What is money in Nigerian language?

Same goes for the Yoruba who refer to money as ‘kudi’ or ‘owo’ and the Igbo who call money ‘ego’. For instance, Hausa call N5 naira biyar; N10, naira goma; N20, naira ishirin; N50, naira hamsin; N100, naira dari; N200, naira dari biyu; N500, naira dari biyar; and N1,000, naira dubu daya.

What does ode in Yoruba mean?

Ode is a classic. Used by almost everyone with a grasp of Yoruba and it basically means stupid. It is so commonplace, many do not even feel insulted when it is used on them.

What language is alaye?

Alaye in Yoruba language means explanation. If you tell someone e se alaye fun mi (pronounced e (as in egg) shalaye funmi) you’re saying “explain to me”.

Who is on 1000 naira note?

The 1000 Naira banknote is the highest value paper money note in Nigeria. On the obverse side of the ₦1000 bill are the portraits of Mallam Alijy Mai-Bornu and Dr Clement Nyong Isong. Both men are governors: the former of the Central Bank of Nigeria and the latter of Cross River State, South Nigeria.

When did Nigeria introduced paper currency?

On 1st July, 1959 the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) issued Nigerian currency banknotes, while the WACB-issued banknotes and coins were withdrawn.

What does Olosho mean in Yoruba?

(Yoruba) 1072 up 918 down. Definition: slang. A lady who engages in the act of having sex in exchange for money or material things.

What is the meaning of Japa?

Japa (Sanskrit: जप) is the meditative repetition of a mantra or a divine name. It is a practice found in Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism. Japa may be performed while sitting in a meditation posture, while performing other activities, or as part of formal worship in group settings.

What does Oya mean in Nigerian?

So, what is the meaning of “Oya” Means “a call to quick action”. That is you should do something immediately without wasting time. Now or quickly should be used in place of “Oya”

What’s mumu mean?

The definition of a mumu, often spelled muumuu, is a loose, flowy dress worn by Hawaiian women. An example of a mumu is a long, brightly-printed, loose dress. noun.

What does Kai mean in Nigerian?

The couple fought back to prove how strong they were and got married in 2008 before announcing they were to be parents this year, with Kai meaning ‘love’ in Yoruba, a Nigerian language.

What does Bobo mean in Nigeria?

Bobo is a word from pidgin English, a kind of English language spoken, commonly, in Nigeria. It is not spoken particularly by the Igbos, but by everybody everywhere in Nigeria. It relates, in meaning, to “oh boy”, and is often times, used in pidgin English. For example: Bobo, how far?

Who is on 500 naira note?

Most of the banknotes contain images of previous political leaders important in Nigeria’s history; for example, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Nigeria’s first prime minister, is pictured on the 5-naira note, and Nnamdi Azikiwe, Nigeria’s first president, is on the 500-naira note.

When did Nigeria started using 200 naira note?

Considering cost effectiveness and expansion of economic activities, higher denomination notes were issued. These are 100 Naira(1999), 200 Naira note (2000). 500 Naira was released in April, 2001 while the 1000 Naira note was released in October 2005.

How do you say money in South Africa?

bucks – from the English word meaning (antelope) it refers to money (currency), although borrowed from the American term of the same meaning, coincidentally there are two types of bucks featured on the coins of the South African Rand (Springbok on the R1 and Kudu on the R2).

Which word is slang for money?

Other general terms for money include “bread” (Cockney rhyming slang ‘bread & honey’, money; this also became dough, by derivation from the same root), “cabbage”, “clam”, “milk”, “dosh”, “dough”, “shillings”, “frogskins”, “notes”, “ducats”, “loot”, “bones”, “bar”, “coin”, “folding stuff”, “honk”, “lampshade”, “lolly”, …

Which country Print Nigeria money?

CBN stated in the report that the notes were printed by the Nigerian Security Printing and Minting Plc (NSPM Plc). CBN said, “The NSPM PLC remained the sole printer of the Nigerian legal tender currency. The Central Bank of Nigeria as a major investor holds 89.52 per cent of the shares in the company.

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