Tips to maintain and strengthen a healthy relationships

The adage that everyone has, at some point in their life, spoken at least once: “Relationships are not easy!” Please allow me to elaborate. They met, they fell in love, and they agreed to be together. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. In principle, relationships are extremely easy to understand since they evolve in a natural rhythm according to the will of feelings. However, the individuals engaged in a relationship might make it difficult, or even very difficult, to maintain healthy boundaries.

The concept that “relationships need to be worked on” does not sit well with us at all, and we are not happy about it at all. This is the type of foolishness that makes no sense at all, but what about love? Why is it that a harmonious partnership that has sprung from a wonderful and joyful emotion cannot miraculously function like a well-oiled machine when left to its own devices?


Regrettably, not even the heroes of fairy tales have any possibility of this happening. Relationships certainly need effort, and with the correct life hacks, they can be healthy and joyful places for both parties involved. Working on a love relationship in any of these two approaches will help to strengthen and develop it:

I am demanding more of myself and more from a relationship.

There is no need for any sort of magic since everything is rather straightforward and will be explained in the 10 steps that are listed below. If you follow these steps, you will have a good chance of extending your relationship into the “forever” category.

1. Don’t forsake your personal life

Not in the sense that you should “keep dating with a solid relationship” since having this level of freedom while yet having serious intentions might be tough to achieve. Even while you may feel an intense and genuine affection for one another, this does not imply that you should spend the rest of your lives immersed in selfless devotion to one another. Do not lose touch with your loved ones and friends, and do not give up your regular activities like nighttime yoga, Saturday sessions at the spa, and Sunday brunches with your sister.

Take care of your independence, don’t let love drown your individuality, and don’t fall into the habit of asking for time off and reporting to work. Although you no longer have the status of being a single person, you still have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. It revitalizes, helps to keep one’s self-esteem intact, and protects partnerships from becoming ordinary and monotonous.

2. Be truthful about how you’re really feeling.

Tell the honest truth to yourself, and only the honest truth: are you truly happy? Satisfied? How are you feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally? Yes, this is a difficult task because the feminine character is one that is predisposed to making concessions, but these three aspects are essential. If the only thing that brings you together is extraordinary sex, sooner or later the question of “what to speak about?” will come up. If you and your partner keep each other entertained with wordplay, but at the same time, your level of intimacy drops below a “C grade,” the prognosis is not good for the relationship. Or are you content with both the intellect and the body, despite the fact that he steers clear of conversations about love and has never presented you with a bouquet of flowers? Evidently, you won’t find that this works for you for much longer either.

The key to robust reciprocity is in a connection that is robust and natural on all fronts; hence, you should ensure that everything in your relationship is exactly as it is, or at the very least moves in the direction of being that way. In the event of alternative outcomes, consider your options for escape.

3. Don’t be a pest or a jealous person.

Oh, this age-old question that women will never stop asking men: “Where are you?” It’s like a needle being used by a voodoo witch doctor. If you send him a barrage of texts around the clock, if you phone him a hundred times a day, and if, in general, your entire existence revolves entirely around him, then it’s time for you to face the fact that your affections are developing into an addiction. Men suffocate under the weight of persecution. This strategy will not be effective in keeping anyone, and will instead have the opposite effect.

Try to have more faith in yourself, and try not to worry about him because he is not going anywhere. And even if you’ve got such a hot and attractive man that it’s difficult not to worry about this subject, you need to convince yourself that you’ll be alright regardless of the situation. Turn off the option that chases. Only once, and for all time. Always keep in mind that you are the fire. Let him chase you, it’s a lot more fun.

4. Show compassion for yourself and prioritize your well-being.

Quite a few ladies are dissatisfied with their romantic lives since they either have trouble securing a suitable companion or find themselves gravitating toward males who are insensitive to their needs. The cause is a lack of respect for oneself; we bring to our relationships the same degree of affection that we feel for ourselves. It is unrealistic to expect others to treat you like a queen if you constantly torment yourself and set yourself ablaze with the napalm of your own criticism. I assure you, males are capable of reading it.

Consider your strengths from a constructive point of view, and make a conscious effort to love yourself just as you are right now. And if you love yourself, you should practice self-care by keeping a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a regular sleep schedule, treating yourself to a soothing bubble bath, or throwing a bachelorette party for no reason at all tonight. If you don’t take care of yourself and nurture your soul outside of the context of your relationship, you won’t have anything to contribute to the partnership.

5. Don’t make it your goal to appease and accommodate everyone.

The anticipation of positive feedback, such as love, generosity, and appreciation, lies at the root of the desire to please others. On the other hand, the world gives out overly much negativity, and individuals would happily utilize you since they are aware of the requirement to offer oneself completely without reservation. Relationships are a two-way street; while you should take care of yourself, you should also make sure that you are taken care of. Achieve a happy medium between being selfless and looking out for number one. And please don’t allow the dread of being alone to convince you to accept any of the possibilities presented in the series “let it be so”; taking this approach will not result in pleasure. I am not one of those people who are waiting for Mr. Perfect, but I am convinced that the choice of “what we need” may be relied on by each and every one of us.

6. Don’t dodge difficulties

Conflict is something no one enjoys. I mean, there are undoubtedly those among us who take pleasure in seeing others upset, but it would appear that they are in the minority. But what transpires if the partners, for the sake of not resolving the issues at hand, continually switch to the avoidance mode? Nothing positive. If you ignore issues for a number of years, they will eventually build-up, and one morning, twenty-five years from now, you will wake up and realize that you will never be able to sort things out because you have forgotten how this enormous heap got started. Don’t stuff your feelings, whether they’re happy or negative. Discuss with your significant other any concerns that you have been having in this regard. To begin, you are a team, which implies that in order to triumph over challenges, we have to cooperate closely with one another. And two, you always have the right to be respected, and you should never be silenced for what you have to say.

7. Devote some time to one another.

It is true that you have a life of your own, but at the same time, it is imperative that you strike a healthy equilibrium between the personal and the public spheres; otherwise, the connection may fizzle out at the most fruitful point in its development. Your relationship needs regular care and attention, as well as confessions and walks, surprises and gifts, romantic dates, and hours spent at home, cuddled up together. Use your imagination, and devote all of your attention to satisfying your emotions.

8. Invest an Equal Amount of Effort

One school of thought maintains that in romantic partnerships both parties must put forth equal effort. What utter rubbish, just one hundred to one hundred! To keep the relationship at the optimal level and level of dynamics, both parties are required to put in the same amount of work each and every day. It is unrealistic to expect harmony to result from a link such as “100 to 20,” “100 to 50,” or even “100 to 99.” You must be equal. It is imperative that you discuss the issue at hand in order to get your alliance back on track if it has become unbalanced.

When acting as a team, you cannot oppose each other. So, you can not take into account only your own point of view. Whether you are right or wrong, accept the reality of the difference in perception. If your partner sees the situation differently, try to understand and, most importantly, let him know that you respect his view of things. What else? Be a good listener and feel free to be grateful. Even if he just loaded the dishwasher, tell him “thank you”. Thank him for what he does for you and he will want to do it again to make you happy. And, of course, he will be grateful in return.healty 


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