What does an overwatered Chinese money plant look like?

Yellowing, drooping, or prematurely falling leaves are among the first signs of overwatering. If your Pilea is showing some yellow leaves, but they have not yet started to wilt, you can save it by adjusting the watering frequency. If wilting has begun to occur, you will need to work harder to save your Pilea.

Can yellow money plant leaves turn green again?

Yellow leaves are often a sign of stress, and it’s generally not possible for yellow leaves to turn green again. Poor watering and lighting are the most common reasons, but fertilizer problems, pests, disease, acclimatization, temperature extremes, or transplant shock are other potential causes.

Should I cut yellow leaves off pilea?

It is normal for the bottom leaves of a Pilea to droop as they get older. In fact, that is part of what gives these unique looking plants their shape. The only reason you should have to remove a leaf from your Pilea is if it is dying or dead. When a leaf has turned yellow or brown, it will not turn back to green again.


What does an overwatered pilea look like?

The most common signs of overwatered Pileas are discoloration and drooping leaves. Pileas that have had too much water lose their deep green color and instead start to fade from pale green to yellow before the leaves eventually fall off and die.

Why is my money plant yellowing?

The most common cause of yellowing leaves among Money Trees is improper soil moisture from overwatering in particular. Money Trees don’t like “wet feet,” which will cause the roots to rot and lead to the eventual death of the plant. Yellow and browning leaves are the first sign that root rot may be occurring.

How often should you water a Chinese money plant?

Your pilea enjoys weekly watering sessions, but ensure you allow its soil to completely dry out between waterings to prevent overwatering and root rot. During the winter months feel free to only water fortnightly.

How do you save a dying Chinese money plant?

To revive dying pilea peperomioides it is important to replicate the conditions of the pilea’s native environment by planting pilea in well draining potting soil, watering only when the top inch of the soil is dry, mist the leaves to increase humidity and place the pilea in an area of bright, indirect light.

How do you fertilize Chinese money plant?

Use a liquid organic houseplant fertilizer by diluting it to half of the recommended strength and then watering the plant with it. Do not fertilize a dry plant; instead water it first and then fertilize the next day.

Why are my pilea leaves yellow?

If you notice the yellow leaves are all at the bottom of the plant, then that means it needs more fertilizing or better lighting. If the yellow leaves are throughout your whole plant, then likely your plant is getting either too much sun or too much water.

How often should pilea be watered?

Typically, deeply watering this plant once a week will suffice, but it will depend on the amount and quality of light it is receiving. Drooping leaves can be an indication that the plant is in need of water, but always check the soil moisture a few inches below the surface to confirm your diagnosis before watering.

Do Chinese money plants need sun?

The Chinese money plant loves access to bright light but not direct sunlight. Being in the sun burns its leaves, while light shade may encourage larger leaves to grow.

How do I know if my Chinese money plant needs water?

The soil needs to mostly dry out between waterings, with more watering required in warmer, sunnier weather. If the leaves start to look slightly droopy, that’s a sign that the plant needs water. To keep your Chinese money plant nicely shaped, rotate it at least once a week to prevent it from getting lopsided.

How do I know if my Chinese money plant is underwater?

Rotten roots will be black/brown, mushy, and offensive smelling. Loosen the soil from around the roots and try to identify if any healthy roots remain. These will look light brown/white in color and be firm and slightly spongy to the touch. If your plant has no healthy roots, it will not survive.

How do you save an overwatered money plant?

How To Fix An Overwatered Money Tree That Is Dropping Leaves. Do not water your plant on a schedule. Check your plant every few days, and only water once the top 1-2 inches of the soil is dry. Ensure sufficient light, to promote vigorous growth, so that the plant uses the available water promptly.

What is the best fertilizer for money plant?

Nitrogen is a much needed factor for the growth and health of a root system. Therefore animal manure can be known as one of the best fertilizers for money plants in water.

When should I repot my Chinese money plant?

Generally, your Pileas only needs repotting after two years. It is winter. The best time to repot your money plant is in spring or early summer. If it is not a matter of urgency, such as in the case of a severely pot bound plant, rather wait until spring to repot your Pilea.


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