How much money does Project Compassion raise?

In 2020, nearly 900 parishes and over 1000 schools helped to raise $7.91 million through Project Compassion.

How is Caritas Australia funded?

Q: Does Caritas Australia receive funding from the Australian Government? Yes. As an accredited agency, Caritas Australia receives government funding.

What has Caritas done in Australia?

We have been committed to tackling poverty and inequality in Australia and overseas since 1964. When a crisis hits, we work hand-in-hand with local communities and churches to bring aid and relief to people whose lives have been devastated by natural disaster or conflict.


What projects has Caritas done?

We support programs that provide clean water and sanitation, increase awareness of HIV and AIDS, improve food security, and reduce the impact of droughts and floods in Malawi.

What is the theme for Project Compassion 2021?

Held annually over the six weeks of Lent, Project Compassion raises awareness and funds to address poverty and promote justice across the world. Inspired by the St Oscar Romero quote ‘Aspire not to have more, but to be more’, the Project Compassion theme for 2021 is ‘Be more’.

Who runs Project Compassion?

Fundraise for Project Compassion Caritas Australia’s CEO, Kirsty Robertson standing next to student on a Monitoring trip in Cambodia. Photo credit: Nicole Clements/Caritas Australia.

Is Caritas Australia a good charity?

The administration/aid ratio of Caritas Australia is one of the best in the world. We keep our administration and fundraising costs at or below 10% of our income. This means that 90-92% of all money raised during an emergency appeal is sent to that country.

Is Caritas Australia not for profit?

Caritas Australia practices transparency and is a signatory to the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) charter and the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) policy on financial accountability.

Is Caritas Australia a charity?

Caritas Australia is Hope in Action. As the international aid and development agency of the Australian Catholic Church, we are driven by social justice and the dignity of every person.

What does Caritas do for the homeless?

Emergency response. Caritas responds practically to humanitarian crises such as natural disasters, conflict and the effects of climate change. We save lives, relieve suffering and help rebuild livelihoods and communities in the longer-term.

Who started Caritas Australia and why?

Mary Gilchrist, former director of the Paulian Association, came up with the name Project Compassion. Organising packages for Project Compassion in 1967. The agency came under the auspices of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference (ACBC) in 1965.

How is Caritas connected to the Catholic Church?

Inspired by Gospel values and the Catholic Social Teaching, Caritas responds to disasters, promotes integral human development and advocates on the causes of poverty and conflict. Pope Francis says that Caritas is “an essential part of the Church” and that it “institutionalizes love in the Church”.

What is poverty About Caritas?

Caritas believes development allows the poorest people to reach their full human potential. Its member organisations work to transform lives all over the world through their programmes. Caritas advocates for fair and just systems to allow vulnerable people to escape the tyranny of poverty.

What does Caritas NZ do?

Caritas delivers aid, supports development and advocates for justice around the world, including in Aotearoa New Zealand. We work to make a difference in the lives of people living with poverty or injustice. Advocates to change structures that cause poverty around the world, including in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Where does Catholic Earthcare do its work?

Catholic Earthcare Australia is a program of Caritas Australia that responds to the ‘cry of the earth’ to safeguard the integrity of creation and provide a voice for victims of environmental injustice.

What does Caritas do through compassion?

For over 50 years, Project Compassion has been raising vital funds to help those facing poverty and injustice in our world. Your donation will help vulnerable families to build brighter futures for themselves.

What do Catholic Organisations do?

The Catholic Church operates numerous charitable organizations. Catholic spiritual teaching includes spreading the Gospel while Catholic social teaching emphasises support for the sick, the poor and the afflicted through the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

Is Project Compassion global?

Held annually over the six weeks of Lent, Project Compassion raises both awareness and funds to eradicate poverty and promote justice across the world. …

How many people does Project Compassion help?

In the past year alone, (2019-20) Project Compassion’s supporters have helped to reach over 3 million people worldwide, including many affected by disaster or conflict.

How did Caritas Australia help Jamila?

Thanks to the generosity of Caritas Australia’s supporters and through our partnership with Caritas Bangladesh, Jamila had access to emergency food and shelter. Then, as her stay in the camp stretched on, Jamila joined the Women Friendly Spaces project where she received counselling and emotional support.

What does Caritas do to help refugees?

Caritas is providing vital food, living items and dignified shelter so refugee and migrant families—especially women, children and the elderly—can meet their most basic human needs. Pope Francis has called for every parish in Europe to welcome one family.


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