How much money do freight train conductors make?

The salaries of Freight Train Conductors in the US range from $13,940 to $370,762 , with a median salary of $67,089 . The middle 57% of Freight Train Conductors makes between $67,090 and $167,540, with the top 86% making $370,762.

Is it hard to be a train conductor?

While being a conductor provides a good living and a great retirement plan, it’s incredibly demanding.

How much does a BNSF train conductor make?

Average BNSF Railway Conductor yearly pay in California is approximately $62,065, which is 10% above the national average.

How much does a CSX freight conductor make?

Average CSX Conductor yearly pay in the United States is approximately $66,806, which is 19% above the national average.

Do railroad conductors make good money?

How much does a Train Conductor make? The average Train Conductor in the US makes $73,269. The average bonus for a Train Conductor is $1,025 which represents 1% of their salary, with 99% of people reporting that they receive a bonus each year.

How much money does a conductor of an orchestra make?

The salaries of Orchestra Conductors in the US range from $21,070 to $101,150 , with a median salary of $49,820 . The middle 60% of Orchestra Conductors makes $49,820, with the top 80% making $101,150.

Do train conductors sleep on the train?

In the United States, train conductors are not provided sleeping accommodations because they have to stay awake throughout their work period. On American passenger trains, there are two types of crews. The engineer and conductor (and sometimes an assistant conductor) make up the operating crew.

How much does a conductor make at Union Pacific?

Average Union Pacific Conductor yearly pay in the United States is approximately $73,395, which is 30% above the national average.

How many hours do train conductors work?

Train conductors often work 40 hours a week. Both cargo and passenger trains run at all hours, requiring evening, night, weekend and holiday shifts. Pay adjustments for these periods vary depending on the employer.

How far do train conductors travel?

While some of the longer freight run mileage is around 300 miles while other runs are less than 100 miles depending upon the territory, and density of the train traffic on a run, where there are many trains using the same track the run has to be shorter to allow meets and passes among freight trains.

How much do train conductors make UK?

Train Conductor Salary in the UK The average salary for a Train Conductor is £29,000 gross per year (£1,950 net per month), which is £600 (-2%) lower than the UK’s national average salary. A Train Conductor can expect an average starting salary of £23,200. The highest salaries can exceed £35,000.

What is the difference between an engineer and a conductor?

What is the difference between a train engineer and a train conductor? A train engineer is responsible for operating a train and driving it from one destination to the next. Tran conductors, on the other hand, work on the ground and are responsible for assisting the train engineer with whatever they need.

How much do freight train engineers make?

How much does a Locomotive Engineer make in California? The average Locomotive Engineer salary in California is $81,967 as of December 27, 2021, but the range typically falls between $67,714 and $100,808.

How do I become a freight train engineer?

To become a railroad engineer, you will need a high school diploma or equivalent and 1-3 months of on the job training with specialized equipment, classroom instruction and periodic continuing education and training. You must receive railroad engineer certification from the Federal Railroad Administration.

Do train engines have bathrooms?

Yes, all over the road locomotives, and local use locomotives are equipped with toilets in small rooms in the front hood area of the locomotive. Some even have fold down sinks for hand washing. The toilets are similar to RV type toilets that have a hand pump for flushing, and holding tanks for the waste.

How much does MTA train conductor make?

The salaries of Mta Train Conductors in Los Angeles, CA range from $19,337 to $289,643 , with a median salary of $69,192 . The middle 57% of Mta Train Conductors makes between $69,202 and $142,381, with the top 86% making $289,643.

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