Is there any cheats for hay day?

The fact is that there are no legitimate sources of Hay Day cheat codes, hacks, cheap diamonds, free diamonds, or anything of the kind. Many of these services ask you to download a program, fill out a survey, or provide your Hay Day log in information, and promise free diamonds in return.

Is selling hay profitable?

“If you are getting $125 per ton for quality hay, you are going to see a profit of $51 per ton, or $204 per acre. “The potential is there to make some pretty good money on hay.” Brown says producers could decide to grow higher-quality hay and sell into the dairy or specialty hay markets.

How many levels are in Hayday?

Table of levels. The following is a table of ‘level-up’ pictures, rewards given or unlocked, and experience points needed for the first 175 levels that can be achieved in Hay Day.

Is it cheaper to buy hay or make it?

In most environments where forage production is based on natural rainfall, you can almost always buy hay cheaper than you can produce it. Most farmers and ranchers initially don’t believe this. When full cost of production is accounted for, hay generally costs between $70 and $140/ton to produce.

How many acres of hay do you need to make a living?

Let’s estimate about 2.5 tons per acre… That seems to be about average in the US. At 65lbs per bale (which can vary significantly, but whatever), that’s about 77 bales. So for 100 acres that’s about 7700 bales or about 250 tons of dry hay.

How many acres do you need to grow hay?

You don’t need hundreds of acres to start out. In fact, with today’s equipment designed for small, hobby farms, you can grow and harvest on less than 10 acres. But, depending on your growing season, you’ll likely have to charge more per bale than a competitor farming 10 times that size.

Does hay day ever end?

Sadly, despite all of our efforts, we feel that Hay Day Pop does not meet the standards we have set for ourselves and our players. We have launched this final update for our dedicated players to say thank you and so you can continue to enjoy the game until we turn off the servers on February 1st, 2021.

How big does the barn get in hay day?

The barn can initially hold 50 items. Upgrading the barn will increase its capacity: by 25 spaces from 50 to 1,000. by 50 spaces from 1,000 upwards.

How big can your barn and silo get on hay day?

All the products, animal goods, and supplies in the game are stored in the Barn. Players are able to increase the storage capacity up to 25.000 by using Bolts, Duct Tapes and Planks.

Who invented hay day?

Hay Day is an international freemium farming simulator video game developed by Supercell, a Finnish video game company. Hay Day was released on June 21, 2012 on iOS and on November 20, 2013 on Android.

How do you get butterflies on hay day?

While these animals have no particular aim, or threaten your Farm, there are certain Decorations that increase the possibility of having more of a certain type of animal! Tap repeatedly on the Decorations shown below to attract your desired animals: Flowers attract Butterflies.

How many bales of hay can you get off of 3 acres?

With an average bale weight of around 40 pounds (with our Abbriata small square baler or any of our mini round balers), that’s 100 bales to the acre for a first cutting.

Is hay a good cash crop?

Over the last few years many hay acres have been planted to cash grain crops. Consequently, hay prices are strong and in demand. Some areas have received adequate rainfall and are harvesting yields that will allow excess forage production for sale.

How much should I charge to cut hay?

A common rule of thumb is that it costs approximately $50 per ton to cut, rake, bale and stack hay at the edge of the field. That figure may be lower if doing lots of acres and it may be higher when doing small pieces.

How much hay will 100 acres produce?

At 65lbs per bale (which can vary significantly, but whatever), that’s about 77 bales. So for 100 acres that’s about 7700 bales or about 250 tons of dry hay.

How much hay can 15 acres produce?

Member. Probably average 3000 (+/-) 40 pound bales, so 60 tons more or less! That would be a total for all cuttings taken.

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