What does facsimile mean on money?

A couple of things.Facsimile are reproductions which can be contemporary or modern.Contemporary facsimile are collected while modern ones are not.Modern ones have no collector value.Hopefully the facsimile you paid $50 for was a contemporary, BankNote.

Does Confederate money have any value today?

Today, though, Confederate dollars have value as a collectible item. Just like people will pay money to own a Civil War hat or musket, they will pay money to own Confederate money. Some rare Confederate bills are now worth 10 times more than they were in 1861.

Can you sell Confederate money?

We buy all genuine Confederate Money. Sell graded or raw (loose) notes. Because Quality Coin and Gold is a Highly Rated Dealer we are the best choice to sell Confederate Currency to.


Does facsimile mean fake?

A facsimile autograph. Defined as an exact copy, a facsimile signature mirrors a genuine one but is created by machine and therefore cannot be considered an authentic player signature.

What is an example of facsimile?

A facsimile is defined as an exact copy or reproduction of something. An exact copy that has been made of a check is an example of a facsimile. The definition of facsimile is something that is an exact copy of something. When you have an exact copy of a legal document, this is an example of a facsimile copy.

How do I know if my Confederate money is real?

Most real CSA currency contains writing – most bills have hand written numbering and signatures — in iron gall ink. Some denominations used a stamp for numbering but at the very least the treasurer had to sign the note.

How much is a $5 Confederate bill worth?

How much is a 5-dollar Confederate bill worth today? 1863 Confederate 5-dollar bill value can range anywhere from 10 to 200 dollars. An 1864 Confederate five-dollar bill value can also be anywhere within the same range.

How much is a 2 dollar bill worth?

Most large size two-dollar bills issued from 1862 through 1918, are highly collectible and are worth at least $100 in well-circulated condition. Uncirculated large size notes are worth at least $500 and can go up to $10,000 or more.

Where can I get Confederate money appraised?

As a certified currency dealer, the knowledgeable currency buyers at PGS Gold & Coin will verify the authenticity of your Confederate bills & other old paper money, evaluate the condition of each currency note, and provide you with an honest & accurate currency appraisal.

Is it illegal to have Confederate money?

Confederate dollars are not accepted as legal tender anywhere. However, for collectors and dealers of obsolete currency, Confederate dollars are valuable as collectible items.

How much is a 1861 Confederate penny worth?

An 1861 Confederate States of America restrike cent sold for $16,380 during the Aug. 31 auction by Bonhams. The piece, graded Proof 61 Brown by NGC, was estimated at $15,000 to $20,000. The copper piece was designed by Robert Lovett Jr.

What is facsimile signed?

Definition of facsimile signature : a signature produced by mechanical means but recognized as valid by law for many banking, financial, and business transactions.

What is a limited edition facsimile?

A facsimile is the faithful reproduction (an exact copy) of a manuscript, or printed book. Facsimile books are generally published in worldwide limited editions.

Why is a facsimile important?

Facsimiles are perhaps one of the most beautiful forms of contemporary book creation. They derive their value from the riches of the book arts of our times, which can convey to us the contents of centuries-old intellectual life.

Is facsimile a fax?

fax, in full facsimile, also called telefax, in telecommunications, the transmission and reproduction of documents by wire or radio wave.

Is facsimile a fax machine?

What Does Facsimile (Fax) Mean? A facsimile, more commonly referred to as a fax, is the transmission of a document or image from one place to another electronically. The document to be sent is scanned and sent over a telephone or Internet connection. A combined scanner and transmitter is usually known as a fax machine.

Was Confederate paper money printed on both sides?

Some currency was printed by the Confederate States of America as a whole, some by individual states, and some by private banks. The bills in our collection were all issued by the Confederate States of America. It was not uncommon for notes to be printed on a single side or cut unevenly.

When did Confederate money became worthless?

But as the war grew worse for the South, inflation soared. When the war ended in 1865, Confederate paper money became worthless.

What is a Confederate 50 dollar bill worth?

1861 Confederate 50-dollar bills can easily sell for between $170 and $200. Bills from the other printings are sold for some intermediate price.

Can you get a 500 dollar bill from the bank?

Can I still get a five hundred dollar bill from the bank? Though the $500 dollar bill is still considered legal tender, you won’t get one at the bank. Since 1969, the $500 bill has been officially discontinued according to the Federal Reserve high-denomination bills.

What is a 10000 dollar bill worth?

A $10,000 dollar bill in pristine (great) condition can be worth upwards of $140,000 to collectors. But even if your bill is in poor condition, it can still be worth around $30,000. So make sure you know the value of your paper currency before taking them to a bank.


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