What is a 1er?

For Burgundy wine, the term is applied to classified vineyards, with Premier cru being the second highest classification level, below that of grand cru and above the basic village AOCs. For Burgundy wines, the terms premier cru (abbreviated 1er cru) are usually kept rather than being translated into English.

How much is a monkey in money?

MONKEY. Meaning: London slang for £500. Derived from the 500 Rupee banknote, which featured a monkey. EXPLANATION: While this London-centric slang is entirely British, it actually stems from 19th Century India.

What are Bag drugs?

bag – Container for drugs; a package of drugs, usually marijuana or heroin; a person’s favorite. drug. bag bride – Crack-smoking prostitute. bag man – Person who transports money; a person who supplies narcotics or other drugs, a.


How much is a donkey in money?

Prices start at around $300 for one donkey and can go up to $2,000-3,000, and even higher. What is this? Just as with horses, a well bred, well-trained, large, rideable/drivable donkey can cost several thousand dollars.

What is a slang word for drug dealer?

Cooker, dealer, dope peddler, dummy man, hookup, mad hatter, middleman, mule, pill lady, potrepreneur, pump, pusher, source.

What is Bamba drug?

George Mariano Bamba II was sentenced to three years imprisonment followed by five years supervised release. Although he was operating out of San Diego, he was dealing drugs with people from Guam. Federal agents on his case recovered over 95 grams of methamphetamine with a 100% purity.

Why is twenty five pounds called a pony?

The term comes from the picture on an Indian 25 Rupee bank note. This use of “pony” for £25 is a bookmaking term. So at one stage a £25 would have been a good price to back, hoping that a good pony would win; and also pay to buy a pony at a horsefair.

Why do Cockneys call a watch a kettle?

Kettle and Hob is Cockney slang for Watch. When pocket watches first became fashionable, they were held against the body by use of a small chain. These were called fob watches, and it’s from this expression that we get Kettle and Hob for watch.

What is a pineapple in money?

A fifty-dollar note is also known colloquially as a “pineapple” or the “Big Pineapple” because of its yellow colour.

How much is a monkey UK?

The terms monkey, meaning £500, and pony, meaning £25, are believed by some to have come from old Indian rupee banknotes, which it is asserted used to feature images of those animals, but this is untrue as no Indian banknotes have featured these animals.

Why is a safe called a Peter?

Peter is slang for ‘safe’, as in money box. Others say it comes from the Cockney rhyming slang Peter Pan = can, where ‘can’ could mean ‘safe’ or ‘prison cell’ – both safes and prison cells are enclosed spaces and need to be hard to break into/out of.

What’s a bottle in money terms?

It can mean that you are literally without money and had to break into a bottle of wine where you kept your money for a rainy day. It can also mean that you drank the wine and discarded the bottle (Used and discarded). A bottle of wine can be dropped and after it breaks there is a mess to clean up.

How much is a pony?

The Cost of Ponies The cost of a good pony can be the same or higher than a horse. Expect prices for suitable first ponies to be about $1,000 and upwards.

Why is drum slang for House?

Drum and Bass is Cockney slang for Place. The word “drum” to describe a home came about long before the style of music drum and bass. The word drum was originally used to describe a room or prison cell or even a road. It then became confined to only mean the home.

Who was the richest drug cartel?

As of 2021, the Sinaloa Cartel remains Mexico’s most dominant drug cartel. After the arrest of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, the cartel is now headed by Ismael Zambada García (aka El Mayo) and Guzmán’s sons, Alfredo Guzmán Salazar, Ovidio Guzmán López and Ivan Archivaldo Guzmán Salazar.

What does it mean to be a plug?

A plug (or the plug) is a person who has the ability to get or supply hard-to-find items, especially drugs.

At what age can babies have Bamba?

Bamba’s air like soft texture dissolves quickly and easily in the mouth and is a great way to introduce your baby to peanuts as early as 5-6 months old.

What does Bamba taste like?

At first, I didn’t love Bamba. It’s a weird concept: They’re corn puffs with a peanut butter-ish flavor. But once they grow on you, they’re in you, and there’s no turning back. You have the same tactile experience of having to lick your fingers after eating cheese puffs, but it doesn’t feel gross.

Why is Rhino slang for money?

Rhino – No one knows for sure where this 400-year-old term for money comes from. Some people link it to the value of rhino horn or the idea of paying through the nose (rhinoceros is from the Greek for “nose-horn”). Perhaps the arrival of the first rhino in Britain suggested the sense of something valuable.

Why is 10 called a Pavarotti?

Pavarotti (49 per cent) – Slang for a ten-pound note or tenner, this is a pun on the name of the famous ‘tenor’ Luciano Pavarotti. Cockney rhyming slang for a fiver is a ‘Lady Godiva’, and the group the Commodores are best-known for their song ‘Three Times A Lady’.

What does a bag mean in slang?

derogatory, slang an ugly or bad-tempered woman (often in the phrase old bag) slang a measure of marijuana, heroin, etc, in folded paper.


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