What business does Rashed Belhasa do?

Belhasa started making YouTube videos in 2013, where he shared footage of limited edition trainers. Today, he has one million followers on YouTube and almost a million on Instagram, and founded the Money Kicks online lifestyle label in 2016.

Is Rsbelhasa Indian?

he is an Emirati by Nationality. The full Name of Rashed is Rashed Belhasa and people call him Rashed.

Who is Saif Ahmed Belhasa son?

Saif Ahmed Belhasa is married to Sarah Belhasa. The couple is blessed with three children – Abdulla, Mayed, and Rashed. Their youngest son, Rashed, is an internet celebrity who owns the popular YouTube channel ‘Money Kicks. ‘ Abdulla and Mayed are professional football players and are part of the UAE national team.


Who is Rashid Dubai kid?

Rashid Belhassa is Dubai’s richest youngster, with a social media following in the millions, and now he has gone and bought a Rolls Royce Ghost and clad it in customed Dior wrapping. Rashed Belhasa is a famous YouTube Star. He was born on January 5, 2002, and his birthplace is Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

What is Saif Ahmed Belhasa net worth?

Saif Belhasa Net Worth Saif Ahmed Belhasa has an estimated net worth of $2.1 billion. He gained his riches from his various lucrative business and investments. These include Belhasa International Company and the Saif Belhasa Group of Companies.

Who is Rashid money kicks Dubai?

Rashed Belhasa, who goes by the YouTube username ‘Money Kicks’, has been called one of Dubai’s “richest kids”. The 19-year-old social media star is the son of construction mogul Saif Belhasa, one of the most successful business men in the United Arab Emirates, and has known wealth for his whole life.

Who is the richest boy in Dubai?

The richest kid in Dubai, Rashid Belhasa, who is super popular among automotive enthusiasts, especially those who love spending time looking at car vlogs, has got a new wrap for his Rolls Royce Ghost.

Who is the owner of Fame Park Dubai?

Fame Park is open only for celebrities around the world. It has hosted the likes of Yuzvendra Chahal, Shreyas Iyer, and Urvashi Rautela in the past. The animal farm is owned by Emirati Entrepreneur Saif Ahmad Belhasa.

What does Saif Belhasa own?

Saif Belhasa Holding is running over 50+ business divisions and more than 10,000 staff across various sectors ranging from transportation, travel & tourism, advertising, fashion retail, restaurant franchises through to real estate, building/construction materials and many more.

How rich is the richest Arab?

Egypt’s Nassef Sawiris is still the richest Arab in the world, with a net worth of $8.3 billion—$3.3 billion more than last year.

Who’s the richest Arab in the world?

Egypt’s Nassef Sawiris, the wealthiest Arab worldwide, has a nearly 6 percent stake in sportswear maker Adidas. He also runs OCI, one of the world’s largest nitrogen fertilizer producers, with plants in Texas and Iowa, Forbes reported.

Who is the richest family in UAE?

Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan. As hereditary ruler of Abu Dhabi, the richest emirate in the U.A.E., Al-Nahyan is among the world’s wealthiest monarchs.

Who is the richest woman in Dubai?

Miserable in her finance job, Huda Kattan quit to become a makeup artist and then launched a blog in 2010.

Where is Sarah Belhasa from?

In fact, I was so good that my professors wanted me to become a teacher myself,” she says. Belhasa spent her early years shuttling between Dubai , where her parents lived, and India , where she was sent to complete her education. “I did my graduation in economics.

How is Mo vlogs so rich?

Most of his income comes from his family business. YouTube is his part-time fashion. He tells the world about Dubai’s lifestyle and cars. According to reports, Mo Vlogs has so far earned over 1 crore rupees from YouTube.

Who is the richest kid in Dubai Instagram?

The most famous of them might be Rashed Saif Belhasa – the son of extremely high-profile Emirati billionaire entrepreneur Saif Ahmed Belhasa – who has clocked 1.6 million Instagram followers for his aptly named moniker, Money Kicks.


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