How much does it cost to have a meeting with Theresa Caputo?

If you can’t catch her in a private session, Theresa is currently on a nationwide tour where she will share personal stories and show audiences how her psychic gifts work. Ticket prices range from $40 to $100 depending on the location and the tour will go on from November 2019 to February 2020.

How much does Theresa Caputo charge for a reading 2021?

The Experience, regularly hits cities around the country. Different cities have different ticket prices, but some cities offer tickets as low as $40, with the higher-end tickets topping out at about $120. This content is imported from Instagram.

Is Theresa Caputo still doing readings?

She is still doing private readings as well, according to her website. In addition, Theresa is releasing a new book called Good Mourning which will be a tell-all about her divorce to Larry and how to deal with “everyday losses.”


Did Larry Caputo remarry?

Larry didn’t let the fallout of his 28-year marriage stop him from moving on to someone new. Larry made the move to Santa Monica, Calif. in 2018 to work on producing a wine called Lorenzo Caputo.

When did Victoria Caputo get married?

The Long Island Medium star’s daughter Victoria Caputo tied the knot with her longtime love Michael Mastrandrea on Saturday, May 22. The wedding took place at Our Lady of Mercy church in Hicksville, N.Y. on Long Island, with the newlyweds releasing butterflies following the ceremony to celebrate their love.

What does Caputo mean?

Southern Italian: nickname from caputo ‘stubborn’, ‘obstinate’; also literally for someone with a large head.

How do I get ahold of Theresa Caputo?

When we last talked to Theresa (January 2012), she told us the best way to reach her is via her new website at This was an update to what TLC previously provided ([email protected]).

Why did Long Island Medium divorce?

When did they divorce? The two divorced in 2018 after 30 years of marriage. The former couple – who remained friends after their divorce – broke things off after Larry claimed that they were no longer spending time together. “Along with that comes the lack of communication so it’s like losing your best friend.

Is Victoria Caputo still married?

Michael Mastrandrea has been a part of Victoria’s life for quite some time. Although there is a renewed focus on their relationship thanks to the fact that they were finally officially married on May 22, 2021, Michael has been a large part of Victoria’s life for years now.

What does Victoria Caputo husband do?

Michael Mastrandrea is the husband of Victoria Caputo. He is reportedly from an Italian-American family who reside in Hicksville, New York. Mastrandrea works and owns an Italian restaurant, Pasta-Eria, according to StarsOffline.

Did Larry go to Victoria’s wedding?

They also noticed Larry didn’t seem to attend Victoria’s birthday celebration. Just because Larry didn’t attend Victoria’s fiance’s birthday party doesn’t mean he’s never at any family events. But fans also noticed that he’s absent from the photos Theresa posted of Victoria’s birthday.

Who is Arielle Caputo?

Arielle Caputo is a published author and philanthropist. Over the last decade she has worked on a diverse range of projects from charity galas to fundraisers to pop-ups with a focus on youth empowerment, homelessness, and health and well-being, in addition to co-hosting and producing the annual Global Youth Awards.

Is Caputo an Italian last name?

Caputo is a common Italian surname. It derives from the Latin root of caput, meaning “source” or “head.” People with that name include: Anthony “Acid” Caputo, American DJ, producer and remixer.

Will there be a season 15 of Long Island Medium?

‘Long Island Medium: There in Spirit’ returns for Season 15 on February 5, 2021 on the Discovery+ app.

Where does Larry Caputo Live?

Larry’s now living in California. In terms of Larry’s whereabouts, the reality TV star has since moved to Santa Monica, California. Career-wise, Larry revealed on his Instagram last year that he was working on creating a new Chianti wine called “Lorenzo Caputo.” In May, he shared a photo of the “final labeling.”

Does Victoria Caputo have a job?

Victoria does hair and makeup at a salon. “I will now be taking color clients at my salon,” she wrote on Instagram earlier in the year. According to her business’ Facebook page, Hair and Makeup by Victoria, she works at Salon Entourage in Oyster Bay as a professional makeup artist and colorist.


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