Top 12 trending Products to Sell in 2022

Beginning with products that are currently popular is an excellent choice if you are unsure about what to sell on your website. Even if there is a possibility that there will be more competition, it is anticipated that sales would increase because there is such a strong need for them.

In this post, we will discuss the top goods that are currently trending for your consideration. In addition to that, we will look at a tutorial that explains how to discover product trends for your eCommerce website.


1. Electronic wristwatches

One item that has seen a surge in demand as a direct consequence of the epidemic is the so-called “smartwatch” or “smartwatch.” People are making the decision to buy one of these watches more frequently, mostly for the purpose of monitoring their health and receiving fast information.

There are a lot of benefits that come along with wearing a smartwatch, such as the ability to track your sleep patterns, monitor your heart health, and detect the amount of oxygen in your blood. Because of this trend, sales have been quite strong all during the year 2020.

Because the creation of these gadgets is rather pricey, we strongly suggest that you hunt for vendors who dropship electronic goods in order to maximize your profits. You can make some money off of the reasonably priced smartwatches and fitness trackers that are available on Alibaba.

2. Masks

Masks and face shields will most likely continue to be one of the goods with the highest levels of demand this year as long as the COVID-19 pandemic is active. According to Google Trends, the number of people searching for face masks throughout the world has decreased, although demand is still high.
Even if there is more competition in the market, there are still various methods to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Because masks are now considered to be items of clothing, you are able to develop original designs that will appeal to people who are interested in fashion.

You might also offer face masks for various sports. There are a lot of individuals who work out outside and need to cover their faces with masks that are safe but also let them breathe easily. These masks should be used during outdoor workouts.

Because they are now so widespread, face masks are available for purchase on a wide variety of wholesale websites. You also have the option of following a guide to create your own product and selling it online from the comfort of your own home.

3. Wireless headphones

Although wireless headphones have been available for quite some time, consumer interest in the technology continues to rise. This is happening as a result of the removal of the jack for headphones from the design of many smartphones.

Additionally, the ease of wireless devices is now highly valued by consumers, particularly during everyday commutes and physical activities.

Because it might be costly to make your own headphones, you might want to think about being a drop shipper instead. Locate wholesale suppliers in your region and sell the things they provide in your online store. Having this product published on websites that provide reviews of electronic goods is one strategy for promoting it. You may direct people to the website for your product by making use of affiliate links.

4. Humidifier

On this particular list, humidifiers are one of the goods that are selling really well. Because they are devices that provide moisture to the air, those who suffer from dry skin, dry lips, allergies, or frequent coughing are in desperate need of them. According to Google Trends, the number of people searching for this post has been steadily climbing over the past few years.
It is recommended that you seek for suppliers if you want to start selling this product in your online store. This will make the process of acquiring the goods, making a purchase, and having it shipped to your customers much simpler.

You may attract attention to the positive effects that these things have on people’s health and well-being by highlighting them on your website or in your social media networks. You may also develop material on your site that explains the best ways to utilize humidifiers and the correct way to use them.

5. Rucksacks and other types of bags

It is a time-honored design that is continually put into practice and may be found in a variety of forms and dimensions. When it comes to this kind of goods, we suggest focusing on a particular market segment, such as athletic backpacks, designer bags, handcrafted or recycled materials, and so on.

In this way, if you pick a niche, you will be able to develop material that is targeted toward the audience that is already interested in that sort of product, and your brand will stand out much more than it would otherwise.

You can attempt coming up with your own designs if you have the necessary expertise. In the event that this is not the situation, you will be required to utilize dropshipping suppliers. Keep in mind that you are going to be the one standing up for the suppliers of your items when it comes time to make the sale, so you should always make sure to conduct thorough research on them.

6. frying in the air

The air fryer is a new hot product that has recently entered the market for household appliances. This piece of kitchen equipment utilizes hot air to cook a variety of foods, including snacks like chips and cookies, as its name indicates.

According to Google Trends, the demand for this item has not slowed down and is continuing to rise. Additionally, it is a typical present given throughout the holiday season, and searches for it reach their highest point at the end of the year.
The capacity of this device to make food crispy while reducing the amount of oil needed to do so is its primary selling point. In order to advertise the product in the health and wellness niche, you might highlight this attribute as a selling point.

Make a post in the form of an infographic that contrasts the calorie content of food prepared using an air fryer with that of food prepared using a more conventional way of frying. Alternately, you might start a site devoted to healthy meals and supplement the written content with videos that highlight the adaptability of the dishes.

7. Video games

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the video gaming industry has been one of the sectors with the most rapid expansion. When compared to the previous year, this increased by twenty percent in the year 2020. Because individuals are staying home longer, there is an increase in the amount of time available for finding amusement on the internet.

Targeting accessories is one strategy for capitalizing on the uptick in revenue that has been seen in this market segment. Gamers are constantly on the search for high-quality accouterments that might improve their overall gaming experience.

You should think about investing in video game-specific keyboards and mice, as well as high-quality displays, gamepads, steering wheels, and ergonomic seats. These are all necessary peripherals.

You could develop an expertise in one or more of these things and produce demonstration films that you could then publish on social media. You may also put reviews on your blog, in addition to the most recent news in the world of video games; this will bring visitors to your website and could result in sales.

8. Tablets

Tablets are one of the items that are now trendy, and they have a high average demand as well as increased sales within the year 2020. We can see from the graph that Googling Trends created that demand is often at its highest around the period of Black Friday and Christmas.
Keeping this information in mind, if you wish to market this item in an online store, it is a good idea to put up campaigns with special offers for the dates that are listed above.

Even though there is a lot of rivalry in this industry, you can still increase client traffic to your business by conducting research to find local suppliers of electronic goods and by providing discounts.

9. Jewelry

Although fashion fads come and go, jewelry is one accessory that will never go out of style. Due to the lack of clients shopping during the early stages of the pandemic, jewelry sales initially saw a significant decline. Because of this, many jewelers realized that they needed to move their businesses into the realm of internet commerce.

Late in the year 2020, the market began to show signs of improvement, and ever since then, the number of people looking for specific products online has been steadily climbing, reaching a high at the beginning of the year 2021. Because of the relatively large margins of profit it offers, the jewelry industry is an intriguing one to go into. You may check for dropshipping suppliers that provide jewelry, like AliExpress, if you want to get into the business of selling exquisite jewelry. For example, you might browse there.

10. Athletic Garments

The wearing of athletic garb has evolved into fashion in recent years, mostly as a result of the success of corporations such as Lululemon. “Athleisure” is the name that fashion experts have given to this emerging trend.

This tendency appears to be here to stay for the foreseeable future. According to Forbes, consumers place a higher priority on comfort than on appearance, which has led to an increase in demand for items that prioritize comfort, such as athletic clothing.

There is a large selection of athletic apparel, including sports bras, t-shirts, shorts, leggings, and yoga trousers, available for purchase and sale on the internet. Wholesalers of clothes, such as S&S Activewear, may have them available for purchase in large quantities. Because these particular fashion trends are more popular with Millennials, implementing an effective social media marketing plan will be very necessary for achieving one’s goals in this industry. A partnership with fitness influencers working in the health business is one approach to accomplish this goal.

11. Water containers (bottles)

One of the most profitable goods to sell on the internet is reusable water bottles. Because of people’s worries about their impact on the environment, an increasing number of customers are turning to single-use plastics in their day-to-day activities.

Many cutting-edge items, such as the smart water bottle and the cup that folds up, have recently made their debut on the market as a result of the enormous potential they provide. It is in your best interest to pick a product that is not yet widely known in your region, as this will allow you to become the go-to person for the product.

These trendy items will have a focus on appealing to consumers with an interest in eco-friendliness as their primary demographic. You can submit informative information regarding the negative effects of using single-use packaging for marketing purposes.

12. Yoga mats

Another popular item in the health and fitness industry is the yoga mat.

A significant contributor to the demand is the trend toward performing exercise routines at home, which has emerged as the new standard. They often consist of yoga, pilates, and aerobics, all of which necessitate the use of a mat so that participants do not injure themselves by sliding or falling while exercising.

This pattern will persist so long as individuals continue to spend more time at their homes. According to Google Trends, the number of people searching for yoga mats throughout the world increased dramatically at the beginning of 2020. Create your own home exercise films demonstrating how the yoga mat should be used so that you may advertise this product.

Alternately, you may bundle mats with other things connected to exercise, such as stretch rollers, yoga blocks, or elastic bands. In this manner, the impression is given that the customer will gain a higher advantage from the transaction.


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