Is Zomato gold worth buying?

Good Deal for Zomato- Yes. Good Deal for Restuarant Businesses- No, it sucks for restaurant businesses as they have to provide free dish and they bear the cost of it while zomato is taking the money from customers directly. Restaurants do not benefit from Zomato Gold. On the other hand, they lose money.

How Zomato earn money after discount?

Zomato charges commissions from restaurant partners for listing on its app and delivering food. Delivery charges are paid by users, which are passed down to delivery partners. Customers also pay for packaging charges on select orders, which again are passed through to restaurant partners.

Who is Zomato CEO?

Mumbai: Deepinder Goyal, who as cofounder and chief executive led Zomato Ltd. to a successful listing in July, has joined the board of Unacademy, the founder of the edtech startup said. Goyal is an existing investor in Unacademy and participated in its Series H round in August.


Is Zomato gold and pro same?

Zomato Pro is the upgraded version of the Gold Programme. The members get discounts on dining out and delivery orders across the best restaurants. Zomato pro members get priority delivery of online orders as well. The benefits are available on the best resturants across India.

Is delivery free on Zomato gold?

Now with Zomato Gold Membership, you have the privilege to order any dish across the whole menu for free. Basically, Zomato Gold is a membership program in which the consumers can avail exclusive deals at Gold-tagged restaurants, bars, lounges across the country.

What happened Zomato gold?

Food-delivery giant Zomato has renamed and upgraded its subscription package, Zomato Gold. The membership program will now be called Zomato Pro will provide discounts and offers on all dining-out and delivery orders. Zomato Gold which has now been rechristened was used to avail offers like 1+1 on food and drinks etc.

Is Zomato a loss making company?

Zomato, the online food delivery platform, on November 10 announced its July-September quarter results for the financial year 2021-22. The company reported a net loss of Rs 430 crore on a consolidated basis compared to a loss of Rs 230 crore in the same period of last year, an increase of 87 percent.

Why Zomato is giving 50 off?

Zomato launched food delivery in 2015; it now has presence in 24 countries. The first thing we check when we order from the food delivery giant is discount offers and if the prices have been slashed by 50%, the discount is borne by the Restaurant 40% and the rest 10% is borne by Zomato.

What is the commission of Zomato?

Peppo charges 15 rupees or 15% of the order value, whichever is lower, compared to the 25% that is standard on Swiggy or Zomato.

Is Zomato a Chinese company?

Zomato (/zoʊmɑːtoʊ/) is an Indian multinational restaurant aggregator and food delivery company founded by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008.

Who is bigger Zomato or Swiggy?

Who has the biggest plate? Since January 2019, Zomato has always dominated the market in terms of revenues. As seen in the graphic below, Zomato had a much wider lead over Swiggy and managed to keep up its sales momentum until the beginning of April 2020.

Does Zomato pay petrol?

BENGALURU: Online food delivery platform Zomato said it will compensate its 1.5 lakh delivery partners with additional pay to fill the drop in income due to rising fuel prices across the country. Petrol prices have touched the Rs 100/per litre mark in some cities, while diesel prices are also increasing steadily.

How is Zomato better than Swiggy?

When assessing the two solutions, reviewers found Zomato easier to use. However, Swiggy is easier to set up and administer. Reviewers also preferred doing business with Swiggy overall. Reviewers felt that Zomato meets the needs of their business better than Swiggy.

Why is Swiggy Super discontinued?

Online food delivery platform Swiggy has indefinitely suspended its subscription service Super that was aimed at retaining customers and rewarding loyalty, sources said, as the coronavirus and lockdown continues to take a toll on business.

How many times Zomato gold can be used in a day?

The company has also said that Gold usage will be limited to a single use per day. Further, customers will no longer be able to use more than two Gold unlocks per table. Zomato has also bumped the Gold subscription price to almost double; from Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,800, to ensure “high-quality user base via Gold”.

Is Zomato gold still working?

Zomato Pro members will continue to enjoy existing offers (on Zomato Gold) across a wide selection of restaurants — from fine dining hotspots to legendary restaurants, cafes, bars as well as quick-service restaurants.

Is Zomato profitable in India?

Zomato, which is an online restaurant aggregator and food delivery service, reported revenue of Rs 2,486 crore in FY20 and its loss widened to Rs 2,451 crore.

What is the future of Zomato?

“In our upside case, we expect a 42% CAGR in delivery GOV over FY20-26E to reach US$12bn by FY26E. We assume strong up-tick in new user acquisition/ order volume growth and AOVs also hold at a healthy level. Other segments also grow strongly as the platform scales up,” Jefferies said in a note on Zomato.

Is Zomato a good investment?

The brokerage has a Buy rating on the stock with a target price of ₹175 apiece. Those at Ambit Capital said that Zomato’s Q2 revenue was better than expected, but came at cost with around 82% QoQ increase in adjusted EBITDA losses. They see the growth to come at cost and could pushback profitability.

What is Zomato spot in Google pay?

A Spot Code is a Google-branded visual code that works similar to a QR code but is unique to Google Pay India. You can share and scan a Spot Code to find a peer or a Spot.

Does Zomato give refund money?

Zomato processes a refund to the mode of payment chosen by you. If you paid via cash, you will get the refund in your app wallet or bank account. You can get a refund if the restaurant agrees. Once the restaurant agrees, Zomato will give your money back.


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