What happens if I break up with my husband KKH?

The higher your relationship score with a person, the more K-Stars it costs to charm them. If you break up with someone, a broken heart will appear by their name in you contacts list.

How do you have a baby on KK game?

Having A Baby. You must be at least at level 9 in the game and own one home in order to unlock the Babies feature in the game. 12,000 relationship points. After having your little bundle of joy, Ray Powers and Kim Kardashian will post their congratulations on your feed, earning you fans.

What’s the highest level in Kim Kardashian Hollywood?

But for those of you stuck at level 22 in Kim Kardashian’s game with the maximum amount of fans, you’ll be glad to know the latest Kim Kardashian: Hollywood update includes a new level, beach clothes, and more quests.


Is it possible to date Cassio in KKH?

You cannot date Cassio unfortunately. He’ll flirt with you in the game but it won’t give you an option to date him or Raul.

Why is the bedroom locked in KKH?

If you don’t pay Silvio the money, the apartment will be locked until you pay him the rent you owe. The locked bedroom in the apartment unlocks as a nursery once you get a baby.

Who is Chad Dylan Parker based on?

She is based off of Victoria Beckham in appearance along with her partner Chad Dylan Parker being based off of David Beckham in appearance.

Can you get a divorce on Kim Kardashian Hollywood?

According to a Chapter Cheats update about KK: H marriage, you can, in fact, get divorced from your spouse in KK: H. You can cheat but after you go on a date with someone he’ll call you and ask for a divorce. Which you can get or use the k stars to stay with him.

Who is the highest paid Kardashian?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kendall Jenner is worth $45 million. This is, of course, thanks to the fact that Kendall was the highest paid model in both 2017 and 2018, making $22.5 million in the latter, according to Forbes.

How do I meet Cassio?

After exiting Mirimount Pictures, Simon will call to tell you that he has talked to Cassio and he’s like to meet you before his club’s opening. He’s in town on business and has asked Simon to set up a lunch meeting for the two of you at Panino in Beverly Hills.

How much does it cost to furnish the Bel Air house KKH?

The price is technically free, but to get anything other than a classic home costs around 60-65 K stars. In addition, most of the accessories and furniture inside the home cost k-stars- and a lot of them.

What do paws do in KKH?

Deluxe Pets Paws by tapping on them. Once you reach a certain amount of Paws, you unlock a clothing outfit for your pet!

Who is Crystal Fletcher?

Crystal Fletcher (Democratic Party) ran for election to the U.S. House to represent Texas’ 24th Congressional District. She lost in the Democratic primary on March 3, 2020. Fletcher unofficially withdrew from the race but appeared on the primary election ballot on March 3, 2020.

How do you get partners in KKH?

Partnerships are a type of prize players can win from the daily gift box and by filming episodes of their reality TV show in their homes. To complete a partnership, you have to collect the bronze, silver and gold badges, after which a reward will unlock.

What happens if you go with Julio KKH?

You can choose to accompany him or tell him off. If you choose to go upstairs with him, it’s implied that you’ll have an affair. If you’re already in a relationship, it will be unaffected by the affair. Regardless of your choice, the goal will be finished after your conversation.

How do you get a wedding dress on Kim Kardashian game?

After talking to Kim Kardashian about your new engagement, she will advise you to purchase a dress for your wedding. The conversation with Kim will automatically unlock the wedding collection in your wardrobe. For Starlets (girls), this collection consists of 11 dresses and 6 hairstyles.

Where is SoHo Kim Kardashian?

SoHo is a location in the game found by going to JFK New York, and then exiting straight to SoHo. SoHo consists of Kardash where you can work to get money, OAK, and Muse Magazine. This has four tappables, three outside, and one in Kardash.


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