How much does it cost to book Greta Van Fleet?

For acts like Greta Van Fleet, most venues are paid up front, and they get paid whether the concert is successful or not. The average cost to rent an arena is around $20,000/night while the average cost to rent an amphitheater is around $10,000/night.

What is Greta Van Fleet biggest hit?

# 1 – Highway Tune And down to the number one song comes “Highway Tune” featured in the award-winning album From the Fires. The song “Highway Tune” was the first jam the band ever written and recorded together.

How many albums has Greta Van Fleet sold?

GVF’s debut full-length studio album sold a whopping 87,000 units, 80,000 of which were album sales – making the record the best-selling album of the week in the US.


Is Greta Van Fleet copying Led Zeppelin?

Thus it appears that according to Rudy Sarzo, Greta Van Fleet’s music isn’t a copy of Led Zeppelin’s works, but people compare them with each other because Greta Van Fleet is on the same frequency as Led Zeppelin.

Who inspired Greta Van Fleet?

It’s kind of where we all came from. So, a lot of the guys that I learned guitar from stemmed from my first acoustic and were people like Lightnin’ Hopkins, Elmore James, Robert Johnson, Leadbelly, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Son House, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, and that list goes on.

What did Robert Plant say about Greta Van Fleet?

“And it’s lovely that Robert Plant would speak so kindly about what we do.” In fact, it’s not clear that he has. In an interview last year with Australia’s Network Ten, Plant described Greta Van Fleet as “Led Zeppelin 1”. When asked about Kiszka’s voice he slyly said, “he borrowed it from someone I know well.”

Is Greta Van Fleet famous?

Their overwhelming post-Grammy success skyrocketed the band to greatness. For the first time, Greta Van Fleet became a household name among rock icons and the public alike. Yet, as their stardom began to rise, Greta Van Fleet’s tour plans for 2019 and 2020 were postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who produced Greta Van Fleet album?

The new album is the first featuring the services of veteran producer Greg Kurstin, best known for his work with Adele, Paul McCartney and the Foo Fighters.

Where did Greta Van Fleet go?

A planned arena tour in 2020 was derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the band used the downtime to finish work on the new album while relocating to Nashville, where all four members now live. After 21 months off the road, Greta returned to concert stages in August for a quick run dubbed the Strange Horizons Tour.

Who is Greta Van Fleet Manager?

That’s what happened to Giants manager Gabe Kapler on Sunday, when Greta Van Fleet began playing over the loudspeaker during his pregame media session at the Oakland Coliseum. “Do you guys know Greta Van Fleet?” Kapler asked the assembled Bay Area media. “This is unbelievable.

Is Greta Van Fleet vegan?

It has been reported that the lead singer of Greta Van Fleet does not eat meats or dairy products making him a full fledged Vegan.

Does Greta Van Fleet sound like Rush?

Musically, the track reflects a burgeoning progressive rock overtone in Greta Van Fleet’s new material. It sounds a bit like Rush, with the combination of guitar theatrics and singer Josh Kiszka’s falsetto vocals.

Does Greta Van Fleet sound like Zeppelin?

It’s impossible to imagine a world without Led Zeppelin… unless apparently, you’re Greta Van Fleet. In recent years everyone from NME and Rolling Stone to Ultimate Guitar have noted the striking similarity between Led Zeppelin’s legendary sound and the music GVF began making decades later.

What Led Zeppelin song sounds like highway tune?

Greta Van Fleet: Highway Tune sounds like Led Zeppelin: The Rover | Sounds Just Like. Greta Van Fleet released “Highway Tune” in 2016. Forty-one years earlier, Led Zeppelin released “The Rover”.

What does Greta Van Fleet say about sounding like Led Zeppelin?

Greta Van Fleet say Led Zeppelin comparisons are an “honor” – but aren’t afraid to shake things up on future albums. Despite the comparisons, Kiszka says that the band, who see themselves “a product of our environment”, are “very elastic”, and that “each album we put out will be different from the previous one”.

Does Robert Plant like Greta Van Fleet?

According to the Detroit Free Press, Robert Plant doesn’t have an issue with Greta Van Fleet. He feels they embody the music of his band’s album Led Zeppelin I. Furthermore, he praised the vocal stylings of Greta Van Fleet’s singer, Josh Kiszka.

Does Robert Plant actually hate Greta Van Fleet?

In the interview, Josh Kiszka has reacted to Robert Plant’s claim that he hates Greta Van Fleet. Moreover, Robert Plant also likens Greta Van Fleet’s music to the Led Zeppelin album ‘Led Zeppelin I’ in an interview for Loudwire, and admits he appreciates Kiszka’s vocal style, calling him ‘beautiful little singer.

Is Greta Van Fleet touring in 2021?

Greta Van Fleet have announced a batch of 2022 tour dates. After booking a minimal run of shows for 2021, it looks like the band will stay busy in 2022 as they tour North America, South America and Europe.

How many units did the battle at Gardens gate sell?

Greta Van Fleet’s The Battle at Garden’s Gate has debuted in the top 10 on the Billboard 200. The group’s sophomore effort enters the all-genre album chart at number seven with a total of 44,000 equivalent album units, 39,000 of which were traditional album sales.

Do Greta Van Fleet concerts sell out?

Greta Van Fleet Delivers Blistering Hot Performance at Sold Out Chicago Concert – American Blues Scene.

Are Greta Van Fleet Brothers?

Greta Van Fleet is an American rock music group that is made up of three brothers: Jake Kiszka, Sam Kiszka, and Josh Kiszka. The band is rounded out by powerful percussion in the talents of drummer Danny Wagner.


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