What happened to Wayne Carini’s mechanic?

At some point during the show, Roger Barr, Wayne’s mechanic, quietly exited the show with no explanation given. It wasn’t until fans started questioning what happened that Carini eventually revealed that Roger left for medical reasons, after sustaining an injury in the workshop.

Where is Wayne Carini’s shop?

Wayne Carini is a man famous for his Chasing Classic Cars show and his extensive knowledge of automobile restoration. His shop, F40 Motorsports in Portland, Connecticut, is a 2.5-acre compound dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and storage of some of the world’s rarest and most coveted classic cars.

How much did Wayne pay for the Stutz Bearcat?

The price? $594,000, including premiums. Meredith told us that the idea of purchasing the car was initially a “wouldn’t it be nice” fantasy, which turned into a reality during the bidding on the Friday night of Monterey Car Week.


Who owns F40 Motorsports?

Wayne Carini, Owner. With a lifetime of experience in automobile restoration under his belt, master car restorer Wayne Carini has a resume that includes body and paint work on rare car collections owned by the likes of David Letterman, tennis great Ivan Lendl and the DuPont family.

Does Roger still work at F40?

As of now, Roger is still working in a reduced capacity at the shop, he’s over 80 years old and still has to take it easy post knee surgery, not to mention the leg infections that he suffered.

How old is Roger Barr from Chasing Classic Cars?

PORTLAND, CT—You know him as “Roger,” the sometimes funny, sometimes curmudgeonly (and often both) 82-year-old ace mechanic on Velocity’s “Chasing Classic Cars.” Supporting Character in a continuing series.

Where is Chasing Classic Cars filmed?

The garage at F40 Motorsports in Portland, Connecticut, will be very familiar to viewers of Chasing Classic Cars as it is where many of the scenes are filmed, but this is not the only auto business that Wayne Carini owns.

Is Chasing Classic Cars still being produced?

The American documentary series Chasing Classic Cars is back with its 15th season which will air on Amazon Prime. The first episode of the season premiered on February 27, 2020.

Is the F40 a classic car?

The F40 is perhaps the most iconic and legendary supercar of all time. As the last car to ever be influenced by Enzo Ferrari, the Ferrari F40 is an extremely valuable and rare piece to add to any collector’s repertoire of fine classic automobiles.

What is wrong with Wayne Carini’s daughter?

Carini’s daughter Kimberly was diagnosed with autism at an early age. Now 30 years old, she remains such an important part of the family’s life. Because of Kimberly’s autism, Wayne and the entire family have made helping autism charity’s a major part of their lives.

How much does a Ferrari F40 cost?

Formula One driver Nigel Mansell sold his F40 in 1990 for over $1.5 million, which held its record until the 2010s. Owning Mansell’s Ferrari clearly drove the F40 price up, but recent sales were around $900,000 in 2019 and in the $700,000s in 2020.

Are Stutz cars still made?

The brand was revived in 1968 under the aegis of the Stutz Motor Car of America and it unveiled a line of modern retro-look cars. Although the company is still in existence, sales of factory-produced vehicles ceased in 1995.

How much did a 1919 Stutz Bearcat cost?

By the end of 1919, price for a Bearcat had risen to $3,250 (equivalent to $48,513 in 2020, the same as the roadster and slightly less than the touring coupe).

Who made the Excalibur car?

Excalibur was founded by maverick designer Brooks Stevens, who unveiled his first car in 1953. That was the Excalibur J, but it’s the Excalibur SS of 1963 for which he is best known; a car that led to a succession of sequels which took the company right into the 21st century.

Who is Ralph Marano?

Ralph Marano owns Marano & Sons Auto Sales in Garwood New Jersey. For over 35 years he has been in this family owned company, now with two locations, that buys and sells cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles.

How did Roger Barr get injured?

As his personal information was revealed and the rumors were squashed, it turned out that Barr suffered an injury while working at F40 Motorsports. He had to recover from a leg infection, and, unfortunately, that meant that he had to spend less time in the shop.

What happened to the Minerva on Chasing Classic Cars?

He carefully stored this car as the centerpiece of more than two dozen other collector cars on his property until his passing in 2016. Still in largely original condition, the Minerva displayed 62,310 miles when it was removed from long-term storage in early 2017.

What is Danny from counting cars net worth?

Danny Koker has amassed a personal net worth of $13 million by 2020. While most of that worth is derived from his being featured on his 2012 show, Counting Cars, Koker has other ways of producing income. For example, his shop, Count’s Kustoms, that was featured on his TV show has been around since the 1980s.

Who is Evan on Chasing Classic Cars?

Here’s Where Evan Ide Is Now One of these is Evan Ide, an automotive historian specializing in cars pre-World War 1. He is frequently seen at Bonham’s auctions and was one of the auctioneer’s consulting experts before, in 2010, becoming a senior specialist.

What is the rarest car in the world?

The rarest car in the world is Ferrari 250 Grand Turismo Omologato, a rare diamond designed and cared for by Enzo Ferrari in personam. In June 2018, the 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO became the most expensive car in history, setting an all-time record selling price of $70 million.

How much did a Ferrari cost in 1987?

At the time it was Ferrari’s fastest, most powerful, and most expensive car for sale. The car debuted with a planned production total of 400 units and a factory suggested retail price of approximately US$400,000 (fivefold the price of its predecessor, the 288 GTO) in 1987 ($910,000 today).


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