How much money does JustMaiko make?

JustMaiko net worth: How much does JustMaiko earn? Michael Le or JustMaiko is estimated to be worth $4 million (£2.9 million) in 2021. With such a huge following on social media, Michael earns a lot of his money through sponsorships and partnerships with big brands such as Invisalign and Twitch.

Whats FaZe sways epic name?

Josue Sway (born: January 27, 2004 (2004-01-27) [age 17]), better known online as FaZe Sway, is an American YouTuber and professional gamer known for playing Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Who is the youngest kid in FaZe?

In April 2020, Patrick became the youngest member of FaZe Clan officially. Patrick, better known online as FaZe H1hgSky1, was born on April 1, 2007 in Romania and later moved to Las Vegas. Not much is known about his early life and upbringing.

Is JustMaiko a dad?

Michael’s marital status is unmarried, but he is in a relationship. He is dating Analisseworld, a TikTok star. She is a fellow dancer in Michael’s dance videos.

How much does Michael Le make on TikTok?

Michael Le – $1.2 million Next up for TikTokers that you’ve never heard of but are earning more money in a year than you will in your life is Michael Le, who earnt $1.2 million in the last year from his TikTok videos.

What is Ninja’s net worth 2020?

As of 2020 Ninja’s Net Worth is estimated to be approximately $15 million. This number is expected to grow steadily in the future as he gains more subscribers on YouTube and Twitch and wins more professional tournaments. He is regarded as one of the greats in the gaming community.

Who created sway LA?

There is another TikTok collective in the LA neighborhood and its name is Sway House. Led by Bryce Hall, Sway House is home to six guys who have amassed millions of followers on the social media platform — and they are all managed by TalentX.

Did sway cut his dreads?

I cut my locks two years ago. My older sister did it, the day we buried my father. My father was a homeless dude.

What does FC mean in fortnite?

Most commonly, “FC” will stand for “Fortnite Creative.” This fun game mode allows players to create and play unique new modes within Epic Games’ Fortnite itself.

Who made FaZe?

Founders. On May 30, 2010, FaZe Clan got its start as FaZe Sniping, a YouTube channel showcasing the Call of Duty skills of founders Eric “CLipZ” Rivera, Jeff “Timid” Emann, and Ben “Resistance” Christensen. Over the years, members of FaZe would come and go, but FaZe’s prominence within the gaming scene steadily rose.

Where is Cloakzy?

Personal. Cloakzy was born on December 26, 1994, in the US. His real name is Dennis Lepore. Cloakzy moved to the New Jersey area temporarily and returned to Austin, Texas, at the end of the summer of 2018.

What is Mr Savage real name?

Martin “MrSavage” Andersen (born November 12, 2004) is a Norwegian player who currently plays for 100 Thieves.

How old can you join FaZe?

The FAZE 5 CONTEST (the “Giveaway”) is only open to legal residents of the United States (49 States and Washington D.C, excluding Alaska.), who are of legal at least 11 years old to participate (with verifiable parental consent if between 11 and 18 years old) at the time of entry.

How do you get into FaZe Clan?

FaZe Clan will let you join for a day There are a series of terms and conditions that you will need to subscribe to, though: You can only say “I’m in FaZe Clan” and rename yourself to FaZe [name] during the 24 hour period. Your actions do not represent the organization or its staff, players, and partners.

Is there any girl FaZe member?

Gaming organization FaZe Clan has signed Twitch streamer Kalei Renay, known as FaZe Kalei, as its newest member. Her games of choice are Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends and Skyrim. “It’s really a dream come true to join FaZe,” said FaZe Kalei.

How did JustMaiko get famous?

Michael first rose to fame in 2016 when he started posting videos on, which later became known as TikTok. On TikTok, he posts dancing videos, lip sync videos and dancing tutorials.

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