How to become a Formula 1 driver

Do you look up to Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Alain Prost, and a host of other Formula 1 drivers, and do you wish that you could achieve the same level of success as they have in their respective fields? It’s excellent. However, it would also be intriguing if you started driving a kart when you were very young – among many other criteria, of course – in order to dream of being the next world champion in this fascinating discipline that is Formula 1. Formula 1 is an extremely competitive sport. Here are some of the most important steps to becoming a Formula 1 driver:

Get behind the wheel as quickly as you can.

To compete in Formula One, you need to demonstrate that you are already a very skilled driver. Because of this, you should start practising with your hands on a steering wheel at a very young age—no later than 7 years old. It is not feasible to operate a Formula One vehicle with a standard driver’s licence, which is why acquiring a Super License as rapidly as possible is the target of this endeavour. A Super License is the licence required to operate a Formula One vehicle. Remember that if you are a minor, you need the permission of your parents in order to drive on a circuit, so keep that in mind.

Master the art of driving a go-kart.

A youngster has to be 7 years old and must take part in promotion formulas in order to gain a footing in the realm of competition and build vital contacts that will be decisive for his future. This can only be accomplished by participating in promotion formulae. It is during these karting competitions that the drivers are frequently discovered by the F1 teams and automobile manufacturers. Therefore, doing so is a wonderful first step in making oneself recognised.



Get a licence from the Food and Drug Administration.

To be eligible to compete in road races, drivers must be at least 18 years old and in possession of a valid driver’s licence in order to compete on public roads. In addition, novice drivers are not permitted to compete in road races. After completing the necessary training with the French Motor Sport Federation, this licence will be awarded (FFSA). This training school accepts aspiring motorists and has an annual cost of around 100,000 euros. If you perform very well on the examinations that you are required to take, you will be eligible for a scholarship that will cover the cost of your education for the next academic year.

You also have the choice of going via the GT Academy, which is a little bit less expensive. A tournament that gives the most skilled Gran Turismo gamers the opportunity to become real-life racers by earning a spot on a real-world circuit.

Take part in kart races and acquire your kart driver’s licence

The vast majority of current Formula 1 stars got their start there. This is the most efficient method for taking part in races in the shortest amount of time. To earn a kart driver’s licence, you must join a club. There are many different sorts of licences, and the fee for a training licence is around 120 euros, while the fee for a competition licence is approximately 200 euros. These permits must be renewed annually because their validity period is only one year.

Get yourself a go-kart

You may be able to hire a go-kart from the club you are a member of. However, in order to hone your skills to the point where you can call yourself a professional and take part in contests, you need to put in a lot of practice, and in order to do so, you need your own machine. There are a lot of them, each with its own unique qualities. You have the option of beginning with a less powerful kart and eventually upgrading to one with more firepower. You may obtain a general sense of how much new karts cost by looking at the information on this website.

What exactly does a Formula One driver do all day?

A single driver competes in each race in the Formula One motorsport series, which takes place on a track that is completely enclosed. A Formula One race is considered a sprint event because it comes to an end at the conclusion of the lap in which the distance of 305 kilometres is reached (with the exception of Monaco), or after a maximum of two hours of racing.

  • This competition is regarded as the most prestigious of all the categories in this sport; it is, in a sense, the “crown gem.” It has reached a level of prominence comparable to that of the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup thanks to its expansion into the worldwide arena.
  • There are three organisations that are in charge of arranging the Formula 1 seasons:
  • the FIA (International Automobile Federation), which is responsible for providing technical and sporting direction as well as determining the regulations; the FOA (Formula One Administration, formerly FOCA), which holds the exclusive rights to the audio and video content of the competitions by a delegation from the FIA; and the FOM (Formula One Management), which manages the television broadcasting rights of the FOA.

What kind of driving experience is necessary to compete in Formula 1?

It will be essential to go step by step; that is, it will be necessary to become a pilot during contests that are not as significant in order to later join the exclusive group of F1 pilots.

Getting ready for a career as a karting driver
Be aware that since the year 2010, it has been possible to train for the DEJEPS perfection sport “MotorSport,” with the FFSA Academy (French Federation of Motor Sport), if you wish to drive a kart professionally. If this interests you, read on. It is a state diploma that may be obtained by the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports, and it enables the holder to prepare for several types of competition, including cross country, circuit, and karting (running on land with natural obstacles ).

Getting ready for a career as a Formula One driver
You will need to have the FIA Super License in addition to being a very excellent driver who has a lot of experience if you want to be able to say that you are a true racing driver and if you want to race in the Formula 1 world championship. This Super Licence may be obtained in France by going via the FFSA Academy. It is the only one of its kind anywhere in the globe, and it serves as a teaching facility for anyone interested in driving. The average cost of a year at this facility is close to 100,000 euros. It is important to point out that the winner will be awarded a scholarship for the next academic year.

If you are under the age of 18, you need to have permission from a parent or guardian before you may drive on a circuit.

What kind of compensation does a Formula One driver get?
This is without a doubt going to be the section that provides you with the greatest pleasure! If it is true that in order to perfect one’s performance in this career it takes many years of labour, then the compensation that is offered upon entry is well worth it. This sport is a business unto itself, much in the same way that football is. The salary for pilots in the six figures ranges verges on being immoral. In point of fact, we are referring to an annual wage that is measured in millions of euros.

Here is the 2021 ranking of the 10 highest paid F1 drivers in the world, along with their equipment suppliers.

  • Lewis Hamilton / Mercedes: €46 million
  • Max Verstappen / Red Bull: €21m
  • Charles Leclerc / Ferrari: €12m
  • Daniel Ricciardo / McLaren: €12 million
  • Carlos Sainz / Ferrari: €8.5 million
  • Sebastian Vettel / Aston Martin: €8m
  • Fernando Alonso / Alpine F1: €7.5m
  • Valtteri Bottas / Mercedes: €6.5m
  • Sergio Perez / Red Bull: €5m
  • Kimi Raikkonen / Alfa Romeo: €4 million
  • Esteban Ocon / Alpine F1: €3m
  • Pierre Gasly / Alpha Tauri: €2.5 million
  • Lance Stroll / Aston Martin: €2 million
  • Lando Norris / McLaren: €2m
  • George Russell / Williams: €1 million

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