year.


How long is a lifeguard course?

The National Pool Lifeguard Qualification course is a minimum of 36 hours, followed by a practical assessment on swimming pool theory, water safety and how to spot potential hazards. The course will teach you the practical skills of lifeguarding, such as water rescue, casualty recovery, CPR and first aid.

What GCSE Do you need to be a lifeguard?

Entry requirements some GCSEs, usually including English and maths, or equivalent, for an intermediate apprenticeship.

Why are lifeguards paid so much?

It sounds like the biggest reason these Los Angeles lifeguards make so much cash is because of overtime. The report states that 31 lifeguards in Los Angeles made between $50,000 and $131,493 in overtime over the course of the year.

Do junior lifeguards get paid?

The national average salary for a Junior Lifeguard is $29,688 in United States. Filter by location to see Junior Lifeguard salaries in your area.

Has anyone died at Bondi Beach?

Medical doctor Yondon Dungu had migrated to Australia with his wife and three children, and had been in Australia for just one week when he drowned at Bondi Beach. This was the first drowning at Bondi for four years and the lifeguards are terribly depressed after the event.

Who left Bondi Rescue?

Jesse Polock, 29, who quit the show last year, was allegedly found with ketamine and cocaine during a drug bust in Maroubra in December, Woman’s Day reported on Monday. The father-of-one, who is a member of the Bra Boys surf gang, was charged with one count of supplying prohibited drugs and two counts of possession.

Is Jesse still a Bondi lifeguard?

Jesse quit his role as a lifeguard on Bondi Rescue in 2019. Cute: Jesse previously told WHO magazine that he decided to propose to Tullie during an ultrasound session.

Is the lifeguard test hard?

The test is not for the weak. You have to be very comfortable in the water, you have to be comfortable being underwater and you will learn many things about the body and rescues. You need to be in good shape to swim the laps and do all the things the instructors ask you to do.

Is being a lifeguard hard?

Being a good lifeguard is physically challenging. You will want to be in good shape. Lifeguards follow the 10/20 rule. Once a lifeguard notices a potential problem, they must respond in 10 seconds and be able to reach the person in 20 seconds, so it is absolutely necessary to be in shape and to be a strong swimmer.

What age can you do lifeguard training?

Lifeguard Course Prerequisites Every candidate attending a NPLQ course must be 16-years-old at the time of taking the NPLQ final assessment and be able to: Jump/dive into deep water. Swim 50 metres in less than 60 seconds. Swim 100 metres continuously on front and back in deep water.

Can you work as a lifeguard at 16?

In order to perform lifeguard duties candidates must be physically fit, have good vision and hearing, be mentally alert and self-disciplined (Applicants must be 16 years old by the end of the course). The total cost for this course is £280; a full payment up front is required to secure your space.

How good of a lifeguard is a swimmer?

Deep water pool lifeguards usually have to be able to continuously swim 300 yards. As well as tread water and complete a timed swim. You have to not only be a good swimmer, but you have to be able to swim fast while carrying another person, who may be twice your size and fighting against you in panic.

Is being a lifeguard a good job?

If you’re looking for a job with an opportunity to learn, take ownership in your work, and assume more responsibility as you go, lifeguarding is an excellent fit. Remember: lifeguards protect the safety and well-being of anyone who comes to the pool. Few summer jobs can top that in responsibility.


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