What is salary used for in megapolis?

Salary. amount is zero. to represent Salary. Currently the wallet icon is only seen when receiving daily gifts.

How do you get more gifts in megapolis?

reward. For every consecutive day of playing, the player is rewarded with a daily gift. If a player stops playing for 24 hours, or plays continuously for 30 days, the counter is reset back to 1 on the next day.

Do roads matter in megapolis?

Roads are visual only elements to Megapolis; buildings do not require access to roads. Roads are the main way of making your city look more realistic. If animations are turned on, cars and people will walk about the roads.


How many levels are in megapolis?

They have like all state buildings 4 upgradable levels, except for quarter buildings in rebuilding process that can have up to 24 (and maybe more) levels. The names and artworks for the different quarter buildings are random generated, but every name appears once.

What does population do in megapolis?

Benefits of Population gives players access to certain production buildings and also dictates the total number of production buildings that a player can have in that game zone.

How do I send my friend a train in megapolis?

You need an International Terminal to send trains to your friends’ cities. You can only send a train to a friend’s city if it has an International Terminal. Tasks: Build an International Terminal and send a train to one of your friends.

How do you get megabucks in megapolis?

Megabucks can be purchased for real money, acquired when you reach a new level in the game, earned by completing tasks, won at the Stock Exchange, or received as a bonus for unlocking achievements. If you play the game regularly, you will get bonus Megabucks every 5th consecutive day you log in.

How do you expand your territory in megapolis?

Getting Acts of Territorial Expansion- Before you actually use Acts of Territorial Expansion, you have to get them. There is only one way to do this, and that is through friends. Send Acts of Territorial Expansion to friends. When they send them to you, they will be visible in your Storehouse.

How do you get documents in megapolis?

These documents are fairly simple to get. You can get them as rewards for completing tasks, unlocking achievements, and regularly playing the game. You can also get them as gifts from your friends.

Can you play Megapolis on Facebook?

You can download the iOS and Android versions of Megapolis from the App Store and Google Play Store, and log in with Facebook to continue playing in your current city.

Is Megapolis offline?

Megapolis is one of the city building games most played by Android users around the world, it’s no wonder this game is one of the most popular games to date. This city-built Android offline game can be played by anyone, be it children or adults.

Who owns social Quantum?

Social Quantum, Megapolis’ game developers, is a project for publishing and development of game applications for social communities which combines unique interactive game space modeling technologies with current trends in social networks development.

Why is Megapolis not working?

If the browser version of the game is not working, please try one of the following tips: Clear your browser’s cache and cookies. 4. Try switching to a different browser.

How do I reset megapolis?

If you want to reset the game, contact our Customer Support team (Settings – Help) and we will help you to reset your game.

Is SimCity BuildIt offline?

EA’s SimCity BuildIt has been on Android for about a month now, but only to a small subset of users. SimCity BuildIt is also available for both online and offline gameplay. Natural disasters are still present here, so you can watch your creation fall to the ground by means of tornadoes, hurricanes and even riots.

Is free city a real game?

Free City might only be a fictional video game within the movie Free Guy, but it draws clear inspiration from several real life game franchises. Free Guy is a 2021 delve into the world of video games being represented in a movie format.


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