Is Brianna a nurse?

History. Brianna is a registered nurse and went to tea parties, who formerly worked at UT Southwestern Clements Hospital in Dallas, Texas. She did not have any social media aspirations and would have furthered her career in nursing, if her husband had not persuaded her to become a YouTuber.

How old is BriannaPlayz?

YouTube Gaming creators BriannaPlayz and PrestonPlayz are only 26 and 27-years-old, respectively, and yet their combined total of 11 channels are flourishing on YouTube.

What is Preston’s surname?

Preston Family History The name Preston is a locational name, taken from placenames in Lancashire and the Barony of Preston, afterwards known as Gourtoun and now Craigmillar in Midlothian. This name is of Anglo-Celtic origin and is found throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


Is Brianna pregnant from Preston?

Alex Hall and Wife Brianna Welcome First Baby, Son Preston English: ‘Greatest Blessing’ The rising musician and his wife, 25, first announced their exciting pregnancy news exclusively with PEOPLE back in April.

What is BriannaPlayz Roblox username?

Brianna Arsement (zBriannaGamez, formerly TBNRwife, known on YouTube as BriannaPlayz, is a YouTuber with over 1M subscribers who plays a variety of games, one of them being Roblox.

What is Preston’s name on fortnite?

So don’t be shocked when we tell you that a 24-year-old raised in Fort Worth has achieved fame and fortune by playing games like Minecraft, Call of Duty and Fortnite on the internet. Commonly known by his fans as PrestonPlayz or TBNRFrags, Preston Arsement is the celebrity that your kids want to be when they grow up.

Where does unspeakable live in America?

Unspeakable the gamer and YouTuber lives in Dallas, Texas, United States of America. His real name is Nathen Johnson Graham.

What is Preston and Brianna’s last name?

Brianna is most famous for being the wife of YouTube gamer Preston Arsement and often features in his videos. She was born on January 2, 1994, in Wichita Falls, Texas, the United States as Brianna Paige Arsement-Barnhart to her mother, Connie Barnhart, a school teacher, and her father Benny Barnhart, a physician.

How did Preston and BRI meet?

While at work one day, a co-worker set her up on a blind date. It was with her colleague’s nephew, Preston Arsement. By the end of the night, Brianna says she knew he was the one. From there, she transitioned from a nursing career to gaming.

Who was the first person named Preston?

The surname Preston was first found in Lincolnshire, where Laurence de Preston was one of the first records of the name. The Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 also list Alice de Preston in Northamptonshire. Years later the Yorkshire Poll Tax Rolls of 1379 listed Johannes de Pryston and Isabella de Preston.

What does the name Presley mean?

Etymology. The name Presley is derived from the Old English preost, meaning “priest”, and leah meaning “forest clearing”.

What is BriannaPlayz last name?

Brianna Paige “Bri” Arsement (née Barnhart; born: January 2, 1994 (1994-01-02) [age 28]) is an American YouTuber who uploads challenges on YouTube. She also makes Minecraft and Roblox gaming videos on her second channel BriannaPlayz.

What YouTuber has more subscribers?

What is the most subscribed YouTube channel? Indian music network T-Series had the most YouTube subscribers in the world in October 2020, with 156 million users following the channel. Swedish video game commentator PewDiePie ranked second with over 107 million subscribers.

Does Brianna have a kid?

She had her daughter Nova Star in September of 2011 with Austin III and Stella, born in July of 2017 with Luis Hernandez. In December, DeJesus said during a Q&A on Instagram that she was welcoming the idea of having a third child. “Do you plan on more kids?” she was asked. “Yes, one more!!

Are Preston and Brianna still married?

Preston became engaged to Brianna Barnhart in October 2017. They were later married in late May 2018. The two have remained an incredibly close couple. Brianna is extremely enthusiastic and supportive of her husband’s online career.

How old is Tiko the fish?

Who is Tiko? Tiko is a famous YouTuber and Gamer who is Known for his cute kid voice in gaming videos on his Youtube channel. Tiko was born on 20 September 2005 in the United States and right now Tiko age is 16 years old in 2021-22. His real name is Jayden and he holds American Nationality and his ethnicity is White.

Does PrestonPlayz have a Roblox account?

Preston Arsement (PrestonPlayz, known on YouTube as Preston and PrestonPlayz) is an American YouTuber who plays a variety of games, with one of them being Roblox. His two channels have amassed over 12M and 5M subscribers.

How old is Josh Preston?

Josh Arsement (born: November 17, 2005 [Age 16]), better known online as TBNRJosh (also known as JoshPlayzMC), is a American YouTuber best known for his Minecraft content.

What mod does PrestonPlayz use in Minecraft?

Preston is a “compressed block” mod – that is, it provides means of compressing sets of 9 identical blocks into 1 “compressed block” recursively, as well as decompressing them back.

How old is Brianna Barnhart?

Brianna Paige “Bri” Arsement (née Barnhart; born: January 2, 1994 (1994-01-02) [age 28]) is an American YouTuber who uploads challenges on YouTube.

What is Slogo real name?

Joshua Robert Temple (born: May 16, 1997 (1997-05-16) [age 24]), better known online as Slogo (formerly Slogoman), is an English YouTuber known for his gaming videos.


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