What did dill do with his money?

What does Dill claim to have done with the ―beautiful child money? To spend the summer with his Aunt Rachel. Dill’s mother gave the money to Dill, who went to the picture show twenty times on it. They put on plays of books they have read and movies Dill has seen, play ―Boo Radley, and try to make Boo come out.

Who is Simon Finch and what did he do?

Simon Finch is the founder of Finch’s Landing. He is referred to in the first chapter of the book, being a direct ancestor of Atticus. He is a Cornish Methodist and emigrated from England to avoid religious persecution, landing in Philadelphia before settling in Alabama.

Who bought three slaves to build Finch’s Landing?

So Simon, having forgotten his teacher’s dictum on the possession of human chattels, bought three slaves and with their aid established a homestead on the banks of the Alabama River some forty miles above Saint Stephens.


How many slaves did Simon Finch have?

Simon Finch was a pharmacist, who used his earnings to purchase three slaves. Simon Finch then took his three slaves and with their help established a homestead on the banks of the Alabama River named Finch’s Landing.

How did Simon Finch make his money in Chapter 1?

Simon Finch made his money by being a fur trapping pharmacist. He also built a house and lived there for decades. This story takes place in Maycomb, Alabama. Maycomb is a small farm town and is poor because of depression.

Who were first two clients?

The Haverfords were his first two clients were the last two people hanged in the Maycomb County Jail. They were the Haverfords, they had killed the blacksmith over “alleged wrongful detention of a mare.” They were dumb enough to do this in front of three witnesses.

What was Boo Radley accused of?

Arthur “Boo” Radley was accused of stabbing Bob Ewell was a kitchen knife to protect the Finch children from Mr. Ewell’s evil intentions. But Bob Ewell was dead and the law did not allow for any excuses for murder.

Who is Simon Finch quizlet?

Who is Simon Finch and what did he establish? Simon Finch is an ancestor of Scout. He traveled across the Atlantic, up the Alabama River and settled Finch’s Landing.

Is Aunt Alexandra a good person?

Aunt Alexandra is a poised, well-mannered Southern woman. She is critical of Scout’s tomboyish ways. She considers family breeding important to how a person behaves. Despite her cold demeanor, Aunt Alexandra is shown to care deeply for her family.

What is Finch’s Landing?

– Finch’s Landing is along the river, and is a nearly self-sufficient plantation. – Atticus Finch was the first Finch to break tradition by leaving Finch’s Landing. He went to study law, and then put his brother through medical school. Atticus settled in Maycomb, twenty miles east of Finch’s Landing.

What is wrong with Radley pecans?

What is wrong with the Radley pecans? They will kill you if you eat them. You just studied 83 terms!

Why did scout get in trouble in school?

Scout gets in trouble for learning how to read and write and telling Miss Caroline about the Cunningham family.

What is unusual about the Radleys?

What is unusual about the Radley place? What impression do you get of the family life of the narrator? That they are a close family and everyone is treated equally.

How old is Boo Radley in TKAM?

Harper Lee gives us a clue about Boo Radley’s age when we find out that he was 33 when he stabbed his parents. As Scout is the narrator, and we know…

How did Jem break his arm?

How did Jem break his arm? At the end of the novel Bob Ewell, who has suffered as a result of Atticus’s defense of Tom Robinson, attacks Jem and Scout on their way home from the Halloween pageant. Jem breaks his arm in the struggle.

What briefly has happened to Arthur Boo Radley in Chapter 1?

According to town gossip, Boo drove a pair of scissors into his father’s leg one day. He was locked up in the Town Hall basement until the Radleys brought him home and he was never seen again.


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