Is OLX safe to sell?

To stay safe while selling things on Olx, Quikr, always tell the buyer to meet in person because he or she has to meet you ultimately to buy the thing that you are selling. Having said that, exercise caution and common sense while meeting the person and avoid giving them your home address if not absolutely required.

How many free ads are there on OLX?

Commercial & Other Vehicles : The limit is 1 in 365 days. Spare Parts: The limit is 1 in 365 days. Jobs category, there are few cities where the limits are changed and the rest of India is as mentioned in the grid. Kochi the limit is 2 in 180 days.

How many free ads do you get on OLX?

I didn’t know that olx has implemented that I can have only five ads at time limit. Any clever ways have we dimers found out for solving this hassle? Please inbox me if you don’t want to share it in the public.


Is OLX a Chinese app?

OLX Group is a Dutch-domiciled online marketplace headquartered in Amsterdam. The OLX consumer brand originated as OnLine eXchange in 2006.

Why is OLX account suspended?

If you find that you are receiving a notification that your account is banned, this means that you’ve either breached one of our Posting rules, have been reported by another OLX user for scenarios such as: money taken however item/service not rendered to buyer. product taken without sending the amount to seller.

Is it OK to give mobile number on OLX?

Try to avoid giving your phone contact details. Ask the person to contact you through mail only. Meet the person in a crowded place. Always take someone along with you when you are meeting a stranger (your dad or 2 of your male friends & female friends i.e. try to go in a group).

Is it safe to give phone number on OLX?

We advise that sensitive information such as (IMEI no.) or (PCBA no.), should not be disclosed to any user. Suspicious Chats: Being careful on the platform ensures you have a good and genuine experience. They will try to persuade you to contact them outside OLX chat by sharing their phone numbers.

Which is better OLX or quikr?

OLX is better than quikr because quikr has many types of policies on their ads like if you post an ad on quikr they charge for giving the data which you have received by the ad where as the OLX has no any such type of issues you can see unlimited data as which which your ad gets.

What is rejected in OLX?

Ad not live on OLX? The Ad was rejected: If the Ad doesn’t meet our posting guidelines, it will be not go live on our site. To know more details, click here.

What is ad inactive OLX?

Follow. Once you post an ad on OLX; you will receive an email notification immediately. The notification informs you of the status of the ad which is usually pending prior to it being approved or rejected.

What is boost to top in OLX?

OLX reserves the right to limit the extent and manner in which Featured Ads may be edited by you. Boost to Top is a feature that bumps your advertisement to the top of the listing space in the city-specific category in which the advertisement has been posted.

Is OLX still in Kenya?

Well, OLX is open to everyone in Kenya who has access to the internet. OLX in Kenya also is open to people wishing to advertise their services, jobs, skills and items for sale.

How can I activate my ad on OLX?

Right now, there is no facility to refresh your ad on OLX. If you wish to push your ad back to the top of the page, you need to re-post it. You can Re-post your ad by deactivating it and activating it again.

How can I get an ad on OLX?

If an online booking is what you would prefer, go to the media page of OLX, Website . Select the media option of your choice. Add your selected media options to the bag. You can customize your requirement in the bag by specifying the targeting options.

Does OLX work in USA?

Share this Post: What was originally an alternative to the United States free-to-list classifieds giant, Craigslist, OLX is a global online marketplace based out of the Netherlands. Owned by South African media and technology firm Naspers, OLX’s marketplace platform is currently present in 46 countries and growing.

Is OLX available in UAE?

Dubizzle has rebranded itself as OLX across 10 markets, except in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Users in Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait Oman, Qatar and Tunisia who click on will now be redirected to the local OLX website.


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