How much does it cost to start a semi truck wash?

A conservative estimate of how much it will cost you is $200,000 to $400,000. This is based on the size and location of the facility. It is good to invest on a quality facility to be able to provide quality service to your customers.

How much does it cost to wash a big truck?

Mobile semi truck detailing prices can range from $50-$100 for a basic exterior wash and from $150-$200 for a full interior detail.

How much does it cost to wash an 18 wheeler?

How much does it cost to wash a semi-truck? A typical automated truck wash costs $35 – $70, depending on the package you choose. Your company may provide free truck washes at regular intervals or discounts to large national chains (Schneider truck wash facilities are free for company drivers, $15 for owner-operators).


How much water does a truck wash use?

It takes about 22 gallons of water and cleansing chemicals to wash a tractor-trailer. Soiled water cannot be allowed to run off a site, so is contained and processed.

How much do you charge for fleet washing?

Per vehicle, fleet washing can be anywhere from $10-$200 per vehicle, and even more if intense detailing is required such as in a polishing and buffering of semi-trailers or farm equipment.

How much does it cost to paint a 18 wheeler?

In general, day cab semi truck paint jobs start at around $4,500. Full size semi truck paint jobs including a cab, hood, and sleeper, start at around $6,000.

How much should I charge to detail a truck?

A detailing service will charge you approximately $130 for a full exterior detailing of your semi-truck. On the other hand, complete detailing (both interior and exterior) will cost no less than $250. A standard pickup truck detailing will cost you between $100 – $150.

How many Blue Beacon truck Washes are there?

We own and operate over 110 truck wash locations across the US and Canada. At Blue Beacon, we pride ourselves in serving your truck washing and Washout needs in a friendly and courteous manner.

How much does it cost to pressure wash heavy equipment?

The average price for heavy equipment cleaning varies for different kinds of construction equipment but it averages in the range of $125 to $350 or more per unit. It really just depends on exactly what level of cleaning your customer expects since time is money and you need to complete several of these per job.

Does Blue Beacon pay weekly?

5 answers. Blue Beacon pays every Thursday. Everyone gets paid on Thursdays once a week. Your paycheck is deposited usually at 2:15 am on Thursday morning.

Do car washes reuse the water?

To cut down on the amount of water used, a lot of car washes recycle water. The recycled water is normally used in the early rinses and to mix with the detergents. It may also be used in the high-pressure washer. It should never be used in the final rinse.

How many gallons does it take to wash a truck?

Your traditional car wash detailing operation will use a tank within a range between 50 and 100 gallons.

How do 18 wheelers get washed?

High Pressure Jets of Water Quickly Dislodge Road Dirt and Grime. You can simply use a lightweight sprayer to direct pressurized jets of soap and water at the dirty areas on huge tractor-trailer units, such as an 18 wheeler. The extreme power of pressure washing equipment makes short work of tough cleaning jobs.

How do I get a fleet washing contract?

You get contracts the same way you would get any work or contract – go get it. You have to reach out to the location you want and ask for a fleet manager. Usually it’s a different title in each company. Ask for their business.

What do truck washers do?

A truck washer cleans trucks, such as delivery, garbage, tanker, semi, and tractor trailer trucks and other construction vehicles and machinery. You can also work as a mobile truck washer, traveling to a location in a specialized vehicle that carries power washing equipment and cleaning chemicals.

What is a fleet washer?

FLEETWASH is the largest truck washing provider worldwide. We provide vehicle and fleet owners with simple, low-cost washing without violating environmental regulations thanks to our patent-protected water recovery system. Liability free cleaning with nationwide coverage. Request a Quote.


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